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Your Oliver & Andy Category Results for "Science"

Most of the items in this category are sets that contain a number of different titles. In some cases, the sets contain subsets. Click on the "Go To" links below to view more specific information on individual titles within a set. To quickly search for individual titles, you may use the search box on the left.

*3NF - Science Questions - Gr. 3+: Science Fact Or Fiction? (#3 NF Best-Sellers)

Ancient Aliens. Time Travel. UFOS. ARE THEY REAL? IS IT POSSIBLE? Does Science GET ANYMORE INTERESTING! Common Science Fiction themes are put to the test from a scientific perspective. Your readers are given the relevant information to decide for themselves – FACT or FICTION?

 OA525089   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! -(High-Interest) Inventions - Gr. 3+: OOPS! Accidental Scientific Discoveries (Best-Seller: FUN!!!)

Scientific Breakthroughs are the result of Brilliant Scientists spending countless hours in the Lab! NOT NECESSARILY. This striking series examines the MISTAKES which lead to incredible innovations - changing people’s lives for the better! The history, science and “MISTAKES” behind each discovery are clearly explained as well as their positive impact.

 OA524717   |  6 Books in Set
-(High-Interest) Science Questions - Gr K-3: How Is It Made?

QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS! Who has all these answers anyway? Just tell them it is done by Magical Fairies. Since you are a Librarian, you should give them the correct answer. No Worries. This set has The Answers! Through simple text this titles draws the readers in. From the first step to the final product, they will learn the origins, history, evolution and uses of the item being made.

 OA524847   |  12 Books in Set
NEW! Astronomy - Gr K-3: Guide To The Planets

The My Guide to the Planets series introduces your early readers to the planets in our solar system. Each book is told from the planet's perspective, providing a unique and fun approach to science learning. Technical facts are made approachable for your emerging readers through simple sentences which help them develop word recognition and improve their reading skills.

 OA525354   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Astronomy - Gr K-3: Let's Learn About Space

From a young age, many children - INCLUDING THE LEGENDARY CAPT. KIRK - gaze up at the stars and wonder about the faraway objects in the night sky. In this fact-filled series, your readers get to know what is beyond their own world as they are introduced to the wonders of space. Each volume examines a different aspect of space, including a simple overview, clearly defined terms, and accessible text. With fun facts and lots of colorful photographs, this series starts your readers on a journey to unlocking the mysteries of space only someone like Kirk knows. Correlates directly with the Next Generation Science Standards' expectation for understanding Earth's Place in the Universe - written by the Captain. Space is not only part of elementary science units - Duh, but also a topic that fascinates kids. Fresh and engaging spread designs featuring images to enhance the texts, and Fact Boxes highlight especially intriguing nuggets of information.

 OA525038   |  8 Books in Set
Astronomy - Gr K-3: Our Galaxy & Planets

Spock Approved. Captain Kirk Tested. Beautiful images taken from the Enterprise and simple text give your young readers a taste of the universe. May just be the inspiration for another Willie Shatner. Features exclusive, on-line resources.

 OA524471   |  14 Books in Set
Astronomy - Gr K-3: Planets (Capt. Kirk APPROVED!)

With an enticing layout of features these planetary titles are as beautiful as they are informative. Capt. Kirk – the Man, the Myth, the Legend – has determined they are a 9.9 out of 10. According to him, ‘there are just some items a mere humanoid can’t comprehend, so that info must be left out.’ And he said Spock was GREATLY overrated; Vulcan “Death Grip” was more like a gnat bite and the pointy ears were actually the result of a waffle iron accident…

 OA524857   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Astronomy - Gr K-3: Space Technology

Space technology helps us learn more about our world, solar system, galaxy, and beyond! From NASA's incredible inventions that we use in our everyday lives to rovers that explore distance planets, Your readers learn about all kinds of technologies with this series. These titles are specifically written for transitional readers.

 OA525229   |  6 Books in Set
Astronomy - Gr. 2-5: Journey Through Our Solar System

The Best Way to Learn About the Solar System is having a few soda-pops with Capt. “Kick-Butt” Kirk…he has some stories. Second Best, a sight-seeing Journey with the Capt. on the Enterprise. Well, your kids don’t have those options. Scotty will come to your school. But all he Does is Yell, “I Am Giv’n Her All She’s Got…” which gets old after about three minutes. But the Capt. gave me a set of these books, and he was right! Everything a student needs or wants to learn about our Solar System is covered. And then Some.

 OA524466   |  12 Books in Set
Astronomy - Gr. 2-5: Out Of This World

Always a Modest Man – just ask him – Capt. Kirk wrote these books without taking any credit! How do I know? These titles are simply that good! Through an engaging design, clear text and awe-inspiring photos, your students will learn various aspects of astronomy.

 OA523918   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Astronomy - Gr. 2-5: Power Of The Sun

From animals and plants to weather and renewable energy, this compelling series takes a closer look at the significant role the sun plays in human, animal, and plant life, helping your young readers understand the sun's importance to our planet. This set presents the sun's relationship to animals, Earth's surface, our weather, plant life, and its relationship to renewable energy. Each book encourages your students to discover how Earth's orbit around the sun leads to life in many forms. This set encourages your young readers to learn more about the universe and life on Earth.

 OA525080   |  5 Books in Set
Astronomy - Gr. 2-5: Space: Facts And Figures (Kirk says FUN!)

BORING? Not These Space Titles! Students who despise astronomy will enjoy this Set! Designed BETTER than a magazine, the easy text is full of Fun Facts, Fascinating Figures and Astonishing Information. Where did this treasure-trove of info come from? These very books were written by none other than Capt. Kirk, under his Tarsus planet name. In fact, in a little over thirteen minutes, he had written over 2161 pages for each volume! Good work, Captain, Good work.

 OA524862   |  6 Books in Set
Astronomy - Gr. 2-5: Stories In The Stars

Your students will actually enjoy locating a constellation in the sky and learning the mythology behind it. Engaging text accompanied by photos from the Enterprise, make these books a treat. Readers will be anxious to share these stories with others! Just like Capt. Kirk did with his Captain’s Log…and did he have stories! WoW.

 OA523932   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Astronomy - Gr. 3+: Out Of This World!

Students get to explore the dark side of space in Out of this World, a new and exciting series for your struggling readers. Where do black holes lead? Are we Alone in the universe? These and other fascinating questions are discussed using considerate text written at a higher maturity level with a lower reading level to engage readers.

 OA525353   |  8 Books in Set
Astronomy - Gr. 3+: Xtreme Spacecraft (Capt:'Enterprise was Xtreme!')

When a Space Vehicle is powered by Dilithium-focused matter with 4 – count them 4 – Dual Impulse Power Units and can go Space Warp x 2, there is really only one man on this planet who can break it down – that is correct: Capt. Kirk. (Spock can but his vocabulary is centered on 17-syllable words.) The Capt. was kind enough to help the authors get these books right. End Result: Students will learn how Scientists designed, built, and launched these Marvels of Space. As well as discoveries made so far and what they hope to find in the future.

 OA524478   |  6 Books in Set
Astronomy - Gr. 3-7: Explore Outer Space

Occasionally, you may feel like using the Spock Vulcan Nerve Grip on some of your unruly students! But Captain Kirk would rather have them read these books. Amazing photographs and illustrations will transport your students on a journey throughout our solar system. Sure to fascinate and encourage your astronomers to investigate further.

 OA523307   |  17 Books in Set
Astronomy - Gr. 3-7: Galaxy Guides

On their days off, Spock & Capt. Kirk used guides – more for sight-seeing than these. A seriously interesting series—Kids will discover why we need gravity—which planets could support life—how we know the earth is round. Many of the same questions a young student might wonder about are answered in these books.

 OA523904   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Astronomy - Gr. 3-7: Liftoff! Space Exploration

To many, there's nothing more amazing than exploring what's beyond Earth—and humans have found ways to discover much about stars, planets, the sun, and even space far from our galaxy. From the Apollo program going to the moon to Voyager 1 and 2 exploring the outer parts of the solar system, this set launches readers into the history of space exploration. The main narratives, sidebars, and fact boxes offer historical context, technology, and science information to inspire starry-eyed readers to look up and dream of what space exploration will bring next.

 OA525336   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Astronomy - Gr. 3-7: Lighting Up The Sky

Astronomic and atmospheric phenomena can be spectacular sights to behold. This set explains how comets, eclipses, the northern lights, and other phenomena occur, providing examples of each. Diagrams and graphic organizers present data in a way that makes it easy for readers to make connections. Fact boxes provide supplementary information. Your readers will be excited to see the sky light up.

