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Your Oliver & Andy Category Results for "Popular Fiction 3-7"

Most of the items in this category are sets that contain a number of different titles. In some cases, the sets contain subsets. Click on the "Go To" links below to view more specific information on individual titles within a set. To quickly search for individual titles, you may use the search box on the left.

NEW! #2F - Diary Of A Wimpy Kid / Rowley - Gr. 3-7 (#2 Fic Best-Seller)

New York Times #1 Best-seller over and over again! Filled with laugh-out-loud text and humorous illustrations, your students will follow Greg as he tries to navigate middle-school through his "diary" - and he specifically asked his Mom NOT to buy a notebook that said Diary on it...well, it does. Set includes a new title by Rowley, Greg's best-friend, who not only shares his experiences, but agrees to write a "biography" on Greg...may not have been such a great idea.

 OA524803A   |  19 Books in Set
NEW! #3F - Wings Of Fire - Gr. 3-7 (#3 Fic Best-Seller)

Best Selling Series! The Seven dragon tribes have been at war for generations. Five dragonets are raised in a hidden cave and trained to end the terrible conflicts. But can they? Fantasy Fiction at its best.

 OA524820W   |  16 Books in Set
NEW! #4F -Popular Authors For Grades 3-7 / 5-9 (#4 Fic Best-Seller)

An Outstanding title collection from some of the most distinguished authors of children's book. The great characters and storyline have made these titles not only best-sellers, but award winners at the state and national levels.

 OA524811A   |  132 Books in Set
NEW! #5F - Dork Diaries & Misadventures Of Max Crumbly - Gr. 3-7 (#5 Fic Best-Seller)

Diary of A Wimpy Kid for GIRLS. In the spirit of Jeff Kinney's mega-hit, girls in your library will get their turn as they read Nikki J. Maxwell's journal. She has just transferred to an ultraexclusive middle school where she has to deal with being the new girl, embarrassing parents, her crushes, and making new friends. Oh, the drama! Includes her New Series, Max Crumbly - a kid making the transition to a new school who tries to take on the persona of his beloved Super Heroes to fit-in.

 OA524804   |  17 Books in Set
NEW! Baby-Sitters Club/Little Sister: Graphic Novels - Gr. 3-7/ 2-5 (School Memories!)

The Classic Baby-Sitters Club! Now in a different format and on every Best-selling List! With full-color graphics and updated story lines, these books are hugely successful because they stayed true to form: Baby-sitting isn't always easy, and neither is dealing with strict parents, new families, fashion emergencies, and mysterious secrets. But no matter what, the Club has what they need most: FRIENDSHIP. Includes the New Smash-Hit Baby-Sitters Little Sister

 OA952944A   |  9 Books in Set
Big Nate - Gr. 3-7

With illustrations through-out, these NY Times Best-Sellers feature Big Nate - a kid who tries hard, but things don’t go exactly as planned. Diary of a Wimpy Kid author Jeff Kinney says, "Big Nate is funny, big time!"

 OA524336   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Bowser & Birdie / Queenie & Arthur Mysteries- Gr. 3-7 (Fun Mysteries!)

Dog Detective Bowser teams up with eleven-year-old girl Birdie, his owner, to solve mysteries on the Louisiana coast. Bowser has a nose for bacon, rawhides, & more bacon…and the occasional Bad Guy. Queenie, the cat, & Arthur, the dog, are mortal enemies until the twins who own them are in trouble. They have to set aside their differences and solve the problem at-hand. Easier said…Both detective pairs end-up in laugh-out-loud situations.

