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Your Oliver & Andy Category Results for "Science"

Most of the items in this category are sets that contain a number of different titles. In some cases, the sets contain subsets. Click on the "Go To" links below to view more specific information on individual titles within a set. To quickly search for individual titles, you may use the search box on the left.

NEW! All About Dinosaurs Gr. K-3

Young readers love learning about dinosaurs and other animals that lived millions of years ago, and they will find themselves deeply engaged as they explore a lost world populated by amazing prehistoric creatures. Accessible main text and eye-catching fact boxes introduce them to important information about popular prehistoric creatures.

 OA524666   |  4 Books in Set
Animal Math - Gr. K-3

Everyone LOVES Animals! And nearly everyone HATES Math. But the Love – and cuteness - of animals can Actually DIMINISH the hatred and get your kids to - dare I say -enjoy Learning Math!!! Enchanting photos capture the readers’ attention and provide support for the accompanying math problem. Combined with easy-to-read text, this series is truly innovative.

 OA523262   |  12 Books in Set
Bloopers of Invention - Gr. 2-5

CARS. COMPUTERS. CLOCKS. All items we expect to work flawlessly. BUT they don't always. A LOT of Hilarious errors were made in their development; it took a long time to get to where we are today! Covering some of the most important inventors & inventions ever, this series takes the reader from original concept to the end result—and the CRaZy miscues made along the way. The Goofy Mistakes make these titles engaging!

 OA523881   |  6 Books in Set
Coins And Money - Gr. K-3

Why is Ben Franklin’s picture on a $100 bill and George Washington’s on a $1 bill? Do your students know that Woodrow Wilson’s picture was on the $100,000 bill? Who knew! (But it was never in circulation—just used to transfer money by the Feds during the Great Depression.) Besides Basic Math Skills, your students will learn History & Geography. Great Series! BUT be Careful! Some of your kids will want your wallet to practice counting money!

 OA523882   |  6 Books in Set
Core Library: Earth In Action - Gr. 3-7

From the Deadly Tornados in Missouri to the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Earth's powerful forces are always in the news. in this series, age appropriate text is matched with gripping photos introducing readers to Natural Disasters. Your Students will learn why they happen, how they form, and how they affect people. Damage, safety measures, successful rescue missions, and predictions are also covered.

 OA523285   |  8 Books in Set
Core Library: Ecosystems Of The World - Gr. 3-7

This series isn't as dull as it sounds. Ok, All Ecosystem books are boring…BUT they are necessary for science! Through age-appropriate text and beautiful photos, your students will learn all the aspects of the world’s ecosystems including climate, plants, animals, food webs, etc.

 OA523890   |  8 Books in Set
Core Library: Rocks And Minerals - Gr. 3-7

This series covers key curriculum Earth science topics. Through engaging text, photos, & diagrams, each title focuses on a specific subject, exploring the natural processes, geologists’ research, and how it relates to your students.

 OA523602   |  8 Books in Set
Core Library: Science - Gr. 3-7

Science is everywhere! Science in the Real World uses real-world examples to bring scientific concepts to life in an approachable way. Clearly-written text draws in readers with concrete examples involving familiar, everyday things.

 OA523457   |  14 Books in Set
Core Library: Super Science - Gr. 3-7

DINOSAURS. RACE CARS. MUSIC. The KEY to GETTING Your Kids into SCIENCE? Have them READ BOOKS on Subjects they Already Enjoy! Your Kids won't even KNOW They are LEARNING Science Concepts! Stunning Visuals and age-appropriate text, make these titles a delight!

 OA524263   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Crime Solvers: Science At Work - Gr. 5-9

These Books ARE NOT a True 5-9. I labeled them higher because – though they aren’t overly graphic – we are talking about bodies, skulls, & catching a serial catcher. Many of your 4th Graders on up will not think twice about these strange subjects BECAUSE they SEE it on TV Shows every night. Each title is like a mini-CSI or NCIS. Applying science & deductive reasoning to evidence found – Thus catching the Bad Guy. Titles feature a great design with text broken up nicely (notes, transcripts, etc.) and the appropriate diagrams, maps & photos. IDEAL FOR THOSE TV SHOW FANS!