 OA525394   |  6 Books in Set
Astronomy - Gr. 3-7: Mission To Mars (Capt. Kirk Says 'A Must')

MARS. Not Just A Planet. Or Future Destination. The Science Subject everyone finds interesting: Including Your Students! your kids will be captivated as each book approaches MARS from a different aspect: From its unique physical characteristics, affect on pop culture, spacecrafts sent there and NASA’s plan to send humans. Kids will enjoy all MARS encompasses: History, Cultural Influences and Science. GREAT READS! Kirk says visiting there is a lot of fun; he would simply yell, ‘Look, a Martian!’ and Bones would take-off running every time…

 OA525054   |  6 Books in Set
Astronomy - Gr. 3-7: Objects In Space

As Scotty once said, "I am giving her all she's got, but look-out for that darn Space Garbage, Captain Kirk!" Well, maybe not the exact words, but this is a great series for your readers to learn all about the Satellites, Space Stations, Probes, and even Space Garbage that make up our Universe! Chocked full of interesting info. & stellar photos,your kids will be lining up to check out these books!

 OA523771   |  6 Books in Set
Astronomy - Gr. 3-7: Space Mysteries

Space books have the incredible ability to always AWE & AMAZE your students. This is one of those series: With Out-of-this-World NASA photos, accessible text and an inviting design, each title addresses a common question methodically: What’s been solved. How scientists reached these conclusions. Why it matters. What is still unanswered. Capt. Kirk had a hearty laugh about this set. The only “Space Mystery” he ever had was why Scotty was allowed anywhere near the engine room considering how others always had to operate the microwave for him.

 OA525102   |  6 Books in Set
Astronomy - Gr. 3-7: Space Race

These books are GREAT SUSPENSE Novels. Yes, most students know who won the race, but they don’t know the competitive intensity between the Superpowers including the citizens. This series covers the History, Technology, Personalities, Military and Politics of the Race to Space. But it doesn’t stop there; in the end, decades later, the two powers worked together on space exploration. Featuring accessible text paired with NASA photos, readers will be easily hooked. And the Capt. says the “Reds” had enough problems with a pop-bottle rocket, let alone a ship…

 OA524861   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Astronomy - Gr. 3-7: Space Science: Look At

While humans have always wondered about the stars and planets above, we're just beginning to understand what's going on outside Earth's atmosphere—and it's amazing. Budding astrophysicists will love learning about black holes, asteroids, and the sun in the accessible explanations of this carefully researched set. Spectacular images and the most fascinating facts satisfy the most inquisitive future scientists.

 OA525337   |  6 Books in Set
Bios - Gr. 2-5: Earth Detectives: Scientists At Work

Each title in the Earth Detectives series describes the history of an Earth science and highlights groundbreaking discoveries and one or more important scientist in the field. Kids will understand about the tools and methods used by these scientists as compelling photographs and easy-to-read text bring Earth's phenomena to light. A quiz at the end of each book allows readers to test their newfound earth science knowledge.

 OA524682   |  6 Books in Set
Bios - Gr. 2-5: Scientists Behind Earth's Energy Innovations

This engaging Earth's Energy Innovations series introduces aspiring engineers and scientists to eight important energy resources. Your readers also learn about important scientists and inventors who improved our use of Earth's energy. Compelling photographs and easy-to-read text show how Earth's energy powers the world. A quiz is included at the end of each book.

 OA525093   |  8 Books in Set
Chemistry - Gr. 3+: Look At

Understanding what the world around us is made of is essential to grasping upper-level science principles. However, concepts such as atoms, the pH scale, and states of matter can seem complicated, especially to a struggling reader. This informative set tackles these basic chemistry concepts as well as molecules, elements, and the periodic table to prepare all your readers for success in their science studies now and in the future. Diagrams and graphic organizers assist your readers as they encounter chemistry topics for the first time or as a review.

 OA524850   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Coronavirus - Gr K-3

Coronavirus has likely changed the lives of most, if not all, people around the world. As we know, education is key—even for the youngest of readers. This series will take a look at what COVID-19 is, what a coronavirus is, the people risking their lives each day to keep the world moving, and the amazing technology that exists and is being created to fight the disease. Other titles will cover what social distancing and distance learning are, and what kids can do to connect with their friends, teachers, family, and community during these unprecedented times.

 OA525419   |  6 Books in Set
COVID-19: Guide - Gr. 3-7

In late 2019, health officials noticed a new disease spreading in Wuhan, China. They named it COVID-19. Within a few months, it became a pandemic that dramatically changed life for nearly everyone on Earth. Millions of people became sick, and hundreds of thousands died. Leaders ordered whole states and countries to stay home to slow the disease’s spread. Companies closed or went out of business. Meanwhile, health-care workers on the front lines saved lives and raced to find treatments. Your readers will learn about the disease, how it spread across the globe, and the ways it has changed society.

 OA525420   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Dinosaur - Gr K-3: Dinosaurs Adventures

The Dinosaur Adventure Series introduces early readers to the coolest creatures in history. With the help of prehistoric pals, readers explore the Jurassic world and dig up facts along the way. Approachable content in simple sentences help develop word recognition and improve reading skills. Easy for the earliest of paleontologists.

 OA525355   |  8 Books in Set
Dinosaurs - Gr K-3: (Best-Seller - Kids Love Dinos!)

KIDS LOVE DINOSAURS! Simple text explains where they lived, what they ate, size…ALL the DINO Info Readers Enjoy!

 OA524843   |  10 Books in Set
Dinosaurs - Gr K-3: All About Dinosaurs

Young readers love learning about dinosaurs and other animals that lived millions of years ago, and they find themselves deeply engaged as they explore a lost world populated by amazing prehistoric creatures. Accessible main text and eye-catching fact boxes introduce them to important information about popular prehistoric creatures.

 OA524666   |  4 Books in Set
Dinosaurs - Gr K-3: How To Take Care Of Your Pet Dinosaur (New Angle)

Your readers learn how to take care of their very own pet dinosaur. Each book is full of fascinating facts about dinosaurs presented in a playful format. (Of course, the reality of what a "pet" dino would actually do to its owner is left out...wouldn't make for a happy ending.)

 OA524703   |  6 Books in Set
Dinosaurs - Gr K-3: Kids: Dinosaurs

A True Lower-Level Dinosaur Series! Always a kid favorite, these titles deliver Dino info. through simple, fact-filled text. A Great Addition to Your Dino section! Features exclusive, on-line resources.

 OA524467   |  12 Books in Set
Dinosaurs - Gr. 2-5: Discovery Timeline

When did we first discover dinosaurs? Highlighting famous dinosaur digs and fossil finds, these books trace the sequence of discovery and how our knowledge has changed. A RUNNING TIMELINE on each spread highlights significant advances. Carefully leveled text and thoughtfully chosen photographs make this series an excellent choice to support STEM topics or Common Core standards in the elementary grades.

 OA525312   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Dinosaurs - Gr. 2-5: Do You Really Want To Meet A Dinosaur? (NO!!)

In each book, a child explorer travels back in time to meet these incredible animals and shares his or her experiences, which are based on fossil finds. Delightful sketches and carefully crafted text help the stories come alive, making these books both educational and entertaining.

 OA525307   |  12 Books in Set
Dinosaurs - Gr. 3+: Xtreme Dinosaurs (Kids + Dinos=Reading)

These books are literally Dinosaur Magazines with the Dinos seemingly “jumping” off the Page! The Incredible drawings are accompanied by simple, fact-filled text. Each title examines a specific Dino Group: where & when they lived, size, speed, what they ate, enemies, etc. Your Kids will Love Them!

 OA524679   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Earth Science - Gr. 3-7: Earth Under Construction!

Earth is constantly changing, sometimes in ways that can be hard to observe as they are happening. This compelling set acquaints readers with some of the processes and events that reshape the planet, whether the results happen little by little or all at once. Each stimulating volume reinforces important concepts of the elementary science curriculum while keeping readers engaged with eye-catching Images and fun sidebars. Age-appropriate narratives help your readers understand how certain processes or events such as erosion and earthquakes change the structure of the earth and help create familiar landforms.

 OA525338   |  6 Books in Set
Earth Science: Archaeology - Gr. 3-7: Excavation Exploration

Excavation Exploration explores the finds of people who dig for clues to the past. Your readers learn how scientists excavate remains and artifacts, and how their discoveries impact our understanding of history.