 OA525181A   |  6 Books in Set
Children Of Exile / Missing / Under Their Skin - Gr. 3-7 / 5-9

Three series by one great author! In the 1st SERIES, Children Of Exile, Rosi, a twelve-year-old girl raised in a foster village with other children, is returned to her biological parents and discovers home - and the World - is not what she expected it to be. Nor is she prepared for any of it. With aliens and danger everywhere, she can only rely on her friends to save themselves and possibly human existence. The 2nd SERIES, Missing, Haddix blends science fiction - time travel - with actual historical events; children from the past use time travel to fix history! Great Historical Fiction! The 3rd SERIES: Under Their Skin, twelve-year-old twins Nick and Eryn investigate why their mother and new stepfather are keeping secrets, why they are forbidden to meet their step-siblings, and, most important, why their lives are in danger! All have rave reviews and are a great addition to your library.

 OA555555   |  13 Books in Set
NEW! City Of Ghosts - Gr. 3-7 (New Spooky Series!)

Sweeping, Spooky Adventures! Ever since Cass almost drowned, she has the ability to go from the World of Living and enter the World of Spirits. She immediately learns – from others like herself – there are responsibilities, and City of Ghosts is more dangerous than she ever imagined.

 OA525172   |  2 Books in Set
NEW! Click Graphic Novel - Gr. 3-7

A graphic novel about friendship and students finding where they "click" in middle school, perfect for fans of Smile and Real Friends. Olive wants to get in on the act . . . . . . Any act! Olive “clicks” with everyone in the fifth grade—until one day she doesn’t. When a school variety show leaves Olive stranded without an act to join, she begins to panic, wondering why all her friends have already formed their own groups . . . without her. With the performance drawing closer by the minute, will Olive be able to find her own place in the show before the curtain comes up? A heartfelt and insightful story about navigating friendships, leaning on family, and learning to take the stage in the most important role of all.

 OA525454   |  3 Books in Set
NEW! Culture & Foltale: Stories - Gr. 3+

People have been telling stories since the beginning of time--sharing them from one generation to the next. In the Stone Circle Stories: Culture and Folktales series, your readers recognize some of their favorite stories growing up and discover new ones from different cultures.

 OA525236   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Cupcake Diaries / Sprinkle Sundays/ Donut Dreams- Gr. 3-7 (Girl Fav!)

Sometimes starting from scratch turns out to be icing on the cake! In Cupcake Diaries, four unique girls are trying their best to navigate the wild terrain of Middle School – something your students can easily relate to! Oh, the Drama!! Includes her NEW series, Sprinkle Sundays, where three friends are able to re-connect by working at an ice cream shop. BUT there is still LOTS of DRAMA!

 OA724803A   |  24 Books in Set
NEW! Dactyl Hill Squad - Gr. 3-7 (DAV PILKEY RECOMMENDED!)

Solid Historical Fiction with a Twist: Dinosaurs. Set during the Civil War, a group of orphans learn to fly on a dactyl – now the real adventures begin. What they encounter is accurate except for the fact of the Dinos. There isn’t another series out there that makes learning History so fun & exciting!

 OA525178A   |  3 Books in Set
Day Of Disaster - Gr. 3-7

In these fast-paced stories, teens face life-or-death situations. They need quick thinking and some luck to survive these dramatic natural disasters.

 OA524588   |  6 Books in Set
Dear Dumb Diary - Gr. 3-7

Your female students will easily be able to relate to the hilarious, candid (and sometimes not-so-nice) diaries of Jamie Kelly-a middle school student who is trying her best to deal with friends, boys, and the pressures of life. She promises everything in her diary is true ... or at least as true as it needs to be.

 OA524349   |  4 Books in Set
Demon Slayer - Gr. 3-7

Oh, No! Max discovers Demons have kidnapped his Mother! Max is a Rookie. He has no idea how to Track, Locate, & Defeat a Demon. Fortunately for Max, I do, so I passed him a few pointers...though the Garlic Necklace & Kryptonite may not be Demon specific, I get stuff confused. Age -appropriate text and illustrations make these a Great Choice for your Reluctant Readers!

 OA524350A   |  8 Books in Set
Descendants - Gr. 3-7 (Hit Movies Drive the Books)

Best-Selling Book Series & HUGELY POPULAR Movies! Imprisoned, the teenage children of Disney’s most evil villains are looking to escape the villainous ways of the island.

