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Oliver & Andy Best Sellers

#1F - Dog Man - Gr. 2-5 - OA525155A (SET)

The Best-Selling, Dog Man! George and Harold are at it again: They created Dog Man - Part Dog. Part Man and ALL HERO!

#2F - Diary Of A Wimpy Kid / Rowley - Gr. 3-7 (#2 Fic Best-Seller) - OA524803A (SET)

New York Times #1 Best-seller over and over again! Filled with laugh-out-loud text and humorous illustrations, your students will follow Greg as he tries to navigate middle-school through his "diary" - and he specifically asked his Mom NOT to buy a notebook that said Diary on it...well, it does. Set includes a new title by Rowley, Greg's best-friend, who not only shares his experiences, but agrees to write a "biography" on Greg...may not have been such a great idea.

#3F - Wings Of Fire - Gr. 3-7 (#3 Fic Best-Seller) - OA524820W (SET)

Best Selling Series! The Seven dragon tribes have been at war for generations. Five dragonets are raised in a hidden cave and trained to end the terrible conflicts. But can they? Fantasy Fiction at its best.

#4F -Popular Authors For Grades 3-7 / 5-9 (#4 Fic Best-Seller) - OA524811A (SET)

An Outstanding title collection from some of the most distinguished authors of children's book. The great characters and storyline have made these titles not only best-sellers, but award winners at the state and national levels.

#5F - Dork Diaries & Misadventures Of Max Crumbly - Gr. 3-7 (#5 Fic Best-Seller) - OA524804 (SET)

Diary of A Wimpy Kid for GIRLS. In the spirit of Jeff Kinney's mega-hit, girls in your library will get their turn as they read Nikki J. Maxwell's journal. She has just transferred to an ultraexclusive middle school where she has to deal with being the new girl, embarrassing parents, her crushes, and making new friends. Oh, the drama! Includes her New Series, Max Crumbly - a kid making the transition to a new school who tries to take on the persona of his beloved Super Heroes to fit-in.

#6F - Bad Guys - Gr. 2-5 (#6 Fic Best-Seller) - OA524786A (SET)

This New York Times bestselling illustrated series is perfect for Fans of Dog Man and Captain Underpants! They sound like bad guys, they look like bad guys, and they even smell like bad guys. But when it comes to them tackling missions, bad planning, bad mistakes, and bud luck create hilarious adventures.

#7F - Captain Underpants: Full Color - Gr. 2-5 - OA524789CA (SET)

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Captain Underpants! Dav Pilkey has created a hilarious comic-book-type hero who has won the hearts and minds of kids everywhere! Make sure your shelves are stocked because these books fly off them faster than the wedgie-dodging Captain Underpants going to fight evil wherever it may lurk!

#8F - Scholastic Readers: Branches - Early Chapter Books - Gr. 2-5 - OA524749A (SET)

Branches are transitional chapter books aimed at newly independent readers. With appropriate text & illustrations on every page, these books boost reading confidence - and the characters are outstanding!

#9F - Popular Authors & Illustrators - Gr. K-3 (#9 Fic Best-Seller) - OA525187A (SET)

Aaron Blabey. Beth Ferry. Dan Santat. Grace Lin. Jory John. Kevin Henkes. Mo Willems. Ryan Higgins. Tomie dePaola. Hours turn into weeks selecting these titles. This collection is as GOOD as any company "KNOWN" for their BOOK SELECTIONS. Unlike others, discount & terms from the publisher play no part in putting together a set. We feature titles from the well-known to the unknown. STORY TIME, READ ALONG, READ ALONE, READ OUT-LOUD. Some will create spontaneous giggles. Others will generate questions. With topics literally for every student, you will find the books to make your kids LIFE-LONG READERS.

*1NF - Fun Hist - Gr K-3: History Of Favorite Foods (#1 NF Best-Sellers) - OA524778 (SET)

Making History Fun is The Theme! A Big, Juicy Burger with Ice Cream for Dessert? Get hungry just reading the titles. Through close text-photo match & simple writing in bite-size chunks – no pun intended, each title explores the history, inventors, trials & errors, evolution and ultimate success of America’s Favorite Foods. It even lists the ingredients, so with help from an adult, the reader can make their own. Another Great “starter” set into History!

*2NF Football Bios - Gr. 2-5: NFL Superstars (#2 NF Best-Sellers) - OA524895 (SET)

Captivating Graphics, Vivid images, Fun Facts featuring simple text in small bites equals the Best Football Bios out there! Each book focuses on one star and his background, biggest achievements and plans for the future. Your Reluctant Readers will be Fully Engaged!

*3NF - Science Questions - Gr. 3+: Science Fact Or Fiction? (#3 NF Best-Sellers) - OA525089 (SET)

Ancient Aliens. Time Travel. UFOS. ARE THEY REAL? IS IT POSSIBLE? Does Science GET ANYMORE INTERESTING! Common Science Fiction themes are put to the test from a scientific perspective. Your readers are given the relevant information to decide for themselves – FACT or FICTION?

*4NF - Mythology - Gr. 3+: Mythical Creatures (#4 NF Best-Sellers) - OA525188 (SET)

From Dragons to Unicorns, this series introduces mythical creatures from all around the world! Your kids learn about each creature's appearance and how their histories have transformed over time.

*5NF Football - Gr. 3-7: Inside The NFL (#5 NF Best-Sellers) - OA524891 (SET)

In Nonfiction, nothing circulates like Football. All sports are popular, but football is Huge. KIDS Love Reading about it. The designs keep getting better. So many morsels to read surrounded by action photos and graphics. Quick Stats, Fun Facts, Humorous Anecdotes all accompany a team’s history, highs & lows, key players from the past & present, storied achievements, greatest plays and how the team is preparing for the Future…Hope runs Internal. Just ask the Viking Fans.

*6NF - Pets: Learning About Pets - Gr. K-8 (#6 NF Best-Sellers) - OA891919 (SET)

An important part for kids' lives! Pets provide fun, love and responsibility. Featuring the most popular pets, these books offer information on choosing and caring for a pet. Through age-appropriate texts, engaging designs and bright photos, each title supplies the right level of information.

*7NF - Contemporary Bios - Gr. 2-5: Big Buddy Bios (#7 NF Best-Sellers) - OA524754A (SET)

This dynamic group of kid-friendly superstars will get your READERS READING! Each book highlights a star's background, claim to fame, and dreams for the future. Colorful graphics, over sized photos, and short, engaging sentences and paragraphs will encourage RELUCTANT READERS to dive into these fascinating lives!

*8NF - American Landmarks - Gr K-3: U.S. Landmarks & Symbols (#8 NF Best-Sellers) - OA524769 (SET)

LOWEST-LEVEL. Ben Franklin wanted a Rattlesnake – then a Turkey – as our National Symbols – Too bad he wasn’t around for our U.S. Landmarks! With easy text and visual images, this series teaches your younger readers the simple history surrounding important U.S. Landmarks & National Symbols.

*9NF - Amazing Origami - Gr. 3+ (#9 NF Best-Seller) - OA524906A (SET)

Origami is The Craft Your Students Love – especially Kevin, everyone has a Kevin, who can’t wait to create more! This Collection Delivers! The Simple, Step-by-Step instructions show your kids how to make Dinosaurs, Aliens, Fashion Accessories and even Origami THAT CAN FLY! Includes fun facts on the items being created!


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