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Your Oliver & Andy Category Results for "Popular Fiction 3-7"

Most of the items in this category are sets that contain a number of different titles. In some cases, the sets contain subsets. Click on the "Go To" links below to view more specific information on individual titles within a set. To quickly search for individual titles, you may use the search box on the left.

NEW! #2F - Diary Of A Wimpy Kid / Rowley - Gr. 3-7 (#2 Fiction Sales)

THE SERIES KIDS HAVE BEEN READING AND READING AGAIN FOR OVER A DECADE! Your students LOVE the laugh-out-loud text and humorous illustrations, as Greg tries to navigate middle-school through his diary. Collection includes titles by Rowley, Greg's best-friend, who shares his own funny as his buddy. These titles do not need to be read in-order, but you should have sufficient copies on-hand!

 OA525634   |  21 Books in Set
NEW! #4F - Popular Authors For Grades 3-7 / 5-9 (#4 Fiction Sales)

An Outstanding Title Collection featuring the most distinguished authors of children's books. The great characters and storylines have made these titles not only best-sellers, but award winners at the state and national levels.

 OA525668A   |  88 Books in Set
NEW! Baby-Sitters Club/Little Sister: Graphic Novels - Gr. 3-7/ 2-5 (School Memories!)

PERENNIAL BESTSELLERS! The full-color graphics and updated story lines have made these books hugely successful. Includes the spin-off featuring Kristy's Little Sister, Karen. And she manages to get into some pretty hilarious situations!

 OA910510A   |  15 Books in Set
NEW! Battle Dragons - Gr. 3-7

In a modern mega-city built around dragons, one boy gets caught up in the world of underground dragon battles and a high-stakes gang war that could tear his family apart. Once, dragons nearly drove themselves to extinction. But in the city of Drakopolis, humans domesticated them centuries ago. Now dragons haul the city’s cargo, taxi its bustling people between skyscrapers, and advertise its wares in bright, neon displays. Most famously of all, the dragons battle. Different breeds take to the skies in nighttime bouts between the infamous kins?criminal gangs who rule through violence and intimidation.

 OA525968   |  3 Books in Set
NEW! Big Nate - Gr. 3-7

With illustrations through-out, these NY Times Best-Sellers feature Big Nate - a kid who tries hard, but things don’t go exactly as planned. Diary of a Wimpy Kid author Jeff Kinney says, "Big Nate is funny, big time!"

 OA524336   |  8 Books in Set
Bowser & Birdie / Queenie & Arthur Mysteries- Gr. 3-7 (Fun Mysteries!)

Dog Detective Bowser teams up with eleven-year-old girl Birdie, his owner, to solve mysteries on the Louisiana coast. Bowser has a nose for bacon, rawhides, & more bacon…and the occasional Bad Guy. Queenie, the cat, & Arthur, the dog, are mortal enemies until the twins who own them are in trouble. They have to set aside their differences and solve the problem at-hand. Easier said…Both detective pairs end-up in laugh-out-loud situations.

 OA525181A   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! City Of Ghosts - Gr. 3-7 (Great Spooky Series!)

Sweeping, Spooky Adventures! Ever since Cass almost drowned, she has the ability to go from the World of Living and enter the World of Spirits. She immediately learns – from others like herself – there are responsibilities, and City of Ghosts is more dangerous than she ever imagined.

 OA525172   |  3 Books in Set
NEW! City Spies - Gr. 3-7

THRILLING NEW SERIES! The City Spies are five kids from various parts of the world. When they're not attending the local boarding school, they're honing their unique skills, such as sleight of hand, breaking and entering, observation and explosives. All of these allow them to go places in the world of espionage where adults can't.