 OA525182   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Emmie & Friends - Gr. 3-7

In this graphic novels your students get to read about middle grade fiction at its best. A fantastic debut novel with plenty of laughs and tons of heart.

 OA525415   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! EngiNerds - Gr. 3-7

The battle between boys and bots is on in these funny, fast-paced novels. The boys are brainiacs, and the only hope the planet has in stopping Robots who are coming alive! Filled with Dav Pilkey style humor, readers will be laughing out-loud at the hilarious adventures!

 OA525179   |  2 Books in Set
Five Kingdoms - Gr. 3-7

Cole is whisked through a portal to place called The Outskirts – a world between reality & imagination. Besides pursing a quest to find his lost friends, he must mend the problems within this kingdom.

 OA524354A   |  5 Books in Set
NEW! Flashback Four - Gr. 3-7

This series blends fascinating real history with an action-packed and hilarious adventure! Four very different kids are picked by a mysterious billionaire to travel through time and photograph some of history's most important events. Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong. They can't help getting into outrageous situations since they are not entirely familiar with era. And since they are from the future, they don't blend-in very well, so there is the problem of not getting caught! Back matter separating fact from fiction and real black-and-white photographs throughout make Flashback Four the perfect mix of true history and uproarious fun.

 OA524187A   |  4 Books in Set
Frank Einstein - Gr. 3-7

HUGE LAUGHS + TRUE SCIENCE FACTS = READING FUN! Frank Einstein, kid-genius & inventor, with his trusty sidekicks, is always tinkering with something. Hilarity always follows. And he has to be on the look-out for his arch-nemesis, T. Edison! Unbelievable Concept!

 OA524605A   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Gavin McNally's Year Off - Gr. 3+

Gavin McNally is an eleven-year-old who lives in a small Northern California town. Just as he's preparing to enter middle school, Gavin's parents announce that the family will spend the next year traveling the country in an RV. How boring! But Gavin as learns, a year in an RV can be many things--terrifying, death-defying, action-packed--but it's definitely not boring!

 OA525000   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Get In The Game - 3+

Katie Flanagan, Lucy Andia, Isabella Clemente, Keith Evans, Artie Lieberman, and Tony Andia are best friends at Peabody Middle School. Your students Join them as they learn about life and themselves through playing the sports they love! Titles include discussion prompts and a quiz and fun facts for the title's sport.

 OA525002   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Goosebumps: SlappyWorld / Classic Goosebumps / Just Beyond - Gr. 3-7/ 3+ (Library Must!)

THE DEAN of KID'S TERROR! Time to SCARE your STUDENTS! Ordinary kids find themselves ensnared in CREEPY MYSTERIES. Who - or What - is behind these evil plots to get these kids? We've also added the updated Classic Series that started all this SCARYINESS! Terrifying adventures are sure to make "Quiet Time" a reality in your library!

 OA711911A   |  23 Books in Set
Gordon Korman: Masterminds - Gr. 3-7

A group of kids discover they were cloned from the DNA of some of the greatest criminal masterminds in history for a sociological experiment, and they must find a way to prove it to the rest of the world.

 OA524625   |  3 Books in Set
NEW! Gordon Korman: Slacker - Gr. 3-7 (Another Great Korman Series!)

Cameron Boxer, king of slackers, has found something worth his time – playing video games. He is finding both fame and fortune. One Problem: Things like school, misguided people in his life who don’t think he should be playing games and the club he started. It is going to take a fierce devotion to slacking to overcome these obstacles and be the slacker he was meant to be.

 OA525180   |  2 Books in Set
NEW! Graphic Novels - (Gr. 3+ Best-Sellers!!)