 OA524989   |  6 Books in Set
Earth Science: Cycles - Gr K-3: Cycles In Nature

Our world's natural cycles control many aspects of life as we know it. This fascinating series illustrates those cycles and explains why life on Earth revolves around these processes. Your readers explore the water cycle, rock cycle, and the changing seasons while learning how they interact with one another. From the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly to the life cycle of a flower, budding readers dive into nature's cycles with the help of vibrant photographs and great graphics, gaining a greater understanding of life's mysteries.

 OA524217   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Earth Science: Cycles - Gr. 3+: Look At Nature's Cycles - Gr. 3+

In order to explain the many intricate processes on Earth, scientists often create models. Whether it's how water moves through the Earth, its bodies of water, and the atmosphere, or how energy moves throughout an ecosystem, these models help students understand the world around them. This set gives a simple overview of food chains and webs, the carbon cycle, cycles in space, and others, for struggling readers in need of extra help in science class.

 OA524851   |  6 Books in Set
Earth Science: Cycles - Gr. 3-7: Understanding Earth's Systems

Earth is broken down into four systems: atmosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere. These systems are all interconnected and help provide balance on Earth and in Earth’s ecosystems. Your readers learn about cycles associated with each system and how they benefit Earth. These books also discuss how people interact with each system and how human activities can negatively impact these systems. Relevant captions help your readers make connections between the main text and images.

 OA525135   |  4 Books in Set
Earth Science: Disasters - Gr. 3+: Nature's Ultimate Disasters

The Devastation from a Natural Disaster is a Fascinating Topic. We don’t want to look at the wreckage, but we always do. Your students are no different. This series covers the Top 10 Natural Catastrophes – the where, why, & how are covered as well as the aftermath & recovery. Scientists explain what was gained for future prevention, prediction & protection, too. Ideal for Reluctant Readers.

 OA524470   |  6 Books in Set
Earth Science: Disasters - Gr. 3-7: Earth In Action

From the Deadly Tornados in Missouri to the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Earth's powerful forces are always in the news. in this series, age appropriate text is matched with gripping photos introducing readers to Natural Disasters. Your Students will learn why they happen, how they form, and how they affect people. Damage, safety measures, successful rescue missions, and predictions are also covered.

 OA523285   |  8 Books in Set
Earth Science: Environment - Gr. 2-5: Environmental Issues

Every day, human activity further damages Earth’s environment. Issues like deforestation, freshwater pollution and scarcity, and oil drilling and fracking threaten the delicate balance necessary to maintain life. This nonfiction series provides children with information about each of these destructive activities and how we might go about reversing their negative effects. Alternatives to these activities show children positive ways of interacting with and protecting Earth’s fragile environment.

 OA524660   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Earth Science: Environment - Gr. 3-7: Unconventional Science

Around the world, scientists are finding cool and unusual ways to make people's lives better and help the environment. Some of these methods have been quietly used for centuries. Only recently have they earned much attention. Other methods use new technology in unexpected and even gross ways to clean things up and provide people with water and energy! Students learn about the history of these fascinating methods, how they work, and how they are making the world a better place.

 OA524868   |  6 Books in Set
Earth Science: Environment - Gr. 5-9: Ecological Disasters

Humans are inextricably linked to the biomes they inhabit. Ecological Disasters explores the indelible footprint humankind has wrought and the catastrophic situations we have created in the natural world. Each ecological disaster is examined to determine its causes, the science behind what is happening, its larger impact, and the ways we might turn the disasters around.

 OA524669   |  6 Books in Set
Earth Science: Resources - Gr K-3: Energy Resources

Students explore eight exciting energy resources with this series. Each book covers one of Earth's energy resources, including where it comes from, how we develop and use it, and how it helps power the world. Bright, images fill the books, while easy-to-read text introduces your young readers to key STEM concepts.

 OA524980   |  8 Books in Set
Earth Science: Resources - Gr K-3: Our Extreme Earth (NOT BORING!)

BASIC EARTH SCIENCE. There are quite a few series to choose from. I selected this set based on the design – lots of great photos – and the simple text. Each book covers one the “building blocks” of our planet, including its causes, processes, effects and why it is important.

 OA525065   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Earth Science: Resources - Gr. 2-5: Natural Resources

This fascinating series examines important natural resources in the world. Your students explore natural resources ranging from sunlight to fossil fuels, learning how they are used, challenges unique to each resource, and what people are doing to combat those challenges.

 OA525253   |  8 Books in Set
Earth Science: Seasons - Gr K-3: Seasons

Swimming in summer, jumping in leaf piles in fall, sledding in winter, or leaping over puddles in spring? Your readers won't be able to decide what their favorite season is! Short and simple sentences will keep them reading.

 OA523925   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Earth Science: Seasons - Gr K-3: Seasons - Fall Fun!

Whether you're living in a place with palm trees or living where you can watch the leaves change colors, fall is fun for everyone! This series Explores the activities, foods, and more that make Autumn the best time of the year.

 OA525265   |  6 Books in Set
Engineering - Gr K-3: Building Super Structures

Your students will have a blast learning about some of the most amazing human-made structures in the world. Each book in this engaging series explores one type of engineering structure, including how it is built, how it is used, and why it is important. Bright, pictures fill the pages of this fun series, while easy-to-read text introduces your readers to key STEM concepts. See the Geography section for more Engineering titles.

 OA524985   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Engineering - Gr. 2-5: Building Amazing Structures

How long does it take to build a bridge or a roller coaster? Emphasizing the process of creation from idea to execution, these books illuminate the building sequence for your young readers. A running time scale on each spread highlights each step. Carefully leveled text and thoughtfully chosen pictures make this series an excellent choice to support STEM topics or Common Core standards in the elementary grades. See the Geography section for more Engineering titles.

 OA525311   |  10 Books in Set
NEW! Engineering - Gr. 2-5: Engineering Our World

Readers will CLIMB a Skyscraper reaching into the Heavens. Cross A Bridge Spanning A River. And FLY with a Plane HIGH in The Sky. Age-appropriate text explains the history of these Man-Made Marvels – From concept to finished product, students will come away with greater appreciation of items all of us take for granted. And they will learn a little science, too. See the Geography section for more Engineering titles.

 OA524071A   |  12 Books in Set
Engineering - Gr. 2-5: Extraordinary Engineering (HOT TOPIC)

This series explains how Roller Coasters, Dams, Tunnels, Skyscrapers were deemed IMPOSSIBLE to construction, so they never happened. Just Kidding. Actually each book explains how these Marvels of Science went from a Concept to Completion. Through age appropriate text, fascinating facts, and solid photos, the books will envelop the reader. Who doesn’t want to know all about a Roller Coaster? See the Geography section for more Engineering titles.

 OA524464   |  8 Books in Set
Entertainment - Gr. 2-5

How many people does it take to make a movie? Emphasizing the process of creation from idea to execution, these books illuminate the creative and production sequence for young readers. A running outline on each spread highlights each step. Your young readers gain a big picture understanding of the creative process and may even be inspired to a future career.

 OA525313   |  6 Books in Set
Experiments - Gr. 2-5: Earth's Energy Experiments

In the Earth's Energy Experiments series, your readers explore developing and using energy as they follow activity instructions related on resources including wind, water, coal, and oil. Sidebars and infographics bring key scientific and engineering concepts to life, while easy-to-read text explains the history and uses of each energy resource.

 OA524979   |  8 Books in Set
Experiments - Gr. 2-5: Super Simple Science Experiments

With Super Simple Science Projects, readers are encouraged to think critically and follow scientific methods and principles. Students learn as they follow instructions on fun projects related to earth, engineering, etc. From eatable food experiments to gross science projects, your students will find something to peak their curiosity.

 OA971297   |  24 Books in Set
Experiments - Gr. 3-7: Ultimate Science Labs

Performing hands-on experiments is one of the best ways for your young people to learn about science. By following along with concise, step-by-step instructions to complete each task, your readers of this stimulating series are able to draw their own conclusions and learn about many different aspects of science. Experiments focus on important science lessons that your readers can both learn from and enjoy, such as building simple smartphone speakers and learning how science makes them work. Colorful drawings and accessible text attract and assist you readers of many levels in each exciting experiment.

 OA525334   |  6 Books in Set
Fun Science - Gr. 2-5: Our Gross World

It's time to take fun fact and trivia books to a whole new level with awesome, disgusting, and unusual facts that your kids will rush to share with their friends. Through closely leveled text, your readers will find themselves laughing and learning.