 OA525666A   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Click Graphic Novels - Gr. 3-7

A graphic novel about friendship and students finding where they "click" in middle school, perfect for fans of Smile and Real Friends. Olive wants to get in on the act . . . . . . Any act! Olive “clicks” with everyone in the fifth grade—until one day she doesn’t. When a school variety show leaves Olive stranded without an act to join, she begins to panic, wondering why all her friends have already formed their own groups . . . without her. With the performance drawing closer by the minute, will Olive be able to find her own place in the show before the curtain comes up? A heartfelt and insightful story about navigating friendships, leaning on family, and learning to take the stage in the most important role of all.

 OA525454   |  7 Books in Set
Culture & Folktale: Stories - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo)

People have been telling stories since the beginning of time--sharing them from one generation to the next. In the Stone Circle Stories: Culture and Folktales series, your readers recognize some of their favorite stories growing up and discover new ones from different cultures.

 OA525236   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Cupcake Diaries & Graphic Novels / Donut Dreams /Sprinkle Sundays - Gr. 3-7 (Girl Favs!)

Sometimes starting from scratch turns out to be icing on the cake! In Cupcake Diaries, four unique girls are trying their best to navigate the wild terrain of Middle School – something your students can easily relate to! Oh, the Drama!! Includes her NEW series, Sprinkle Sundays, where three friends are able to re-connect by working at an ice cream shop. BUT there is still LOTS of DRAMA!

 OA724803A   |  32 Books in Set
Dactyl Hill Squad - Gr. 3-7 (DAV PILKEY RECOMMENDED!)

Solid Historical Fiction with a Twist: Dinosaurs. Set during the Civil War, a group of orphans learn to fly on a dactyl – now the real adventures begin. What they encounter is accurate except for the fact of the Dinos. LEARNING HISTORY has never been this fun & exciting!

 OA525178   |  3 Books in Set
NEW! Declassified: The ET Files - Graphic Novels - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo)

The truth is out there, and the Star Gazers are looking for it! Follow friends Erin, Mateo, and Noel as they follow clues that lead them through Area 51, deep under the sea, and even into outer space. On the way, they meet some out-of-this-world aliens and learn that Earth holds more than meets the eye. This graphic novel series includes STEM-focused sidebars and callouts, activity, character profiles, and original illustrations.

 OA525931   |  6 Books in Set
Demon Slayer - Gr. 3-7

Oh, No! Max discovers Demons have kidnapped his Mother! Max is a Rookie. He has no idea how to Track, Locate, & Defeat a Demon. Fortunately for Max, I do, so I passed him a few pointers...though the Garlic Necklace & Kryptonite may not be Demon specific, I get stuff confused. Age -appropriate text and illustrations make these a Great Choice for your Reluctant Readers!

 OA524350A   |  8 Books in Set
Descendants - Gr. 3-7 (Hit Movies Drive the Books)

Best-Selling Book Series & HUGELY POPULAR Movies! Imprisoned, the teenage children of Disney’s most evil villains are looking to escape the villainous ways of the island.

 OA525182   |  4 Books in Set
Dork Diaries & Misadventures Of Max Crumbly - Gr. 3-7

Mega-Hit! 'When will Nikki's next "journal" be released?' It had a title and date before the pandemic. Your girls know Nikki: She transferred to an ultra-exclusive middle school dealing with being the new girl, embarrassing parents, crushes and making new friends, Oh, the Drama! Includes Max Crumbly - a kid making the transition to a new school who tries to take on the persona of his beloved Super Heroes to fit-in.

 OA524804   |  17 Books in Set
NEW! Emily Windsnap - Gr. 3 - 7

Dive into Emily Windsnap's magical adventures with this enchanting series. Half-mermaid, half-human, and all magic, Emily Windsnap will keep your middle grade readers under her spell.

 OA525932   |  9 Books in Set
NEW! Emmie & Friends - Gr. 3-7

PERFECT FOR STUDENTS WHO LOVE SUNNY! Middle School. All the crushes, humiliations, boredom, DRAMA, losing & gaining friends. insecurities, challenges and MORE DRAMA.