How do you get your truly reluctant readers reading? With the ORIGINAL graphic novels that were designed just for them! Featuring the likes of the Avengers, Black Panther, Guardians Of The Galaxy, My Little Pony, Spider-Man, and other sure-fire hits, these easy-to-read, full-color illustrated books are the perfect, and in some cases, the only, way to introduce the love of reading to your most reluctant students.

 OA996565A   |  190 Books in Set
Gridiron - Gr. 3+

FINALLY! A Fiction Football Series! In these fast-paced stories, FOOTBALL rules more than just high school – it is the essence of the community. Each book features relatable characters facing challenges on and off the field.

 OA524620   |  6 Books in Set
Griffin Bing: Swindle Mystery - Gr. 3-7

A MUST Read! Griffin and his animal friends get themselves into hysterical adventures that all your students will LOVE.

 OA524356   |  2 Books in Set
Harry Potter - Gr. 3-7

In these modern classics of fantasy and adventure, your readers will breathlessly follow Harry Potters' volumes!-of amazing wizard training, on his way to fulfilling his destiny. Your students will enjoy this great titles!

 OA524357   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Haunted Holidays - Gr. 3-7

Rathbone Elementary is an ordinary school. Nothing strange ever happens. Except on holidays. Your student readers will love these haunted adventures as fireworks fight back, ordinary objects become dangerous, and friends turn into monsters.

 OA525212   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Horizon - Gr. 3-7

A diverse group of kids step from the wreckage of a plane crash to find themselves stranded, at odds with one another, and threatened by curious and terrifying creatures. In the Horizon multi-platform experience, students not just reading about the castaways,but are one of them. They can go on-line and learn more about characters and situations. BUT it is NOT necessary to enjoy the series.

 OA525166   |  5 Books in Set
NEW! I Survived - Gr. 3-7 (Must Have!)

Award-Winning Historical Fiction! Your readers will follow the real-life drama as these infamous events unfold through the eyes of a student their own age!

 OA524807A   |  22 Books in Set
NEW! James Patterson Presents & Middle School-(Gr. 3-7 Best-Sellers)

James Patterson’s books cover a wide spectrum of genres, but they all have one item in common: Each ends-up on Best-Seller Lists for a lengthy period of time. There is TRULY something for everyone.

 OA524808A   |  40 Books in Set
Jinx - Gr. 3-7

In the Urwald, you don't step off the path. Trolls, werewolves, and witches lurk amid the clawing branches, eager to swoop up the unwary. Jinx has always feared leaving the path—then he meets the wizard Simon Magus. The forest is more complex than he can imagine;a world where he is desperately needed.

 OA523858   |  3 Books in Set
NEW! Kicks - Gr. 3-7

From female soccer star Alex Morgan, this fun-filled series features adventures centered on a girls’ soccer team. There are also underling values, too – empowerment, believing in yourself, & working together as a team.

 OA524048A   |  11 Books in Set
NEW! Kiranmala & Kingdom Beyond - Gr. 3-7

By Sayantania DasGupta, On the morning of her 12th birthday. Kiranmala discovers she is a real Indian princess, and how she comes from a a secret place not of this world. Suddenly, Kiran is swept into another dimension full of magic. there she must solve riddles and battle demons in order to find her parents and save her entire world, and everything beyond it...

 OA525204   |  3 Books in Set
Land Of Stories - Gr. 3-7

These fast-paced adventures uniquely combine the modern day world with the enchanting realm of classic fairy tales. Through the powers of a book, twins Alex & Conner find themselves in a foreign land full of wonder, magic, and the fairy tale characters they grew-up reading. This mysterious kingdom needs their help.

 OA524593   |  10 Books in Set
Level Up - Trapped In Virtual Reality - Gr. 3-7

o Video Gamers Rejoice! A Gaming Corporation has chosen teenage gamers to live in one of their thousand virtual reality words to test the games for glitches. BUT THERE IS A CATCH: Win the game or be TRAPPED in the Virtual World Forever! A Lot of Your Students are into Video Games – This Series gets Them into Books!