 OA524461   |  6 Books in Set
Cycles In Nature - Gr. K-3

Our world's natural cycles control many aspects of life as we know it. This fascinating series illustrates those cycles and explains why life on Earth revolves around these processes. Readers will explore the water cycle, rock cycle, and the changing seasons while learning how they interact with one another. From the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly to the life cycle of a flower, budding readers dive into nature's cycles with the help of vibrant photographs and great graphics, gaining a greater understanding of life's mysteries.

 OA524217   |  6 Books in Set
Danger! Dinosaurs - Gr. 3+

YOUR DINOSAUR AFICIONADOS CAN REJOICE!!With yet another Jurassic Park movie, you have even MORE Dino fans. Through an exceptional design & absorbing text, readers are sure to learn something new about their favorite extinct creature & the World it lived in.

 OA524069   |  6 Books in Set
Devastating Disasters - Gr. 3-7

What Disaster isn’t Devastating! Who wants to experience an earthquake or an avalanche—not me! So this series Brings the Disaster to your Library! Your students will learn what caused these events—the effects they leave behind and the people who have to live through it to rebuild their lives.

 OA523886   |  8 Books in Set
Dinosaurs - Gr. 2-5

With their incredible size and fascinating history, dinosaurs have long captured our imaginations. The simple, easy-to-read text and action-packed illustrations in this series let readers get up close and personal with the remarkable lizards that roamed our planet millions of years ago.

 OA523887   |  20 Books in Set
NEW! Earth Detectives: Scientists At Work - Gr. 2-5

Each title in the Earth Detectives series describes the history of an Earth science and highlights groundbreaking discoveries and one or more important scientist in the field. Kids will understand about the tools and methods used by these scientists as compelling photographs and easy-to-read text bring Earth's phenomena to light. A quiz at the end of each book allows readers to test their newfound earth science knowledge.

 OA524682   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Eco-Disasters - Gr. 3+

Black Blizzards. Killer Smog. Toxic Water. Your students will learn about the World’s Worst Environmental Disasters. Through riveting stories, each title traces a catastrophe from the beginning to the end. Readers will learn the truth on the cause, devastating toll, remedies, and future prevention.

 OA524462   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Emerging Technology - Gr. 3-7

From Artificial Intelligence to Virtual Reality & Drones to Self-Driving Cars, only one man has been there, done that. Yes, Capt. Kirk. He says Artificial Intelligence is highly overrated – try carrying on a conversation with Spock – but none-the-less, the Capt. was an unnamed consultant on this series. Readers will explore the newest contributions in a variety of fields. By acting on creative ideas and using cutting edge research & technology, students will follow along as a complex idea reaches fruition. Science at its finest.

 OA524463   |  8 Books in Set
Engineering Our World -Gr. 2-5

Readers will CLIMB a Skyscraper reaching into the Heavens. Cross A Bridge Spanning A River. And FLY with a Plane HIGH in The Sky. Age-appropriate text explains the history of these Man-Made Marvels – From concept to finished product, students will come away with greater appreciation of items all of us take for granted. And they will learn a little science, too.

 OA524071   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Environmental Issues Gr. 2-5

Every day, human activity further damages Earth’s environment. Issues like deforestation, freshwater pollution and scarcity, and oil drilling and fracking threaten the delicate balance necessary to maintain life. This nonfiction series provides children with information about each of these destructive activities and how we might go about reversing their negative effects. Alternatives to these activities show children positive ways of interacting with and protecting Earth’s fragile environment.

 OA524660   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Essential Library: Ecological Disasters - Gr. 5-9

Humans are inextricably linked to the biomes they inhabit. Ecological Disasters explores the indelible footprint humankind has wrought and the catastrophic situations we have created in the natural world. Each ecological disaster is examined to determine its causes, the science behind what is happening, its larger impact, and the ways we might turn the disasters around.

 OA524669   |  6 Books in Set
Explore Outer Space - Gr. 3-7

Occasionally, you may feel like using the Spock Vulcan Nerve Grip on some of your unruly students! But Captain Kirk would rather have them read these books. Amazing photographs and illustrations will transport your students on a journey throughout our solar system. Sure to fascinate and encourage your astronomers to investigate further.

 OA523307   |  17 Books in Set
NEW! Extraordinary Engineering - Gr. 2-5

This series explains how Roller Coasters, Dams, Tunnels, Skyscrapers were deemed IMPOSSIBLE to construction, so they never happened. Just Kidding. Actually each book explains how these Marvels of Science went from a Concept to Completion. Through age appropriate text, fascinating facts, and solid photos, the books will envelop the reader. Who doesn’t want to know all about a Roller Coaster?