 OA525415   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! FGTeeV - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo)

Your Gamers will Love these Books! Whether Lexi and crew have to actually get into a game to save their parents OR fight video villains who escaped into the real world, there is always plenty of action and humor. And these titles are based on the YouTube sensation FGTeeV – 18 Million subscribers and 19 Billion views!

 OA525623   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Fire Queen - Gr. 3-7

From New York Times bestselling author Sayantani DasGupta comes the story of a demon who must embrace her bad to serve the greater good. Pinki hails from a long line of rakkhosh resisters, demons who have spent years building interspecies relationships, working together to achieve their goal of overthrowing the snakey oppressors and taking back their rights.

 OA525969   |  2 Books in Set
Gavin McNally's Year Off - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo)

Gavin McNally is an eleven-year-old who lives in a small Northern California town. Just as he's preparing to enter middle school, Gavin's parents announce that the family will spend the next year traveling the country in an RV. How boring! But Gavin as learns, a year in an RV can be many things--terrifying, death-defying, action-packed--but it's definitely not boring!

 OA525000   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Get In The Game - 3+ (Hi/Lo)

Katie Flanagan, Lucy Andia, Isabella Clemente, Keith Evans, Artie Lieberman, and Tony Andia are best friends at Peabody Middle School. Your students Join them as they learn about life and themselves through playing the sports they love! Titles include discussion prompts and a quiz and fun facts for the title's sport.

 OA525002   |  12 Books in Set
NEW! Goosebumps: SlappyWorld / Garbage Pail Kids / Just Beyond - Gr. 3-7/ 3+ (Library Must!)

THE DEAN of KID'S TERROR! Time to SCARE your STUDENTS! Ordinary kids find themselves ensnared in CREEPY MYSTERIES. Who - or What - is behind these evil plots to get these kids? Terrifying adventures are sure to make "Quiet Time" a reality in your library!

 OA911911A   |  29 Books in Set
NEW! Gordon Korman Books - Gr. 3-7

One of the best – if not the best – authors out there. Gordon’s books are well-reviewed, and more importantly, your kids read them. Featuring his latest titles, there is something here for all your students.

 OA525664A   |  11 Books in Set
NEW! Graphic Novels - (Gr. 3+ Best-Sellers!!)

MORE TITLES ADDED BY POPULAR DEMAND! These full-color books feature the characters your kids LOVE. All their favorites are HERE. With easy-to-read text, full-color illustrations and storylines of popular characters, these are the books to get Reluctant Readers into BOOKS...And from there, Reading will seem less like a chore, BUT A FUN ACTIVITY!

 OA796565A   |  107 Books in Set
NEW! Greek Mythology Adventures - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo)

That's his Achilles heel. It felt like I was lost in a labyrinth! She has the weight of the world on her shoulders. You opened a real Pandora's box with that move! We're all familiar with these idioms. But where did they come from? Find out with this beautifully illustrated series. Each title tells the tale of a popular Greek myth—perfect guides on the quest for knowledge!

 OA525933   |  6 Books in Set
Gridiron - Gr. 3+

FINALLY! A Fiction Football Series! In these fast-paced stories, FOOTBALL rules more than just high school – it is the essence of the community. Each book features relatable characters facing challenges on and off the field.

 OA524620   |  6 Books in Set
Harry Potter's 20th Annv. ED. - Gr. 3-7

In these modern classics of fantasy and adventure, your readers will breathlessly follow Harry Potters' volumes!-of amazing wizard training, on his way to fulfilling his destiny. Your students will enjoy this great titles!

 OA524357   |  7 Books in Set
Haunted Holidays - Gr. 3-7

Rathbone Elementary is an ordinary school. Nothing strange ever happens. Except on holidays. Your student readers will love these haunted adventures as fireworks fight back, ordinary objects become dangerous, and friends turn into monsters.

 OA525212   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Haunting Of Hawthorne Harbor Gr. 3-7

Hawthorne Harbor’s high school burned to the ground. Everyone believed it was a tragic accident. But was it? Are there sinister forces at work? Your readers will judge as horror seems to lurk everywhere in this quaint town… Coincidence? Or Evil at work?