 OA525370   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Gen. Science - Gr K-3: Beginning Science: Ecology

Science subjects can be difficult to understand for your young learners. These Beginning Science titles focus on topics having to do with ecology. Each title introduces the topic and explain it in the simplest language possible. Carefully chosen photographs (labeled when needed!) promote subject comprehension.

 OA525251   |  6 Books in Set
Gen. Science - Gr K-3: Beginning Science: Materials

Discover the science behind everyday Materials such as paper and plastic. Five easy-to-read chapters introduce how each material is made and used. Vibrant, full-color photos help your readers understand each material's real-world applications in both art and technology.

 OA525048   |  6 Books in Set
Gen. Science - Gr K-3: Beginning Science: Physics

Science subjects can be difficult to understand for young learners. These Beginning Science titles focus on topics having to do with physics. Each title introduces the topic, the key person or people who discovered it, and explain it using simplest language that your students will understand.

 OA524950   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Gen. Science - Gr K-3: Beginning Science: Science All Around

This series introduces your early readers to key science concepts. Easy-to-read text, simple infographics, and fun facts give your young readers an accessible overview of the science that makes each object or phenomenon possible.

 OA524858   |  8 Books in Set
Gen. Science - Gr K-3: Beginning Science: Science Concepts

Science Concepts introduces your young readers to the fascinating science that makes the world around them work. Each book is broken down into easy-to-read-chapters that explain the concept and its real-world applications.

 OA525228   |  6 Books in Set
Gen. Science - Gr K-3: Read And Discover Science (Great Beg. Set)

Each title teaches primary Earth, Life or Physical Science concepts. Aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards, this series uses basic stories accompanied by simple text and beautiful photos to keep the reader engaged as they learn SCIENCE. These books – along with others on this page and our Web site – are ideal to get your youngest kids interested in Science and Keep them Interested! See the Social Studies section for their companion series.

 OA525083   |  20 Books in Set
Gen. Science - Gr K-3: So Into Science!

The world of science is wide-ranging and filled with wonder. Whether one is looking up into the vast night sky or enjoying the lively sounds of a forest, understanding the science behind these experiences can make them even more enjoyable. This delightful series invites young scientists to visit some of their favorite places—such as the zoo, the aquarium, or a pond—and engages them with appealing related science concepts. Your students gain an enthusiasm for many aspects of science and apply their newfound knowledge to the world around them.

 OA525100   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Gen. Science - Gr K-6: iScience - Science In The Real World

The revised and updated iScience series focuses on a fresh and fun approach to scientific inquiry. Each book offers connections to science in the real world through an iScience puzzle and discover activity. Through exploration and application, your readers will strengthen their critical thinking skills, while also making history and career connections. Level A, B, and C of the series offers simpler text along with problem-solving activities and aligns to grade appropriate Next Generation Science Standards.

 OA777666   |  30 Books in Set
NEW! Gen. Science - Gr. 3-7: Science Infographics

Why are some habitats different from other habitats? What makes a mammal different from a bird? How does an electric guitar distort sound? This set explores these scientific questions and more. By presenting facts in a unique and visual way, this set simplifies difficult concepts into digestible information. Utilizing visual information, this set be helpful especially to your readers who struggle with traditional textbooks but who are interested in science and the way the world works.

 OA525328   |  6 Books in Set
Geology History - Gr K-3: Nature's Formations

Why does our World look the way it Does? Each title takes a step-by-step approach explaining Geological Processes such as erosion, plate tectonics, and glaciations – trying saying that phrase fast. And there is a close photo-text match, too.

 OA524469   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Geology History - Gr. 3-7: Earth's History Through Rocks (New Hit)

Once you get past eight years of age, Earth Science can be kinda boring – Glaciers, Lava, Stones, Volcanoes are just there. This set uses REAL WORLD EXAMPLES to make the subjects very interesting. A magazine-like design featuring Fascinating Facts and colorful backgrounds is appealing. The clear writing teaches readers the science behind Earth’s forces and how various parts of our planet were formed.

 OA524981   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Geology History - Gr. 3-7: Geology Investigates

This fact-filled series explores the science that shapes our world! From volcanoes to diamonds to dinosaur bones, each title covers the geological processes, scientific discoveries, and real-world landmarks associated with a topic in earth science. Each book also features a hands-on, geology-themed project that your readers can try at home. Your readers discover why geology rocks!

 OA525254   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Geology Rocks - Gr K-3: Geology Rocks! (BEST-SELLER!)

People tend to think Geology is boring! (I actually believe they’re right.) But these books are presented in simple language, with beautiful photos to teach your early readers about rocks, soils, gems, etc. A solid choice for your beginning students. Features exclusive, on-line resources.

 OA524846A   |  12 Books in Set
Geology Rocks - Gr K-3: Rocks & Minerals

From shiny gemstones to ancient fossils, Rocks and Minerals introduces readers to the fascinating materials that make up our earth. Each book is broken down into easy-to-read-chapters. Vibrant, images and quick stats grab visual learners' attention and help bring each subject to life.

 OA525145   |  6 Books in Set
Geology Rocks - Gr. 3+: Look At Earth's Rocks (Geology: Pop. Subject)

NOTHING SCREAMS EXCITEMENT like a series on ROCKS! But you need them to supplement classroom learning. One of the Central Concepts of Earth Science is The Rock Cycle. Written at a lower-level with an engaging design, these titles are ideal for your struggling readers. And even though the subject is Rocks, the books are actually enjoyable.

 OA524460   |  6 Books in Set
Geology Rocks - Gr. 3-7: Rocks And Minerals

This series covers key curriculum Earth science topics. Through engaging text, photos, & diagrams, each title focuses on a specific subject, exploring the natural processes, geologists’ research, and how it relates to your students.

 OA523602   |  8 Books in Set
Geology Treasures - Gr. 2-5: Rare And Precious Metals

We all know about Gold and Silver in jewelry, but do your students know rare metals are used in computers and medicine? (I Didn’t.) Through engaging text & beautiful photos, this series teaches readers how the metals are mined, then refined and their specialized uses. Solid Curriculum Choice.

 OA523462   |  6 Books in Set
Geology Treasures - Gr. 3-7: Earth's Gems

Do your students know that doctors use silver to treat burns or that gold is used to propel astronauts into space? (I didn’t.) These books introduce readers to six rare and precious resources. They’ll learn how these valuable treasures are formed, where they are found, their unique uses, and how difficult it would be to live without them.

 OA523321   |  6 Books in Set
Habitats - Gr K-3: Biomes

Let’s Face It: Biome Books are Basically Boring. This series? Not so much. Through the use of large beautiful photos, the series is pretty engaging. And the simple text explains the basics. Features exclusive, on-line resources.

 OA524269   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Habitats - Gr K-3: Crayola Colorful Biomes

Red deserts, gold prairies, green forests, and more await in this colorful look at world biomes. Your readers explore the climate, plants, and animals of six environments, while a zoom-in feature highlights the most vivid details.

 OA525431   |  6 Books in Set
Habitats - Gr K-3: Habitats (Easy Addition)

OLIVER WANTS TO KNOW! How are your Habitat Sets? Go look. He will wait. Are they from the 90s? Tattered? UGLY? Well, we have just the series for you! Full of lush, images, the design is beautiful. The simple text explains the habitat as well as the plants and animals who call it home. Solid Choice.

 OA525006   |  6 Books in Set
Habitats - Gr K-3: Our Exciting Earth!

Our Earth is an incredibly dynamic planet. It’s continually changing, always breathtaking, and often mysterious. Elementary curricula require that your learners understand natural features of regions such as mountains, valleys, and deserts. This exciting series will take the mystery out of some of Earth’s most recognizable land forms. Students will not only learn what these places look like, but also gain an understanding of their conditions and the types of organisms that call them home. Your young geographers will love this lively exploration of their planet.

 OA525226   |  6 Books in Set
Habitats - Gr K-3: Search-And-Find (Like I Spy!)

The beautiful and complex natural world becomes understandable and accessible in this series for your emergent readers. A search-and-find feature guides readers as they learn new vocabulary pertaining to different parts of nature, including plants, biomes, weather, and more while "looking" for them. The carefully chosen photos and words are sure to captivate readers!

 OA525295   |  6 Books in Set
Habitats - Gr. 3+: Science In Extreme Places

Scientists are Making Incredible Discoveries in some of the most challenging environments known to man. What Transportation gets them there & back? What kind of Living Quarters do they use? What Dangers do they face? Do they need Special Equipment? How do they Communicate with others? What have been their Scientific Findings? These questions and more are answered through riveting text, a magazine-type design, and incredible photos. Ideal for Today’s Curriculum. And Reader.