 OA524609   |  6 Books in Set
Loot - Gr. 3-7

Alfie & Jules, twins carry on the Family business - Stealing!

 OA524378   |  2 Books in Set
LOST - Gr. 3-7

Exceptional Reviews, these books are action-packed and very hard to put down. Story telling at its best, the detail-oriented author gets up-close-and-personal on these harrowing historical events.

 OA524594   |  2 Books in Set
NEW! Magic Misfits - Gr. 3-7 (New Hit!)

Street Magician Carter, after running away, stumbles across five other like-minded illusionists. Together, using both teamwork and magic, the six Magic Misfits discover adventure, friendship and their own self-worth in this delightful series.

 OA524712A   |  4 Books in Set
Magisterium - Gr. 3-7

Call fails at failing. His Dad him to stay away from Magic. So when Call tries to fail the Magic test for entrance at the Magisterium, he actually passes. Now his future is is intertwined with the one thing he never wanted it to be with - Magic.

 OA524624A   |  5 Books in Set
NEW! Mary Downing Hahn's: Ghost Stories - Gr. 3-7 (Covers Scare Me!)

Mary Downing Hahn is the master of spookiness. All three of these titles have been well-reviewed and will be well-received from your students who love a good, scary novel.

 OA525170A   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Mighty Marvel Books - Gr. 3+

Marvel Superheroes in Action! Full-color illustration accompanied with the right amount of text will get your most Reluctant Reader into books. A great next step for Graphic Novel enthusiasts!

 OA525051A   |  10 Books in Set
NEW! Minecraft Explorers - Gr. 3+

What would your students do if he/she found them self in the world of Minecraft? In this set of adventures, four students find out just how smart and organized they'll have to be to succeed! Filled with informative fact boxes and tips on Minecraft gameplay and the STEM principles involved in the game, these stories will be sure to fascinate any student who's ever tangled with a creeper, gotten lost in a cave system, or hurried to build a shelter before the monsters come out at night. Features include: Cool, relatable characters rise to the challenge of surviving in the video game world of Minecraft, providing excellent modern role models. Fact boxes provide tips and tricks for mastering Minecraft.

 OA525053   |  8 Books in Set
Mouseheart - Gr. 3-7

Hooper is an ordinary pet shop mouse before escaping. Soon he finds himself below the streets of Brooklyn in Atlantia – a glorious utopian rat civilization. But not all is what it seems. Atlantia needs him to safe their way of life. Epic Animal Adventure.

 OA524191   |  3 Books in Set
Moving Target - Gr. 3-7

When a young girl can determine the destiny of the world, the wrong choice could lead to disaster!

 OA524365   |  2 Books in Set
NEW! Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales - Gr. 3+(My FAV. Recommendation)

TRUE HISTORY! Strange, but TRUE HISTORY novels that will both entertain and educate your readers. Ideal for I Survived Fans. Written at a Lower-level, Students of all ages enjoy these titles!

 OA524810A   |  10 Books in Set
NEW! Odd Jobs - Gr. 3+

After losing her parents, Ella moves to Windy Hollow to live with her Great Aunt Raven. Her days are kept busy by a series of neighborhood odd jobs assigned to her by the mysterious matriarch. The tasks seem simple run a register here, stock a shelf there. However, as with everything in Windy Hollow, things are not always as they appear!

 OA525214   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Power Coders - Gr. 3-7

Strong computational thinking skills are just some of the qualities that the Power Coders bring to solving mysteries. These graphic novels follow their adventures and provide your readers the opportunity to use their thinking to solve problems right along with the coders. Dazzling illustrations, humorous dialogue, and exciting plot developments are sure to keep burgeoning programmers entertained while they explore the skills needed to write computer code.

 OA524697   |  12 Books in Set
NEW! Rick Riordan & Co. - (Gr. 3-7 Best-Seller - Library MUST!)