 OA524464   |  8 Books in Set
Fantastic Science Journeys - Gr. 2-5

THE ULTIMATE FIELD TRIP!! Your students will take tripsto the Center of the Universe, Inside The Human Body, & even INSIDE and TORNADO! The Transported readers will learn firsthand through an engaging narrative accompanied by jaw-dropping photos. (And all from safety of the library)

 OA523770   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Fixing Fairy Tale Problems With STEM Gr. 2-5

STEM. I Guarantee EVERY Science series from every Nonfiction publisher uses that acronym in describing their titles. And so do the Upper Levels of Educational Professionals. I hate to break the news to them: Science, Technology, Engineering (fancy word for Designing / Building), Math, have been taught since the first kids became Pupils. So I rarely use the term since Librarians already know they have books to cover it. This series is unique. It uses characters from Fairy Tales who need to use STEM to get out of a jam. Very entertaining & engaging. Nice addition to any library’s STEM collection.

 OA524465   |  4 Books in Set
Freaky True Science - Gr. 3+

WEIRD SCIENCE! The Stranger the Better! The Grosser the Better! Animals surviving without a brain. Tornadoes picking up cars and dropping them a mile away with hardly a scratch? Organisms living on us that can’t been seen with the naked eye. Through a colorful design and age-appropriate text, your students will learn science without even knowing it!

 OA524266A   |  12 Books in Set
FUN-damental Experiments - Gr. K-3

Einstein Started Somewhere! Your readers will get the chance to become real-life scientists through easy experiments featuring safe items. They will be making observations, recording them, and drawing conclusions.

 OA523588   |  8 Books in Set
Galaxy Guides - Gr. 3-7

On their days off, Spock & Capt. Kirk used guides – more for sight-seeing than these. A seriously interesting series—Kids will discover why we need gravity—which planets could support life—how we know the earth is round. Many of the same questions a young student might wonder about are answered in these books.

 OA523904   |  6 Books in Set
Gems: Earth's Treasures - Gr. 3-7

Do your students know that doctors use silver to treat burns or that gold is used to propel astronauts into space? (I didn’t.) These books introduce readers to six rare and precious resources. They’ll learn how these valuable treasures are formed, where they are found, their unique uses, and how difficult it would be to live without them.

 OA523321   |  6 Books in Set
Geology Rocks! - Gr. K-3

People tend to think Geology is boring! (I actually believe they’re right.) But these books are presented in simple language, with beautiful photos to teach your early readers about rocks, soils, gems, etc. A solid choice for your beginning students. Features exclusive, on-line resources.

 OA523905   |  6 Books in Set
Gross Me Out!- Gr. 3+

GROSS = READING! What Kid doesn’t want to read about GROSS Stuff? GROSSEST Jobs! GROSSEST Smells! The GROSSEST Food Dad Cooks! I can hear your readers giggling now! Your Reluctant Readers will be the first to check these out!

 OA524267   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Health: Illness & Ailments - Gr. 2-5

Kids will love learning how their bodies work with the fun and fact-packed series. From sore throats to broken bones, this engaging series explores some of the illnesses and injuries that keep kids home from school. Easy-to-read text and colorful graphics help young readers explore what's going on inside of them while learning key science concepts.

 OA524670   |  12 Books in Set
How It Works - Gr. K-3

Does a Computer WORK by MAGIC? Your younger readers will learn through simple text & clear photos about the mechanical, technical, & physical principles that make these everyday objects work. And if my computer is controlled by a magician, he needs to disappear…

 OA524268   |  16 Books in Set
NEW! How To Take Care Of Your Pet Dinosaur - K-3

Readers will learn how to take care of their very own pet dinosaur. Each book is full of fascinating facts about dinosaurs presented in a playful format.

 OA524703   |  6 Books in Set
Inside Outer Space - Gr. 2-5

“Space, The Final Frontier!” These books take your students on an Intergalactic Journey that Unravels the Mysteries of the Universe! Sounds Complex. Not so is the word from Captain Kirk. And Bob. Students will learn they can jump three times higher on Mars! I could Dunk! I may move there! With vivid photos & simple text, this series easily complements classroom learning.