 OA524474   |  6 Books in Set
Habitats - Gr. 3-7: Ecosystems Of The World

This series isn't as dull as it sounds. Ok, All Ecosystem books are boring…BUT they are necessary for science! Through age-appropriate text and beautiful photos, your students will learn all the aspects of the world’s ecosystems including climate, plants, animals, food webs, etc.

 OA523890   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Habitats - Gr. 3-7: Team Earth

ANIMALS & PLANTS WORKING TOGETHER! Around the world, animals work with other living things to create unique and balanced ecosystems. Bees help plants make seeds. Birds scatter seeds so plants can grow. Gophers loosen the soil, letting water and nutrients easily reach roots. Cleaner fish keep other fish healthy by eating parasites. But today, some of these systems are at risk of disappearing. Team Earth investigates the amazing ways that animals help their environments and humans, and also shows what people can do to protect habitats.

 OA525252   |  6 Books in Set
Habitats - Gr. 7-12: Conservation Success Stories

Humans have left a large footprint on the environment, often to the detriment of plants and animals. Yet there are success stories where humans have worked to protect biodiversity and reduce their footprint. Discover what people are doing to save the environment, what strategies they are using, and how conserving these areas can help build a healthier world.

 OA524959   |  6 Books in Set
Health - Gr K-3: Body Systems

Science subjects can be difficult to understand for your young learners. These Beginning Science titles will focus on topics having to do with anatomy and physiology.

 OA525009   |  6 Books in Set
Health - Gr K-3: Healthy Habits

The My Healthy Habits series provides the earliest of readers a foundation in developing healthy habits. Topics range from brushing your teeth to getting exercise. Simple sentence structure and word usage help your students develop word recognition and reading skills.

 OA525225   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Health - Gr K-3: Healthy, Delicious Foods

This level 3 guided reader series allows children to get a close look at the variety of foods available to eat and some of the health benefits associated with them. Content encourages balance and making healthy choices. Information is based on the U.S. government's diet recommendations. Your readers develop word recognition and reading skills while learning about the food they eat and maintaining a healthy diet.

 OA525357   |  6 Books in Set
Health - Gr K-3: Your Amazing Body!

The human body can do so many incredible things, many of which people don’t even think twice about. These engaging books show your readers why their body is extraordinary. Each book focuses on a specific body part and how it helps us function, such as moving one foot in front of the other to walk in a park, or breathing in through your nose to smell the fresh air. Accessible text and vivid photographs help reinforce the understanding of key concepts, while stimulating subject matter hold young readers’ attention.

 OA525011   |  6 Books in Set
Health - Gr. 2-5: Illness & Ailments

Kids will love learning how their bodies work with the fun and fact-packed series. From sore throats to broken bones, this engaging series explores some of the illnesses and injuries that keeps your kids home from school.

 OA524670   |  12 Books in Set
NEW! Health - Gr. 3-7: Gross Human Body In Action: Augmented Reality

Human skin is teeming with lice, nits, and other nasty creatures. Millions of bacteria jostle for space in their mouth while the food in their stomach gets covered in acid and turned into a thick paste. With awesome pictures and lots of disgusting facts, this series tells all about the gross science behind our body’s functions. Augmented reality features get your readers up close and personal with the facets of their person. With three to five Augmented Reality experiences per book, this series showcases the marvelous and gross human body.

 OA525432   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Health - Gr. 3-7: Nutrition & The Body

The foods that we eat can help or harm our bodies. Our bodies need nutrients such as salt and carbohydrates to survive. But too much or too little can have consequences. We also feed our bodies things unnecessary things, like caffeine. These may have benefits. But they can also do harm. In Nutrition and Your Body, learn about how different nutrients interact with the body. Discover how the body digests them, the changes they cause in the body, and the good and bad effects they have on us.

 OA525063   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Health - Gr. 3-7: Understanding Health Issues

For young people, leading a healthy lifestyle requires education and empowerment. In this series, your readers explore the social aspects and health effects of common issues they and their peers are facing, and ways to make healthy choices. Sidebars challenge and expand readers' thinking while relating topics to 21st Century skills and themes--from creativity and innovation to financial literacy.

 OA524903   |  8 Books in Set
Health - Gr. 7-12: Drugs In Real Life

Drug use is widespread across the United States. Whether they're used for medical purposes, recreational purposes, or are taken illegally, all drugs pose a danger if misused. This series examines the physical and psychological costs of drug abuse, as well as the social implications of abuse and the laws and policies that surround various drugs.

 OA525010   |  10 Books in Set
Inventions - Gr K-3: 21st Century Inventions (BEST-SELLER)

INCREDIBLE INNOVATIONS! The past decade has seen so many items your students use in everyday life. And as sure as Oliver LOVES Catnip, YOU have kids who are Curious about them. These books look at the origins, history, uses and how the gadgets have actually impacted the readers themselves! Curiosity Covered Through Books!

 OA524901   |  6 Books in Set
Inventions - Gr. 2-5: Bloopers Of Invention

CARS. COMPUTERS. CLOCKS. All items we expect to work flawlessly. BUT they don't always. A LOT of Hilarious errors were made in their development; it took a long time to get to where we are today! Covering some of the most important inventors & inventions ever, this series takes the reader from original concept to the end result—and the CRaZy miscues made along the way. The Goofy Mistakes make these titles engaging!

 OA523881   |  6 Books in Set
Inventions - Gr. 3-7: Wild And Wacky Inventions (Very Fun Reads)

The Final Deathblow to the Sciencebooksareboring Myth. This series takes the most absurd, weird, wacky – and sometimes just plain stupid – inventions and explains them: From the initial idea to the final product, readers will learn the science behind it, and why the invention either failed or succeeded in a very cool magazine design. High-interest subjects sure to capture the imagination of the kid you have who HATES science the most.

 OA524716   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Life Science - Gr. 3+: Look At

Everyone knows what a plant or animal is, but sometimes, what we might call a plant is actually a protist. Or is it a fungus? The six major groups of organisms on Earth are an essential part of life science curricula. Written especially for your struggling readers or those in need of review, each book in this set focuses on one group, including its main physical characteristics, ways of making or consuming food, and examples of different kinds within its major grouping.

 OA525321   |  6 Books in Set
Life Science - Gr. 3-7: Elements Of Life

Life is full of mysteries, but science can answer some of them. The elements help us understand how life as we know it is possible. Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, and phosphorus are all necessary for living things. This informative series introduces your young scientists to these essential elements in a fun, interactive way. An engaging design and simple, accessible text makes learning fun. Your readers learn how the elements work in the human body. They'll also see the real-life applications of these elements in medicine, agriculture, food, and other industries. This thorough introduction to important elements will be a valuable tool for any science curriculum.

 OA524984   |  6 Books in Set
Math - Gr K-3: Animal Math

Everyone LOVES Animals! And nearly everyone HATES Math. But the Love – and cuteness - of animals can Actually DIMINISH the hatred and get your kids to - dare I say -enjoy Learning Math!!! Enchanting photos capture the readers’ attention and provide support for the accompanying math problem. Combined with easy-to-read text, this series is truly innovative.

 OA523262   |  12 Books in Set
Math - Gr K-3: Basic Math Is Everywhere!

Learning Basic Math Made Easy! Kids love Animals, Sports, Cookies and pretty much every subject used to show Math is Everywhere! Through easy stories, and colorful, engaging photos, your students find math to be simple & fun!

 OA524468   |  10 Books in Set
Math - Gr K-3: Coins And Money

Why is Ben Franklin’s picture on a $100 bill and George Washington’s on a $1 bill? Do your students know that Woodrow Wilson’s picture was on the $100,000 bill? Who knew! (But it was never in circulation—just used to transfer money by the Feds during the Great Depression.) Besides Basic Math Skills, your students will learn History & Geography. Great Series! BUT be Careful! Some of your kids will want your wallet to practice counting money!

 OA523882   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Math - Gr K-3: Cooking With Math!

MATH made FUN!! Cooking doesn't just make dinner or a delicious treat—it makes us use math! (And ANYTHING that leads to food is going to spark interest.) From measuring ingredients to figuring out how to double a recipe, all kinds of simple math is used in the kitchen. Readers are asked to use different math concepts from the early elementary curriculum while following recipes they can actually make at home. (Safety and adult supervision is clearly pointed-out as necessary.) Simple word problems using addition, measuring, subtraction, multiplication, and division support the math curriculum.