 OA525636   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! I Survived.. And Graphic Novels - Gr. 3-7 / 3+ (Hi/Lo)

These books simply circulate! Award-Winning Historical Fiction! Your readers will follow the real-life drama as these infamous events unfold through the eyes of a student their own age! NOW AVAILABLE: Tales told in a Graphic Novel Format - Ideal for those hard-to-reach kids. And they will actually learn something.

 OA993399A   |  17 Books in Set
NEW! Incredibly Dead Pets Of Rex Dexter - Gr. 3-7

Rex Dexter is cursed . . . with brains . . . and daring . . . and animal ghosts appearing in his bedroom, wanting him to solve their murders. And his new teacher has to be part of a Russian Hit Squad. And horror of horrors: He may accidentally have a girlfriend! Goofy situations, fun mysteries with twists & turns and strange characters make these titles popular with your kids.

 OA525665   |  3 Books in Set
NEW! James Patterson Presents & Middle School-(Gr. 3-7 Best-Sellers)

James Patterson’s books cover a wide spectrum of genres, but they all have one item in common: Each ends-up on a Best-Seller List for a lengthy period of time. There is TRULY something for everyone.

 OA525626A   |  22 Books in Set
NEW! Kicks - Gr. 3-7

From female soccer star Alex Morgan, this fun-filled series features adventures centered on a girls’ soccer team. There are also underling values, too – empowerment, believing in yourself, & working together as a team.

 OA524048A   |  12 Books in Set
Kiranmala & Kingdom Beyond - Gr. 3-7

By Sayantania DasGupta, On the morning of her 12th birthday. Kiranmala discovers she is a real Indian princess, and how she comes from a a secret place not of this world. Suddenly, Kiran is swept into another dimension full of magic. there she must solve riddles and battle demons in order to find her parents and save her entire world, and everything beyond it...

 OA525204   |  3 Books in Set
Magic Misfits - Gr. 3-7

Street Magician Carter, after running away, stumbles across five other like-minded illusionists. Together, using both teamwork and magic, the six Magic Misfits discover adventure, friendship and their own self-worth in this delightful series.

 OA524712A   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Margaret Peterson Haddix - Gr. 3-7

Featuring her latest series, Greystone Secrets. The Greystone kids thought they had a normal life with their Mother. Then they find-out about a kidnapping of three children who eerily match them. What is Real? And What Isn’t? A true page-turner with a laundry list of excellent reviews.

 OA525638   |  5 Books in Set
NEW! Mary Downing Hahn's: Ghost Stories - Gr. 3-7 (Covers Scare Me!)

Mary Downing Hahn is the master of spookiness. All of these titles have been well-reviewed and will be well-read by your students who love a good, scary novel.

 OA525639A   |  8 Books in Set
Mighty Marvel Books - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo)

Marvel Superheroes in Action! Full-color illustration accompanied with the right amount of text will get your most Reluctant Reader into books. A great next step for Graphic Novel enthusiasts!

 OA525051A   |  10 Books in Set
NEW! Minecraft Explorers - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo)

What would your students do if he/she found them self in the world of Minecraft? In this set of adventures, four students find out just how smart and organized they'll have to be to succeed! Filled with informative fact boxes and tips on Minecraft gameplay and the STEM principles involved in the game, these stories will be sure to fascinate any student who's ever tangled with a creeper, gotten lost in a cave system, or hurried to build a shelter before the monsters come out at night. Features include: Cool, relatable characters rise to the challenge of surviving in the video game world of Minecraft, providing excellent modern role models. Fact boxes provide tips and tricks for mastering Minecraft.

 OA525053   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Mt. Olympus Theme Park - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo)

Follow six kids on their journeys to a myth-themed amusement park. In this series, the rides bring kids unexpectedly into actual Greek myths where they run into people in need. Each kid fixes the scenario based on his or her own unique skills.

 OA525935   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo) - I Survived Fans?