Your students know of Rick Riordan through his hits: Percy Jackson, Kane Chronicles and Magus Chase to name a few. This collection features Trials Of Apollo where Apollo has been banished to New York without any of his powers. Riordan Presents showcases up-and-coming authors who each have distinct stories – all well-reviewed and Best-Sellers.

 OA524784A   |  19 Books in Set
NEW! School For Good And Evil - Gr. 3-7

Sophie & Agatha are sent to the fabled School for Good and Evil, where ordinary kids are trained to be fairy-tale heroes or villains. They quickly find the only way out of a fairy tale is to live through it.

 OA524367A   |  7 Books in Set
NEW! Secret Society Of Monster Hunters: Graphic Novels - Gr. 3+

Zombies and dragons and krakens, oh my! Join Elena, her big brother Jorge, and their friends Marcus, Fiona, and Amy as they travel through time, from the 20s to the 90s, hunting for mythical monsters and keeping them safe from the eyes of history! This graphic novel series includes monster profiles and survival tips as well as in-depth content on the social and political climate, entertainment, fashion, and popular idioms of that decade. Backmatter includes an activity page.

 OA525365   |  8 Books in Set
Secrets Of Bearhaven - Gr. 3-7

It starts with a chase. When Spencer Plain is pulled out of school in the middle of the day, he never expects to be speeding down the highway with his uncle, trying to outpace the car that's tailing them. And he certainly never thought he'd find himself fleeing from a bear through the woods. And when he hears the bear say "We've been expecting you," Spencer knows he's just uncovered a whole world he'd never imagined. He's brought to Bearhaven, a secret oasis his parents created for bears. But there are depths to Bearhaven that Spencer and his new bear cub friend, Kate, start to uncover. Spencer finds out he's been there before, even if he can't remember. He also stumbles into a rescue mission being planned, to save a bear in danger. He knows he can help, and he's desperate to find clues to his parents' whereabouts, so he and Kate decide to take matters into their own hands - even if they discover a secret that could threaten Bearhaven's future!

 OA524628   |  4 Books in Set
Serafina - Gr. 3-7

Received More Awards than Crazy Clown Sightings! Living secretly on an estate in 1899, Serafina teams up with the owner’s nephew to battle a great evil in this spooky mystery-thriller. See # 234197 for another great title, by set in Serafina, by the author.

 OA525183   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Shiverwood Academy - Gr. 3+

Shiverwood Academy is a spooky school for everything from goblins to vampires, and werewolves to the undead. Follow four diverse children as they each deal with one monster problem.

 OA524813   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Sixth-Grade Alien - Gr. 3-7

Sixth grade can be tough. But starting sixth grade as the only alien on the planet seems impossible. When Pleskit Meenom, the son of the first alien ambassador to earth, finds out he’s going to public school, he’s less than thrilled. Especially after what happened on their last planet. Tim Tompkins, on the other hand, couldn’t be more excited to meet a real alien—even if some of his classmates are warier of the first purple kid in their class. Tim is determined to befriend Pleskit and secretly hopes he may have finally found someone who feels as out of place as he does. But when angry mobs, cultural differences, and intergalactic plots get in the way, their friendship—and maybe even the planet—could be in danger.

 OA525455   |  5 Books in Set
NEW! Sports Titles By Mike Lupica & Tim Green - Gr. 3-7

sports fan delight! This collection of books features books by award-winning authors Mike Lupica and Tim Green.

 OA524632A   |  13 Books in Set
NEW! Star Wars: Jedi Academy - Gr. 3-7 ( "DIARY" For Start Wars Fans)

Star Wars + Wimpy Kid= Great Book! Middle School Diaries of a boy in a galaxy, FAR, FAR AWAY. The story of a boy chosen to go to Jedi School is told through journal entries, letter, doodles, etc. Sure to be popular with your "Diary" Readers. May the force of reading be with your students!