 OA525319   |  6 Books in Set
Math - Gr K-3: Crayola Concepts

Vibrant images and engaging text present important early childhood concepts with a splash of Crayola® color. Each title includes simple figures that encourage your readers to create art inspired by the shapes, patterns, colors, and concepts all around them. A special feature shows the Crayola colors in pictures that appear throughout the book. Additional Crayola series can be found in the Art and Social Studies sections.

 OA524963   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Math - Gr K-3: Let's Measure

This series introduces your early readers to common math concepts and measurements. Your students learn about why each math concept is important, how to measure it, and the units and tools of measurement.

 OA525255   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Math - Gr K-3: Measure It!

Measuring is an important concept for little learners to grasp. Simple text married with fun images will have readers catching on to length, position, volume, and more in no time!

 OA524852   |  6 Books in Set
Math - Gr K-3: Opposites

The concept of opposites is an important topic for kids to grasp and understand. This series teaches your young learners what opposites are through fun text and images, all while strengthening reading skills.

 OA524856   |  6 Books in Set
Math - Gr K-3: Patterns Are Fun!

This series teaches your readers that patterns are all around them and that they are fun! Text and images complement each other so that your readers will learn what patterns can be and how to recognize them when they look at everyday things.

 OA525069   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Math - Gr K-3: Puzzle It Out! (Holds Interest!)

Puzzles Can Be A Lot of Fun. These puzzles are enjoyable, so the math is secondary; it is there, but not overwhelming. Math series are difficult to select, sell and circulate in your library. No student wants a book full of BORING math problems; if a book is needed, it means the kid probably doesn’t care for Math to begin with. With this series, you give them a puzzle book which happens to reinforce basic math concepts. It worked for my friend Jeri. And she didn’t know 2+2.

 OA525049   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Math - Gr. 3+: Monsters Do Math! (Math Made Fun!)

HOW many kids “want to read” a Math Title? ZERO. ZIP. NADA. This Unique Series is One. It focuses on a specific Monster through-out the title – Fun Facts, Myths, History. Yes, basic math is taught, but the book contains quite a bit of interesting information on the Monster - it weaves the info into the math concepts. Two books in One… Math made Fun!

 OA524853   |  12 Books in Set
NEW! Math - Gr. 3-7: Math Adventures Stories

Real-world connections are essential to keep young mathematicians interested and invested in math concepts. However, placing those math concepts in a fun fictional story make them even more inspired to learn. This dynamic series appeals to fans of superheroes, space adventures, and fantasy worlds. Math puzzles are cleverly woven into the entertaining plots and motivate your readers to become math heroes by solving the problems and saving the day.

 OA525339   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Matter - Gr K-3

Matter can be something we can see or touch, like a bicycle or a glass of juice, but it can also be invisible, like the air we breathe. With easy-to-follow text and simple definitions, this series introduces your readers to the basics of matter: what it is, what it's made of, and what forms it takes. With clear explanations and real-life examples, each book examines a specific property of matter and how that property appears in a solid, liquid, and gas. Fast facts, and a supplementary activities help to provide a fun first look at the essential properties of matter. Features include: Correlates directly with the expectation for your students to know how to "classify different kinds of materials by their observable properties" in grade 2, as specified in the Next Generation Science Standards. Fresh and engaging spread design in which images enhance the texts. Activities introduce your readers to the importance of experimentation in science. Fact boxes offer extra tidbits of interesting information.

 OA525407   |  6 Books in Set
Physical Science - Gr. 3+: Look At

Magnetism, electricity, and forces are difficult concepts for students to grasp; they are even more difficult for struggling readers. This series tackles key topics within the physical science curriculum, all of which are written in an accessible format for students who need help reading or processing ideas. Each volume follows the Next Generation Science Standards and gives your students a well-rounded view of the topics at hand.

 OA525041   |  6 Books in Set
Plant Science - Gr K-3: Plant Anatomy

Simple text and beautiful pictures make learning about plants a breeze for your younger students. Features exclusive, on-line resources including "power speaking" to plants! (No, not really.)

 OA524083   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Plant Science - Gr K-3: Plant Life Cycles

Survey the life cycle of many common plants, from seed and sprout to flower and fruit. These engaging nonfiction titles help build literacy skills for your emergent readers. Pairs with the Plant Life Cycles (Pull Ahead Readers — Fiction) series.

 OA525433   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Plant Science - Gr. 2-5: Plant Parts

Plants need their many different parts—from roots and stems to leaves and flowers—to live and grow. These parts aren't just helpful for plants, though—they're also used by people. Your readers discover the basic science concepts behind how each part of a plant contributes to its growth and functioning, and they also learn how different plant parts are used by humans for food, medicine, and other important things. Interesting topic that strengthen your readers' knowledge of essential science curriculum topics.

 OA525414   |  6 Books in Set
Plant Science - Gr. 2-5: Plants

The Plants series helps readers find the answers to questions and learn about the incredible world of plants. Call-outs throughout each book prompt inquiry and critical thinking skills by asking questions and inviting readers to looks closely at the photographs and diagrams. The series introduces the relationship between plants and animals, how plants are used for medicine, how plants make food, and much more.

 OA523599   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Plant Science - Gr. 2-5: Top Secret Life Of Plant (Fresh Approach)

I actually killed a cactus. Who can’t take care of a cactus? For Me, PLANT BOOKS are SUPER-BORING! Full of Fun Facts, Clever Diagrams, Intricate Borders and Beautiful Photos, readers will enjoy this set; the topics are interesting: Plants growing without soil, surviving wildfires, meat-eating, protecting themselves…These Plant titles will Grow on your Kids!

 OA524866   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Plant Science - Gr. 3+: World's Weirdest Plants

You have a ton of NORMAL Plant series; I have many available. But what about the kids who don’t like Normal? Or Plants? A set more closely resembling a Family Reunion – Weird (well, not that weird) would work. Featuring the Strangest Plants out there – those that eat meat, smell disgusting, live forever, and more. Your Kids will be lined-up to Read Plant Books! Each title covers all the typical stuff: habitat, life-cycle, traits, etc, so your curriculum is covered, too.

 OA524477   |  12 Books in Set
Science Experiments - Gr. 2-5: Make Your Own: Make It Go!

Science concepts come to life with fun, hands-on projects. Make Your Own: Make It Go! Includes step-by-step instructions for making rockets, boats, catapults, and more—all with household materials! Students learn about the history, engineering and science behind these machines and how they work. Each book contains a list of material for places to go for more information. Perfect for Makerspace activities.

 OA525045   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Science Questions: Basic - Gr K-3: Everyday Mysteries

One of the most charming characteristics of young scientists is their ability to see the amazing in what others view as common. They don't look past the familiar. Rather, they constantly question why things are the way they are. These investigative volumes are perfect for inquiring minds! They'll learn how rocks and rainbows form, why the moon seems to change shape, and many other things through carefully researched.

 OA525341   |  6 Books in Set
Science Questions: Basic - Gr K-3: On The Farm

“?? Old MacDonald Had A Farm…??” Many of your students find FARMS intriguing. They will learn all about the various aspects of farm life. But Don’t Tell Your Students – they will learn a little science, too!

 OA523589   |  6 Books in Set
Science Questions: Basic - Gr K-3: Science Questions? (Solid Starter Set)

Your Kids have Questions! Why is the Sky Blue? How Do Airplanes FLY? How Much Longer Until We Are There? Can We Stop At McDonalds? Besides the last two which require non-scientific answers and lots of patience, this series uses simple explanations aligned closely with eye-catching images. An Ideal Way to get Those Inquisitive Minds Reading!

 OA524860   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Science Questions: Basic - Gr K-3: Sky Lights (FASCINATING!)

The Best Way to learn about Constellations, Eclipses...heck, anything to do with Sky Lights! Take a seat with the Master: Captain Kirk! HE HAS BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT! They literally had to hold Scotty down because he loved staring at eclipses. And Bones? Would run around in a panic every time the sun was blocked-- "We are all going to die...." The Capt. realized those stories wouldn't answer all my questions, so he gave me these books, and he was right! EVERYTHING A STUDENT NEEDS OR WANTS TO LEARN ABOUT SKY LIGHTS IS COVERED!! With Oversized photos, 11-1/4" x 9-1/4," and light text, this a perfect addition to your library. Thanks, Capt.

 OA525197   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Science Questions: Basic - Gr K-3: Step By Step

What happens first? What comes next? Introduce readers to simple sequences and processes by exploring animal life cycles, how plants grow, or how foods or products are made. Your readers will be fascinated by these step-by step accounts.