 OA523595   |  10 Books in Set
It's A Disaster! - Gr. 2-5

No, this isn’t a series about Congress!) Young readers will learn what it’s like to experience an icy blizzard—what a tornado sounds like (and its terrible aftermath)—what a tsunami is ( and its potential damage)--and much more. Easy text and super photos present this information at an understandable level for your students.

 OA523461   |  6 Books in Set
It's A Fact! - Gr. 3+

Lost in a Desert? Living on Mars! Disgusting Animal Defenses! This is a FUN series on real SCIENCE topics! Your Reluctant Readers will race to check these titles out! Interesting, informative writing and dramatic images make this a must have series.

 OA523594   |  10 Books in Set
NEW! Journey Through Our Solar System - Gr. 2-5

The Best Way to Learn About the Solar System is having a few soda-pops with Capt. “Kick-Butt” Kirk…he has some stories. Second Best, a sight-seeing Journey with the Capt. on the Enterprise. Well, your kids don’t have those options. Scotty will come to your school. But all he Does is Yell, “I Am Giv’n Her All She’s Got…” which gets old after about three minutes. But the Capt. gave me a set of these books, and he was right! Everything a student needs or wants to learn about our Solar System is covered. And then Some.

 OA524466   |  12 Books in Set
Kids: Biomes - Gr. K-3

Let’s Face It: Biome Books are Basically Boring. This series? Not so much. Through the use of large (11-1/4” x 9-1/4”), full-color, beautiful photos the series is pretty engaging. And the simple text explains the basics. Features exclusive, on-line resources.

 OA524269   |  6 Books in Set
Kids: Dinosaurs - Gr. K-3

A True Lower-Level Dinosaur Series! Always a kid favorite, these titles deliver Dino info. through simple, fact-filled text and colorful illustrations. A Great Addition to Your Dino section! Features exclusive, on-line resources.

 OA524467   |  12 Books in Set
Kids: Plant Anatomy - Gr. K-3

Simple text and beautiful photographs make learning about plants a breeze for your younger students. Features exclusive, on-line resources including "power speaking" to plants! (No, not really.)

 OA524083   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Look At Earth's Rocks - Gr. 3+

NOTHING SCREAMS EXCITEMENT like a series on ROCKS! But you need them to supplement classroom learning. One of the Central Concepts of Earth Science is The Rock Cycle. Written at a lower-level with an engaging design, these titles are ideal for your struggling readers. And even though the subject is Rocks, the books are actually enjoyable.

 OA524460   |  6 Books in Set
Math Is Everywhere! - Gr. K-3

Learning Basic Math Made Easy! Kids love Animals, Sports, Cookies and pretty much every subject used to show Math is Everywhere! Through easy stories, and colorful, engaging photos, your students find math to be simple & fun!

 OA524468   |  10 Books in Set
Measure it!- Gr. K-3

Everything in our world can be measured, but learning how and what to use can be a tough concept for young readers. This series teaches readers how to make the world easier to understand through the measurement of fun objects, distances, and much more. From the feet needed to measure the tallest skyscrapers to the pounds or kilograms that help us understand weight, readers will learn how to measure their world in a variety of ways.

 OA524216   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Modern Science Marvels - Gr. 3-7

Modern Engineering Marvels is sure to appeal to readers with a fascination for gadgets and gizmos! Each book focuses on a feat of engineering, exploring how the technology developed, the problem it aimed to solve, the companies and engineers involved, challenges faced during the development, and the technology's potential future.

 OA524675   |  6 Books in Set
Natural Disasters - Gr. 2-5

No, this isn’t a series about Congress!) Young readers will learn what it’s like to experience an icy blizzard—what a tornado sounds like (and its terrible aftermath)—what a tsunami is ( and its potential damage)--and much more. Easy text and super photos present this information at an understandable level for your students.

 OA524270   |  6 Books in Set
Natural Disasters: I Survived... - Gr. 3+

NONFICTION for Your I SURVIVED FANS! Take some of the biggest natural disasters in the last few years—add some true stories of people who survived them—add some powerful photos and engaging text—and you have a series that your kids won’t be able to put down. Just like the I Survived books, these make for Dynamic Reading!