 OA525173A   |  9 Books in Set
NEW! STEM Files: Graphic Novels - Gr. 3+

The STEM Files graphic novel series focuses on the hilarious, top secret stories of ambitious, but inept, would-be evil villains. These blundering cast of characters try their hardest to take over the world and unleash their evil plan only to fail miserably due to their lack of STEM understanding. It's hard to take over the world using science, technology, engineering, or math if you don't know the basics! Each book in the series focuses on a key STEM concept. Includes educational callouts, sidebars, and backmatter material. Supplemental activity also included.

 OA525366   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Stick Dog & Stick Cat - Gr. 3-7 (FUNNY!)

GREAT SERIES! These titles are PERFECT for your students who love Dog Man and Diary Of A Wimpy Kid – humorous tales, funny sketches – only told through a dog’s view (and now a cat!) This set will circulate!

 OA524816A   |  12 Books in Set
NEW! Story Thieves & Revenge Of Magic - Gr. 3-7

Two Best-Sellers! Story Thieves: Owen's life is boring until he sees his classmate Bethany climb out of a book in the school library. He learns Bethany is half-fictional and has been searching every book she can find for her missing father, a fictional character. Revenge Of Magic: When long-dead magical creatures are discovered all around the world, each buried with a book of magic, only children can unlock the dangerous power of the books in this thrilling new series! Let the Adventures Begin!

 OA525163A   |  9 Books in Set
NEW! Stranger Things - Gr. 3-7

These Spine-Tingling graphic novels are based on the hit Netflix series. Will Byers struggles to survive in the treacherous Upside Down - Other Side. The “SIX” titles focus on a teenage girl with the power to see the future; she ends up as a pawn of the government who want to use her for their own good. Isn’t that the same as spending our tax money?

 OA525177   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Sunny - (Gr. 3-7 Best-Seller)

Your students can relate to Sunny – a typical middle school student going through the ups and downs of life. From the turmoil at home, her brother being sent to boarding school and just trying to fit in, Sunny experiences it all. Easy to see why these are not only award-winning, but best-sellers, too.

 OA525184   |  3 Books in Set
NEW! Survive! - Gr. 3+

Lost in the woods. Trapped in an abandoned mine. Castaway on a deserted island. Avalanche! Could your students survive? In this series, your readers come along as diverse characters learn important skills in adverse conditions . . . and survive!

 OA524817   |  4 Books in Set
Survivors - Gr. 3-7

The Original! Before I Survived, Kathleen Duey had written numerous, well-reviewed Historical Fiction titles. Now, with revised covers and a better lay-out, her books have been re-packaged. The Winner: Your Students! They can't get enough of I Survived, and now they have more to read!

 OA524600   |  5 Books in Set
NEW! Tale Of Magic… - Gr. 3-7 (SMASH Hit!!!)

An IndieBound, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, NY Times BESTSELLER! This is a new series starter set in the Land of Stories universe from Chris Colfer, perfect for new and old fans! When Brystal Evergreen stumbles across a secret section of the library, she discovers a book that introduces her to a world beyond her imagination and learns the impossible: She is a fairy capable of magic! But in the oppressive Southern Kingdom, women are forbidden from reading and magic is outlawed, so Brystal is swiftly convicted of her crimes and sent to the miserable Bootstrap Correctional Facility. But with the help of the mysterious Madame Weatherberry, Brystal is whisked away and enrolled in an academy of magic! Adventure comes with a price, however, and when Madame Weatherberry is called away to attend to an important problem, she doesn't return. Do Brystal and her classmates have what it takes to stop a sinister plot that risks the fate of the world, and magic, forever? Readers will Fall in love with the all-new series from Chris Colfer, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Land of Stories, filled with adventure, imagination, and wonderfully memorable characters both familiar and new.