MY FAVORITE SERIES! TRUE HISTORY! Strange, but TRUE HISTORY novels that will both entertain and educate your readers. Perfect for I Survive Fans. Written at a Lower-level, Students of all ages enjoy these titles! Now includes the BIGGER & BETTER Editions: More Pages. More Fun.

 OA951571   |  11 Books in Set
Odd Jobs - Gr. 3+

After losing her parents, Ella moves to Windy Hollow to live with her Great Aunt Raven. Her days are kept busy by a series of neighborhood odd jobs assigned to her by the mysterious matriarch. The tasks seem simple run a register here, stock a shelf there. However, as with everything in Windy Hollow, things are not always as they appear!

 OA525214   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Once Upon Another Time - Gr. 3-7

Storybook characters collide in this new trilogy of twisted fairy tales from New York Times bestselling author James Riley, set in the world of his popular Half Upon a Time series—perfect for fans of Fablehaven and Chris Colfer’s A Tale of Magic series!

 OA525970   |  3 Books in Set
NEW! Phantom Finders - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo)

Abby and Theo have the coolest family. Rather than gather at barbeques or plan beach vacations, the Winstons investigate the spooky stories and unsolved mysteries of their town, Murky Creek. Grandpa Winston started the tradition, and now he's passing it on to Abby and Theo! When odd goings-on and suspicious happenings plague the citizens of Murky Creek, it's up to the two kids to dig up clues and crack the case before things get any creepier.

 OA525936   |  6 Books in Set
Power Coders - Gr. 3-7

Strong computational thinking skills are just some of the qualities that the Power Coders bring to solving mysteries. These graphic novels follow their adventures and provide your readers the opportunity to use their thinking to solve problems right along with the coders. Dazzling illustrations, humorous dialogue, and exciting plot developments are sure to keep burgeoning programmers entertained while they explore the skills needed to write computer code.

 OA524697   |  12 Books in Set
NEW! Reich Captives - Gr. 3-7

Captives of the Reich traces the paths of an American special operative, a French saboteur, a Jewish resistance fighter, and a Polish farmer as they navigate the heartbreaking upheavals of World War II. Their stories converge at a Nazi death camp in the heart of Poland, where trainloads of people perished during the Holocaust. The four unite around a commitment to human dignity and to escape at all costs.

 OA525937   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Revenge Of Magic - Gr. 3-7

When long-dead magical creatures are discovered all around the world, each buried with a book of magic, only children can unlock the dangerous power of the books in this thrilling series! Let the Adventures Begin!

 OA525163A   |  5 Books in Set
NEW! Rick Riordan & Co. - (Gr. 3-7 Best-Seller - Library MUST!)

Your students know Rick Riordan. This collection features the latest titles he has written. Plus, RIORDAN PRESENTS which showcases up-and-coming authors who each have distinct stories – all well-reviewed and Best-Sellers.

 OA525628A   |  36 Books in Set
School For Good And Evil - Gr. 3-7

#1 Movie now streaming On Netfelix! Sophie & Agatha are sent to the fabled School for Good and Evil, where ordinary kids are trained to be fairy-tale heroes or villains. They quickly find the only way out of a fairy tale is to live through it.

 OA524367A   |  7 Books in Set
NEW! Serafina / Willa - Gr. 3-7

Received More Awards than Crazy Clown Sightings! Living secretly on an estate in 1899, Serafina teams up with the owner’s nephew to battle a great evil in this spooky mystery-thriller.

 OA525183   |  7 Books in Set
NEW! Shakespeare: Illustrated Classics - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo)

Neither a borrower nor a lender be. Parting is such sweet sorrow. Something wicked this way comes! We're all familiar with these sayings. But where did they come from? Introduce young readers to the treasures of William Shakespeare with Shakespeare Illustrated Classics. Each title tells the tale of a popular play and is sure to inspire further Shakespearean study!