 OA524271   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Nature's Formations - Gr. K-3

Why does our World look the way it Does? Each title takes a step-by-step approach explaining Geological Processes such as erosion, plate tectonics, and glaciations – trying saying that phrase fast. And there is a close photo-text match, too.

 OA524469   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Nature's Ultimate Disasters - Gr. 3+

The Devastation from a Natural Disaster is a Fascinating Topic. We don’t want to look at the wreckage, but we always do. Your students are no different. This series covers the Top 10 Natural Catastrophes – the where, why, & how are covered as well as the aftermath & recovery. Scientists explain what was gained for future prevention, prediction & protection, too. Ideal for Reluctant Readers.

 OA524470   |  6 Books in Set
Objects In Space - Gr. 3-7

As Scotty once said, "I am giving her all she's got, but look-out for that darn Space Garbage, Captain Kirk!" Well, maybe not the exact words, but this is a great series for your readers to learn all about the Satellites, Space Stations, Probes, and even Space Garbage that make up our Universe! Chocked full of interesting info. & stellar photos,your kids will be lining up to check out these books!

 OA523771   |  6 Books in Set
On The Farm - Gr. K-3

“?? Old MacDonald Had A Farm…??” Many of your students find FARMS intriguing. They will learn all about the various aspects of farm life. But Don’t Tell Your Students – they will learn a little science, too!

 OA523589   |  6 Books in Set
Our Galaxy & Planets - Gr. K-3

Spock Approved. Capitan Kirk Tested. Beautiful images taken from the Enterprise and simple text give your young readers a taste of the universe. May just be the inspiration for another Willie Shatner. Features exclusive, on-line resources.

 OA524471   |  14 Books in Set
Out Of This World - Gr. 2-5

Always a Modest Man – just ask him – Capt. Kirk wrote these books without taking any credit! How do I know? These titles are simply that good! Through an engaging design, clear text and awe-inspiring photos, your students will learn various aspects of astronomy.

 OA523918   |  6 Books in Set
Plants - Gr. 2-5

The Plants series helps young readers find the answers to questions and learn about the incredible world of plants. Call-outs throughout each book prompt inquiry and critical thinking skills by asking questions and inviting readers to looks closely at the photographs and diagrams. The series introduces the relationship between plants and animals, how plants are used for medicine, how plants make food, and much more.

 OA523599   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Q & A:Life's Mysteries Solved- Gr. 3+

Asking questions is important! How else would you learn that earwax is self-cleaning? This series takes on some of the weirdest questions out there about the human body, animals, history, and more—and doesn’t shy away from the gross stuff!

 OA524272   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Questions on Wildlife Wonders Gr. 3+

There are many wonders hidden in the wilderness. In this series, readers will unlock the answers to age-old questions about different kinds of living creatures from fish to mammals to plants. This series explores the adaptations and classifications of wildlife from each part of the animal kingdom and beyond. Readers will learn how each creature has evolved to fit its environment over time. Examples of one-of-a-kind, quirky creatures highlight the amazing qualities and diversity found in nature.

 OA524663   |  6 Books in Set
Rare And Precious Metals - Gr. 2-5

We all know about Gold and Silver in jewelry, but do your students know rare metals are used in computers and medicine? (I Didn’t.) Through engaging text & beautiful photos, this series teaches readers how the metals are mined, then refined and their specialized uses. Solid Curriculum Choice.

 OA523462   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Read And Discover Science - Gr. K-3

Each title teaches primary Earth, Life or Physical Science concepts. Aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards, this series uses basic stories accompanied by simple text and beautiful photos to keep the reader engaged as they learn SCIENCE.

 OA524472   |  12 Books in Set
NEW! Robotics In Our World - Gr 2-5

“Don’t send a Robot to do a Man’s Job!” flies out of Capt. Kirk’s mouth every time the subject of Robotics is brought up. Unfortunately, the Capt. was of little use for this series. But others were available. Readers will explore the who, what, & why robots were created and how they help in a variety of tasks.

 OA524473   |  8 Books in Set
Rock-ology - Gr. 2-5

What are rocks made of? How do they form? Why are some so amazing? These titles take a fresh look at rocks—easy to understand text and great photos make this a ROCK-SOLID series!

