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Your Oliver & Andy Category Results for "Reference"

Most of the items in this category are sets that contain a number of different titles. In some cases, the sets contain subsets. Click on the "Go To" links below to view more specific information on individual titles within a set. To quickly search for individual titles, you may use the search box on the left.

100 Facts You Should Know - Gr. 3+

100 Fascinating Facts + Cool Photos = Kid Reading! Each engaging title presents 100 of the most captivating Facts on an interesting subject. Accessible text and colorful images make these titles not only entertaining, but comprehensive as well.

 OA524403A   |  22 Books in Set
Almanacs And Record Books

The best almanacs and reference books for your library. These titles will provide thousands of facts for your students.

 ALL ALMANACS   |  2 Books in Set
Dictionaries - Intermediate and Secondary

Great dictionaries encompassing definitions, spellings, word histories, illustrations, and pronunciations.

 ALL INT. DICT.   |  7 Books in Set
Dictionaries - Picture And Primary

Perfect for your younger readers. These books introduce primary students to dictionaries.

 ALL PRI. DICT.   |  3 Books in Set
Eyewitness Books - Gr. 5-9

Taking a detailed look at a variety of reference topics, these titles are a perennial favorite with your students. Packed with full-color photographs and illustrations, each volume features detailed, well-written information on the subject at hand. Ideal for report writing or simply for learning more, these books are a reference title staple. Older editions have been revised, including more photos, updated text, and more attractive covers.

 OA524634EYE-x   |  25 Books in Set
Kids Can Code - Gr. 3-7

Today’s tech-savvy elementary students are ready for coding! In this set, your young readers will grasp the concept of coding by focusing on some of today’s most accessible software and hardware. These books show readers how easy it can be to code. Your students will be introduced to essential terms & concepts, including graphical user interface, open source resources, and robotics.

 OA524199   |  8 Books in Set
Language Arts Explorer: Parts Of Speech - Gr. 2-5

The ability to recognize and correctly use the different parts of speech is key to developing strong writing skills. In this series, readers will follow exciting storylines to learn about the roles different types of words play in sentences. Activity sidebars help teach concepts such as tense and correct punctuation.

 OA523569   |  8 Books in Set
Learn Simple Spanish! - Gr. K-3

Learning a foreign language at a young age is paramount, and introducing the language in a motivating and appealing way is essential to the success of that process. This accessible series takes readers through familiar situations while presenting Spanish terms applicable to these settings.

 OA523568   |  6 Books in Set
Library Smarts - Gr. K-3

An exploration of library skills, functions, manners, identifying basic parts of books, and understanding what we can use a library for as well as the basic parts of content, books, and the creators of those materials. This series covers the most basic of skills initially taught by media specialists who are just introducing young learners to the library and to library materials. The series’ goal is to help students navigate the information ocean in which they’ve just begun to swim.

 OA523567   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Makers As Innovators - Gr. 2-5

The “Maker” Movement is Gaining Steam – though many of us had hands-on activities – from coding, creating primitive robots, wood-working & shop decades ago. This series addresses a wide range of topics through simple text & clear photos. Sure to spark creativity and problem solving in your students.

 OA524635   |  12 Books in Set

An outstanding collection of thesauruses meeting all of your classroom needs.

 ALL THES.   |  5 Books in Set
Unofficial Guides: Lego Mindstorms & Minecraft - Gr. 3-7

LEGO Mindstorms & Minecraft ARE EXTREMELY Popular with your STUDENTS! This series explores the various aspects of today’s most popular games and programs. Each collection covers topics from basic to advanced. These titles are a great way to get Gamers into Reading!

 OA524636   |  12 Books in Set
Words Are Categorical - Gr. 2-5

This best-selling series introduces young readers to different types of words through rhyming verse and illustrations of comical cartoon cats. Offering a light-hearted perspective, each title shows your readers the fun and entertaining world of language.

 OA523873   |  10 Books in Set


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