 OA525938   |  6 Books in Set
Shiverwood Academy - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo)

Shiverwood Academy is a spooky school for everything from goblins to vampires, and werewolves to the undead. Follow four diverse children as they each deal with one monster problem.

 OA524813   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Special Ops: Invisible Six - Gr. 3-7

Six secret operatives are the military's top experts in covert ops and rescue missions. But this elite special force doesn't exist--at least not in the public eye. No one knows where they come from or to where they return. The group gathers for the most dangerous, most difficult, most important missions and often operate in extreme conditions. They are known only by their code name: Invisible Six.

 OA525939   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Stick Dog & Stick Cat - Gr. 3-7 (FUNNY!)

GREAT SERIES! These titles are PERFECT for your students who love Dog Man and Diary Of A Wimpy Kid – humorous tales, funny sketches – only told through a dog’s view (and now a cat!) This set will circulate!

 OA525629A   |  15 Books in Set
NEW! Stuart Gibbs: - Gr. 3-7 / 5-9

Stuart Gibbs has created numerous Best-Selling Series. Not only are they highly reviewed, but his titles circulate!

 OA927279   |  22 Books in Set
NEW! Sunny - (Gr. 3-7 Best-Seller)

Your students can relate to Sunny – a typical middle school student going through the ups and downs of life. From the turmoil at home, her brother being sent to boarding school and just trying to fit in, Sunny experiences it all. Easy to see why these are not only award-winning, but best-sellers, too.

 OA525644   |  4 Books in Set
Survive! - Gr. 3+

Lost in the woods. Trapped in an abandoned mine. Castaway on a deserted island. Avalanche! Could your students survive? In this series, your readers come along as diverse characters learn important skills in adverse conditions . . . and survive!

 OA524817   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Tale Of Magic… - Gr. 3-7 (SMASH Hit!!!)

Set in the Land of Stories universe – perfect for new & old fans! When Brystal Evergreen enters a secret section of the library, she discovers a book and learns the impossible: She is a fairy capable of magic! Whisked away to an academy of magic, adventure comes with a price: The Southern Kingdom is oppressive and evil lurks everywhere… This series keeps readers on the edge of their seats!

 OA525645   |  3 Books in Set
NEW! Twisted - Gr. 3+

Students will read if they dare, but have to prepare for the worst. This middle grade thriller series unleashes twisted tales of the paranormal. From time traps to haunted houses to out-of-this-world video games, the characters in each Twisted book come face-to-face with supernatural situations that will change their lives forever. Will each unlucky character be stuck in a weird world of magic and mayhem? Will they survive to tell the story? Your readers are in for one twisted ride.

 OA525405   |  5 Books in Set
NEW! Warriors / Bravelands - Gr. 3-7

Perennial Bestselling Series! A combination of mythology, the natural world, and animals, this award-winning series has taken the fantasy genre to new levels. The cats, “WARRIOR” SERIES, live in a world full of clans, good, evil and mystical powers. Includes her other best-selling series – “BRAVELANDS” covers the fragile hierarchy of the African Animal Kingdom. "BAMBOO KINGDOM" introduces Readers to the Universe of Pandas.

 OA525646A   |  9 Books in Set
NEW! Whatever After / Upside Down Magic / Best Wishes - Gr. 3-7

Whatever After is "Fractured" Fairytales at their best! Abby and friends are transported into a fairy tale through a magic mirror - drama and chaos ensue. Author's other series, Upside-Down Magic, features kids using Magic causing cats to fly! I'd snap Lil' Mikey's wand, but we would miss funny stories. Both series circulate!

 OA525630A   |  16 Books in Set
NEW! Wings Of Fire - Gr. 3-7 / 3+ (Hi/Lo)

Best Selling Series Forever! The Seven dragon tribes have been at war for generations. Five dragonets are raised in a hidden cave and trained to end the terrible conflicts. But can they? Fantasy Fiction at its best. Includes the New Graphic Novel versions – real page turners! Ideal for your Reluctant Readers!

 OA972589   |  22 Books in Set


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