 OA523601   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Science In 30 Seconds- Gr. 3+

UNBELIEVABLE CONCEPT! Each 96 page topic is broken down into a 30 second “sound bite” followed by a three-second flash summary and full-color artwork – (And 30 seconds just happens to be the attention span of today’s population.) Your students will definitely find this to be the easiest way to comprehend complex issues.

 OA524273   |  8 Books in Set
Science In Action- Gr. 3-7

ROLLERCOASTERS. RACE CARS. ??MUSIC?? The KEY to GETTING Your Kids into SCIENCE? Have them READ BOOKS on Subjects they Already Enjoy! Your kids won’t even KNOW they are LEARNING Science Concepts! Stunning visuals and age-appropriate text, make these title a delight!

 OA524087   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Science In Extreme Places - Gr. 3+

Scientists are Making Incredible Discoveries in some of the most challenging environments known to man. What Transportation gets them there & back? What kind of Living Quarters do they use? What Dangers do they face? Do they need Special Equipment? How do they Communicate with others? What have been their Scientific Findings? These questions and more are answered through riveting text, a magazine-type design, and incredible photos. Ideal for Today’s Curriculum. And Reader.

 OA524474   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Science: Learned In A Flash! Gr. 3-7

These books on electricity, forces, light, sound, and the states of matter cover all the major points of each topic in a relatable and high-energy way. Including simple definitions and everyday examples, each book engages readers with the science all around them—just in time for science class.

 OA524646   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Scoop On Poop - Gr. K-3

Initially, I didn’t want to carry this series – too Gross! But then my brain kicked in – If it is disgusting, Your Kids Will Want to Read it! Written entirely with Science standards in-mind, these titles introduce readers to bizarre and interesting facts through an unlikely topic. Student can’t help but learn because the subject is so engrossing!

 OA524475   |  6 Books in Set
Seasons Gr. K-3

Swimming in summer, jumping in leaf piles in fall, sledding in winter, or leaping over puddles in spring? Readers won't be able to decide what their favorite season is! Short and simple sentences paired with colorful photographs will keep them reading.

 OA523925   |  4 Books in Set
Size It Up: Math Made Fun! - Gr. K-3

BIG. BIGGER. BIGGEST. SMALL. SMALLER. SMALLEST. These delightful books highlight size comparisons through engaging, colorful photos and simple, accessible text – allowing your beginning readers to understand the important concepts of size and degrees of comparison.

 OA523598   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Space: Facts And Figures - Gr. 2-5

New discoveries about space are made all the time. For those who have ever been curious about these kinds of wonders, this series will prove invaluable and exciting. From the solar system to meteors, each of these volumes focuses on specific and interesting facets of space.

 OA524576   |  6 Books in Set
Space: Fun Fact File! - Gr. 2-5

Understanding Outer Space can be difficult for some of your students. NOT with These Books! Each book educates readers through the use of carefully selected facts accompanied by stunning photos, diagrams, charts, and engaging captions. Spock Approved!

 OA523596   |  6 Books in Set
Spooky Math - Gr. K-3

2 + 2 = BOO! Learning Basic Math Made Easy! Kids LOVE reading about Ghosts, Monsters, & Witches. Through not so scary stories and colorful, engaging illustrations, your students won’t even realize their Learning MATH!

 OA523928   |  6 Books in Set
Stories In The Stars - Gr. 2-5

Your students will actually enjoy locating a constellation in the sky and learning the mythology behind it. Engaging text accompanied by photos from the Enterprise, make these books a treat. Readers will be anxious to share these stories with others! Just like Capt. Kirk did with his Captain’s Log…and did he have stories! WoW.

 OA523932   |  6 Books in Set
Tell Me Why Library - Gr. 2-5

Why Do Leaves Change Color? Why Do We Have Dreams? WHY? WHY? WHY? Your students have questions and this series has the answers! Very interesting subjects presented with age-appropriate answers and colorful photos. My Question: Why Shouldn’t These Titles Be In Your Library?

 OA523935   |  36 Books in Set
This Or That? Weather- Gr. K-3

Winter Storm or Blizzard? Here in Minnesota, I say Snow is Snow, strong winds or not! But these titles are VERY INFORMATIVE and match-up perfectly to your curriculum. The text and images are very engaging.