 OA525435   |  12 Books in Set
NEW! Science Questions: Basic - Gr K-3: Stickmen's Science Stars

Students Join the friendly but sometimes accident-prone stickmen. As they explore the first steps in science. These four books open the door to physics in an easy-to-read and simple-to-grasp format.

 OA525434   |  4 Books in Set
Science Questions: Basic - Gr. 2-5: Tell Me Why Library

Why Do Leaves Change Color? Why Do We Have Dreams? WHY? WHY? WHY? Your students have questions and this series has the answers! Very interesting subjects presented with age-appropriate answers and colorful photos. My Question: Why Shouldn’t These Titles Be In Your Library?

 OA523935   |  36 Books in Set
NEW! Science Questions: FUN - Gr. 2-5: Boom! Science (I Recommend It)

BOOM! Weird series name, but GREAT CONCEPT! The attention-span of kids is roundly debated – fast-paced games, action-packed movies, instant gratification… attention of a gnat. BOOM! This series is designed for those students – eye-catching graphics, fun facts, descriptive diagrams, colorful callouts, challenging puzzles – all presented like a magazine. They will learn the fundamentals of science and enjoy the experience. Great launching Pad!

 OA524953   |  8 Books in Set
Science Questions: FUN - Gr. 2-5: Fixing Fairy Tale Problems W/ STEM

STEM. I Guarantee EVERY Science series from every Nonfiction publisher uses that acronym in describing their titles. And so do the Upper Levels of Educational Professionals. I hate to break the news to them: Science, Technology, Engineering (fancy word for Designing / Building), Math, have been taught since the first kids became Pupils. So I rarely use the term since Librarians already know they have books to cover it. This series is unique. It uses characters from Fairy Tales who need to use STEM to get out of a jam. Very entertaining & engaging. Nice addition to any library’s STEM collection.

 OA524465   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Science Questions: FUN - Gr. 2-5: Mother Nature Is Trying To Kill Me!

Science for RELUCTANT READERS!!!!!!!! Deadly Diseases, Locusts Destroying Crops, Poisonous Plants, Killer Insects & Animals! Why not fire-breathing Dragons? Sounds worse than the Apocalypse. A Great magazine design featuring full-color backgrounds, intriguing diagrams and fascinating facts, each title explains a Devastating Aspect of Mother Nature – the cause & effect, treatments developed and warning systems in-place. These Types of Titles get Read.

 OA524854   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Science Questions: FUN - Gr. 2-5: True Crime Clues

How is evidence collected at a crime scene? What can investigators learn from blood samples? What digital evidence do investigators gather on a case? Your readers learn about the latest forensic techniques used to solve true crimes in this fascinating high/low series.

 OA525436   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Science Questions: FUN - Gr. 3+: Supernatural Science

People's fascination with the supernatural is as strong as ever, even with the great advances in science and technology in the past few centuries. This stimulating set demonstrates to your young paranormal investigators that their interest in UFOs, ghosts, vampires, and even zombies doesn't necessarily clash with a belief in science. In fact, they can apply essential scientific principles to their own intrepid investigations of the paranormal—and learn more about both in the process. Transfixing texts, eerie images, and spellbinding step-by-step experiments encourage readers to hone their inner scientist and, most importantly, have fun with science!

 OA525327   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Science Questions: FUN - Gr. 3-7: Freaky True Science (Hard To Put Down)

Even the most BIZARRE events, objects, organisms can be explained by Science. (Except for Congress…) And students – everyone, really – Love the BIZARRE. From inner-workings of the body to strange science discoveries to outer-space phenomena, there is a BIZARRE subject for everybody! All the BIZARRE info is thoroughly explained in straightforward text accompanied by attention-grabbing photos. And the best part: Designed like the coolest magazine ever! Science can be Fun!

 OA524845A   |  12 Books in Set
NEW! Science Questions: FUN - Gr. 3-7: Museum Of Phobias

Phobias extend beyond the fear of things many people say they're afraid of, like spiders or snakes. Some suffer from hippophobia—or the fear of horses. Or they may have an intense fear of beards, or pogonophobia. Whatever phobia you can imagine, it's found in this sometimes creepy, sometimes unbelievable, and, most importantly, true-to-life set. Your curious readers learn how these phobias may develop and manifest in daily life. Combined with scientific explanations for the reactions of fear, this set will engage both the fearful and the fearless.

 OA525340   |  4 Books in Set
Science Questions: FUN - Gr. 3-7: Organic & Small Batch Products

The Nature's Makers series takes a look at today's makers and farmers who produce organic and small batch products--from grains and veggies to ice cream and honey. Aligned to curriculum standards, these books also highlight key 21st Century content: Global Awareness, Financial Literacy, Health and Wellness, Civics Literacy, and Environmental Stewardship. Thought-provoking questions and hands-on activities encourage the development of critical life skills and social emotional growth for students.

 OA524855   |  6 Books in Set
Science Questions: FUN - Gr. 3-7: Science In Action (Capt Kirk=Action Science!)

ROLLERCOASTERS. RACE CARS. ??MUSIC?? The KEY to GETTING Your Kids into SCIENCE? Have them READ BOOKS on Subjects they Already Enjoy! Your kids won’t even KNOW they are LEARNING Science Concepts! Stunning visuals and age-appropriate text, make these title a delight!

 OA524087   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Science Questions: FUN - Gr. 3-7: Science Of Optical Illusions (VERY COOL!)

OPTICAL ILLUSIONS are PLAIN COOL. This set explains the science behind optical illusions – from how “forced perspectives” works in art by using our tendency in seeing the world around us. WHAT? IT SEEMS MIND-BOGGLING, but it is explained in accessible text featuring real-life examples and instructions for readers to make their own illusions. This Series WILL CIRCULATE. The examples are phenomenal – and FUN!

 OA524859   |  4 Books in Set
Science Questions: FUN - Gr. 3-7: Science Of Superpowers

This fun series explores the science behind classic superpowers, from their origin in lore and mythology to modern technologies seeking to make the seemingly fantastical come to life. From the science of flight, mind control, and telepathy to the ability to become invisible or control the weather, the Science of Superpowers series adds a fresh spin to science. Each book includes captivating photographs, a breakdown of scientific processes explaining the possibility of superpowers, and real-life examples of animals, inventions, or natural phenomena that possess these extraordinary abilities or inspired their legend. This engaging series is sure to excite scientific and fantastical minds alike.

 OA524714   |  6 Books in Set
Science Questions: FUN - Gr. 3-7: Super Science

DINOSAURS. RACE CARS. MUSIC. The KEY to GETTING Your Kids into SCIENCE? Have them READ BOOKS on Subjects they Already Enjoy! Your Kids won't even KNOW They are LEARNING Science Concepts! Stunning Visuals and age-appropriate text, make these titles a delight!

 OA524263   |  8 Books in Set
Science Questions: FUN - Gr. 5-9: Crime Solvers: Science At Work

These Books ARE NOT a True 5-9. I labeled them higher because – though they aren’t overly graphic – we are talking about bodies, skulls, & catching a serial catcher. Many of your 4th Graders on up will not think twice about these strange subjects BECAUSE they SEE it on TV Shows every night. Each title is like a mini-CSI or NCIS. Applying science & deductive reasoning to evidence found – Thus catching the Bad Guy. Titles feature a great design with text broken up nicely (notes, transcripts, etc.) and the appropriate diagrams, maps & photos. IDEAL FOR THOSE TV SHOW FANS!

 OA524461   |  6 Books in Set
Science Questions: FUN - Gr. 5-9: Science Theories On The Future

Can robots become sentient? Will cloning and gene selection become the norm? Do aliens exist? This series delves into cutting-edge scientific theories that attempt to answer these complex philosophical questions. Each book focuses on a subject that is currently being explored by scientists, philosophers, inventors, and ethicists. "Behind the Theory” sidebars take a further glimpse at the people and technology behind these ideas, while “Unanswered” sidebars discuss the nitty gritty of what is still undiscovered.

 OA525091   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Simple Machines - Gr. 2-5

Simple machines help make difficult tasks easier for humans and they're all around us. The books in this series explain what simple machines are and explore the roles that simple machines have in our everyday lives. Each book provides a number of examples of each type of simple machine and where to find them. This series explores how forces and motion affect the tasks we have to complete and how simple machines work to make doing these tasks easier. Accessible language helps your readers understand the complex subject matter.

 OA525096   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Technology - Gr K-3: World Of Robots

From exploring space to exploring the deepest parts of the ocean, robots are becoming a big part of human life. With engaging graphics and charts that emphasize visual literacy, let your readers explore the impacts robots are having on our world and our future.