 OA237456   |  2 Books in Set
NEW! Tales From The Haunted Mansion - Gr. 3-7

Amicus Arcane is about to retire from his position as the Ghost Librarian of the Haunted Mansion. Before he goes, Amicus wants to hear the scariest stories available, so he invites Ghost Writers from all over the World to tell their tales. He captured the spookiest tales and presents them to your students. Do They Dare Read Them?

 OA525169   |  4 Books in Set
Theodore Boone - Gr. 3-7

Teenage Theodore Boone, a legal wiz kid, finds himself in the middle of many court cases. Filled with page-turning suspense, these thrillers will keep your readers guessing until the very end.

 OA525185   |  7 Books in Set
NEW! They Survived! - Gr. 3-7

REAL BIOGRAPHIES of individuals who Overcame Actual Life-or-Death Situations! Your readers will discover harrowing details behind the most fascinating Survival stories. Mesmerizing narrative text describes how ordinary people acted in extraordinary ways to get out alive! Perfect set to transition fans of “I Survived” to Nonfiction.

 OA525125   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Traitor's Game - Gr. 5-9

The next big YA fantasy," is perfect for fans. Kestra Dallisor has spent three years in exile in the Lava Fields, but that won't stop her from being drawn back into her father's palace politics. He's second-in-command to the cruel king, Lord Endrick, which makes Kestra a valuable bargaining chip. A group of rebels knows this -- and they snatch Kestra from her carriage as she reluctantly travels home. The kidnappers want her to retrieve the lost Olden Blade, the only object that can destroy the king, but Kestra is not the obedient captive they expected. One of the rebels, Simon, has his hands full as Kestra tries to foil their plot, by any means necessary. As motives shift and secrets emerge, both have to decide what -- and who -- it is they're fighting for.

 OA525453   |  3 Books in Set
NEW! Twisted - Gr. 3+

Students will read if they dare, but has to prepare for the worst. This middle grade thriller series unleashes twisted tales of the paranormal. From time traps to haunted houses to out-of-this-world video games, the characters in each Twisted book come face-to-face with supernatural situations that will change their lives forever. Will each unlucky character be stuck in a weird world of magic and mayhem? Will they survive to tell the story? Your readers are in for one twisted ride.

 OA525405   |  5 Books in Set
NEW! Tyme - Gr. 3-7

A very clever, new approach to Fairy Tales has made these titles instant Best-sellers.

 OA524374A   |  3 Books in Set
NEW! Warriors / Survivors - Gr. 3-7

Perennial Bestselling Series! A combination of mythology, the natural world, and animals, this award-winning series has taken the fantasy genre to new levels. The cats, “WARRIOR” SERIES, live in a world full of clans, good and evil and mystical power. Includes her other best-selling series – “SURVIVORS” – is based on Animals ruling the cities where humans no longer exist. “BRAVELANDS” covers the fragile hierarchy of the African Animal Kingdom.

 OA524822A   |  20 Books in Set
NEW! Whatever After / Upside Down Magic - Gr. 3-7

Fresh, Modern Spin On Classic Fairytales! What Student Doesn't Love a "Fractured" Tale! Abby and her friends are transported into a fairy tale through a magic mirror- drama & chaos ensue. Well-reviewed they are a hit! Includes her Upside-Down Magic series where using Magic almost ALWAYS GOES WRONG!

 OA524818A   |  21 Books in Set
NEW! Wish Novels - Gr. 3-7 (Girl Favorite)

Age-appropriate, Irresistible Stories of Friendship, Crushes, And Fun written by some of the best authors for girls ages 9 to 12. AND Yes, hard-to-believe, there is some Drama. A big chunk of your students will LOVE these CHARACTERS & can RELATE to These Situations!

 OA524820NA   |  11 Books in Set
Zombie Chasers - Gr. 3-7

ZOMBIES! Who Knew They Could Be So Enjoyable? Fun to Read, these books are loaded with jokes middle school humor & wacky illustrations. Zack and his pals must fight off the zombies that are slowly taking over the town.!

 OA524056   |  7 Books in Set


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