 OA524094   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Unofficial Minecraft Tool Kit - Gr. 3-7

Night is approaching, and soon the monsters will be on the prowl. Better make a shelter, before it's too late. Welcome to Minecraft, a game of survival and creation. This series gives readers insider tips to survive and thrive in this virtual universe. Readers will explore the forests, waters, skies, tundra, and mountains of Minecraft, and the unique materials and monsters hiding in each biome. This immersive series helps Minecrafters develop STEM and problem-solving skills, encourages creative thinking, and fosters a love for engineering, coding, and architecture.

 OA524644   |  5 Books in Set
Weather Gr. K-3

Readers will be mighty meteorologists by the time they're finished with this series. Simple text will explain the science behind weather and awesome photographs and diagrams will assist in understanding.

 OA523939   |  6 Books in Set
What Is The Weather? - Gr. K-3

Beginning readers are introduced to the wild world of weather in this fun, storytelling approach to primary weather concepts. Bright illustrations of children experiencing different kinds of weather will draw early readers in, and accessible text will teach them essential earth science information in a fun, engaging way. Whether they’re reading about a sunny day, a gray and rainy one, or a day with giant hailstones or gusty winds.

 OA523445   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Who Made My Lunch? Start to Finish - Gr. K-3

After working on the previous set listed above, I wasn’t very hungry… Then I read these titles! Kids are eating a lot better than I went to school…10 mile walk with no shoes thru snowdrifts ten feet high! Your readers will be taken on a mouthwatering journey as they see their favorite food items go from a Concept to Completion. With clear process explanations and charming illustrations, the books answer the questions of your curious and hungry students!

 OA524476   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Wild Weather - Gr. K-3

Weather is a truly amazing phenomenon that we can see every day. But it can be hard to understand what makes some weather so wild! How do tornadoes form? Where do hail stones come from? All these questions and more will be answered in this series.

 OA524690   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! World's Weirdest Plants - Gr. 3+

You have a ton of NORMAL Plant series; I have many avail. on-line. But what about the kids who don’t like Normal? Or Plants? A set more closely resembling a Family Reunion – Weird (well, not that weird) would work. Featuring the Strangest Plants out there – those that eat meat, smell disgusting, live forever, and more. Kids will be lined-up to Read Plant Books! Each title covers all the typical stuff: habitat, life-cycle, traits, etc, so your curriculum is covered, too.

 OA524477   |  6 Books in Set
Xtream Adventure - Gr 3+

More Like XTREME LEARNING! Part History, Part Geography, Part Science, BUT 100% ADVENTURE! The first-hand accounts, histories, full-color photos, make these captivating books. Through a great design with a lower reading level, these are the type of titles that get your kids into reading!

 OA523464   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Xtreme Dinosaurs - Gr. 3+

Simple text and illustrations bring reluctant readers into the world of the dinosaurs. Each book contains important details about the Mesozoic era's reptiles of the land, air, and sea. Includes close-up fossil photos of teeth, claws & fossils.

 OA524679   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Xtreme Spacecraft - Gr. 3+

When a Space Vehicle is powered by Dilithium-focused matter with 4 – count them 4 – Dual Impulse Power Units and can go Space Warp x 2, there is really only one man on this planet who can break it down – that is correct: Capt. Kirk. (Spock can but his vocabulary is centered on 17-sylable words.) The Capt. was kind enough to help the authors get these books right. End Result: Students will learn how Scientists designed, built, and launched these Marvels of Space. As well as discoveries made so far and what they hope to find in the future.

 OA524478   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Zoom In On Engineering - Gr. K-3

We use Amazing Feats of Engineering Every Day! (And we take them for granted – until there is a detour or the power is out.) Readers learn why each structure or system was developed to solve a problem. From there, each chapter takes the student from the very first step to the completed project covering the engineering & innovations, advances in technology, overall history, construction, and purpose in today’s society.

 OA524479   |  6 Books in Set
Zoom Into Space - Gr. 2-5

WHO KNEW? (Besides Spock). If the Sun was the size of a bowling ball, Earth would be smaller than a pea! Or if you lived on Mercury, you’d celebrate your birthday every 88 days! (Capt. Kirk Discovered that Nugget.) Amazing space photography & lots of fun facts make this a must have for your Astronomy section.

 OA523458   |  12 Books in Set
NEW! Zoom: Natural Disasters - Gr. K-3

Covers all the basics of a Natural Disaster: cause / effect, prediction, preparation & prevention.

 OA524480   |  6 Books in Set


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