 OA525375   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Technology - Gr. 2-5: Drones Are Everywhere!

Not long ago, drones were only used for extremely specialized jobs. However, it's getting more common to see them hovering and zipping through the skies. As drone technology improves, people find new uses for them. Some people use them to study changes in the environment. Some people use them to take aerial photographs and videos. Many others fly them just for fun. The STEM-related topics featured in this set are paired with stunning images of drones in flight, as well as images taken by drones in flight.

 OA525400   |  7 Books in Set
NEW! Technology - Gr. 2-5: Past To Present

Tech is constantly progressing and changing. But have you ever stopped and wondered how it all started? In this series, discover how early innovations evolved into the technology we have today. Engaging inquiry-based sidebars encourage your young readers to think, create, guess, and ask questions about this technology.

 OA524865   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Technology - Gr. 2-5: Technology Developments

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. But time is the driver of technological development. Students see how the inventions we use every day, from cars to cell phones, have evolved from their birth to today’s technological advancements. A running timeline on each page makes this series perfect for supporting STEM topics in the elementary grades.

 OA525308   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Technology - Gr. 3+: High Technology

Technology is changing every day, bringing information to us faster than ever and making more things possible. Library-goers love reading about and exploring the amazing technologies in the world today. This series is specifically written for transitional readers.

 OA525280   |  6 Books in Set
Technology - Gr. 3+: Xtreme Robots

Simple text and eye-catching pictures show today's most amazing robots. Each book contains information on the jobs, functions, and abilities of modern robots. Includes the surprising skills of robots to walk, run, crawl, swim, fly, and even solve problems. With unique titles focusing on one area of robotics, the series introduces robots that are programmed to help humans in a variety of areas from robotic pets to space exploration.

 OA524867   |  6 Books in Set
Technology - Gr. 3-7: Designing A Better World

One new idea could make life easier for the whole world! Great inventors use a process called design thinking to help them identify problems, big and small, and create solutions for them. This series introduces your students to design thinking and teaches them how to look at problems and products in a specific way to figure out a solution or how to improve them. Design thinking fosters innovation, creativity, and even empathy--essential learning for students.

 OA524841   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Technology - Gr. 3-7: Digital Age Privacy

Digital technology has made life easier for people in many ways. The internet connects people all around the world. Computers help people store data. But digital technology can also be used to spy on people or commit crimes. Privacy in the Digital Age explores some of the key privacy and security issues facing computer and internet users today. Students learn about the ways people can protect their identities and personal information in the digital age.

 OA524842   |  6 Books in Set
Technology - Gr. 3-7: Emerging Technology

From Artificial Intelligence to Virtual Reality & Drones to Self-Driving Cars, only one man has been there, done that. Yes, Capt. Kirk. He says Artificial Intelligence is highly overrated – try carrying on a conversation with Spock – but none-the-less, the Capt. was an unnamed consultant on this series. Readers will explore the newest contributions in a variety of fields. By acting on creative ideas and using cutting edge research & technology, students will follow along as a complex idea reaches fruition. Science at its finest. See our Reference Section for more Tech series.

 OA524463   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Technology - Gr. 3-7: Exploring The Internet Of Things

What makes something "smart"? In The Exploring the Internet of Things Series, your readers discover how inanimate objects, from watches to home speakers to even t-shirts, help people get things done better, faster, and smarter. How can a ring schedule an Uber? How are smart contact lenses saving lives? The series focuses on the practical application, technological and future advancements, and innovation of IoT (The Internet of Things).

 OA525356   |  6 Books in Set
Technology - Gr. 3-7: Inside Technology

Technology has become an important part of our modern world. Smartphones connect people across the world through apps. Drones fly in the sky and take photos of natural disasters, rescue operations, and fields of crops. With clear text, vivid photos, and helpful infographics, Inside Technology examines how software and hardware come together inside electronics to change our society.

 OA524849   |  8 Books in Set
Technology - Gr. 3-7: Modern Science Marvels

Modern Engineering Marvels is sure to appeal to readers with a fascination for gadgets and gizmos! Each book focuses on a feat of engineering, exploring how the technology developed, the problem it aimed to solve, the companies and engineers involved, challenges faced during the development, and the technology's potential future. See our Reference Section for more Tech series.

 OA524675   |  6 Books in Set
Technology - Gr. 3-7: Robot Innovations

Robots have become an important part of our modern world. Some fly over battlefields or search for survivors of natural disasters. Others race through the sky or entertain consumers. With clear text, vivid images, and helpful infographics, Robot Innovations examines how engineers have made these developments and how robots are changing our society.

 OA525227   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Technology - Gr. 3-7: Technology Disruptors

How did people go from listening to big, bulky vinyl records to streaming music wirelessly on Spotify? How did black and white newspapers evolve into 280-character tweets and Buzzfeed articles filled with GIFs and memes? What impact does innovation have on society? In the Disruptors in Tech series, your readers discover how technology has positively and negatively disrupted major industries like music, media, cars, and even education!

 OA524863   |  8 Books in Set
Technology - Gr. 3-7: Unofficial Minecraft Tool Kit (Hot Topic!)

Night is approaching, and soon the monsters will be on the prowl. Better make a shelter, before it's too late. Welcome to Minecraft, a game of survival and creation. This series gives readers insider tips to survive and thrive in this virtual universe. Readers will explore the forests, waters, skies, tundra, and mountains of Minecraft, and the unique materials and monsters hiding in each biome. This immersive series helps Minecrafters develop STEM and problem-solving skills, encourages creative thinking, and fosters a love for engineering, coding, and architecture. See our Reference Section for more like series.

 OA524644   |  5 Books in Set
NEW! Technology - Gr. 5-9: Tech Bytes: High-Tech

New technological feats appear daily. It seems no idea is impossible to scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs, who help develop and bring these ideas to market. Tech Bytes explores these amazing new technologies and how they are changing the way people perform everyday tasks. Explore the precursors of these inventions, what problems had to be solved along the way, and how these technologies are changing the way we do things and live.

 OA525122   |  16 Books in Set
Technology - Gr. 7-12: Tech Titans

Today's major technology companies play significant roles in society. They make the smartphones and run the social media services that connect friends, families, and colleagues, and their capacity to collect and process data is unmatched in human history. Tech Titans examines the histories of these companies, discusses their activities today, and considers their futures.

 OA525123   |  8 Books in Set
Weather - Gr K-3

Readers will be mighty meteorologists by the time they're finished with this series. Simple text will explain the science behind weather and awesome photographs and diagrams will assist in understanding.

 OA523939   |  6 Books in Set
Weather - Gr K-3: Natural Disasters

Covers all the basics of a Natural Disaster: cause / effect, prediction, preparation & prevention.

 OA524480   |  6 Books in Set
Weather - Gr K-3: This Or That? Weather

Winter Storm or Blizzard? Here in Minnesota, I say Snow is Snow, strong winds or not! But these titles are VERY INFORMATIVE and match-up perfectly to your curriculum. The text and images are very engaging.

 OA524094   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Weather - Gr K-3: Weather Watch

From clouds to the water cycle, this series introduces basic facts about weather for early elementary students. Critical thinking questions invite your students to connect what they learn about the weather to their own lives, other texts they've read, and the world.

 OA525139   |  4 Books in Set
Weather - Gr K-3: What Is The Weather?

Beginning readers are introduced to the wild world of weather in this fun, storytelling approach to primary weather concepts. Bright illustrations of children experiencing different kinds of weather will draw early readers in, and accessible text will teach them essential earth science information in a fun, engaging way. Whether they’re reading about a sunny day, a gray and rainy one, or a day with giant hailstones or gusty winds.

 OA523445   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Weather - Gr K-3: Wild Weather (Best-Seller!)

EVERYONE is IMPACTED by WEATHER. Blizzards. Hurricanes. Hail. Floods. Thunderstorms. Vivid images matched with simple text explain the truly amazing phenomena we call Weather. And everything is described in terms your youngest readers or members of Congress can understand.

 OA524690   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Weather - Gr. 2-5: Extreme Weather! (Kids LOVE Weather Books)

Tsunamis. Droughts. Wildfires. Tornadoes. They Happen. But Why? This series explains to your students the reasons behind these dramatic events. Appropriate text, accompanied by images, diagrams and fact boxes, provides the right level of information – Your readers will have a better understanding and can then explain the “Why” to me.

 OA524844   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Weather - Gr. 3+: How To Survive! (Duh! Find Safety or Leave ASAP!)

How do people survive? We survive our Government, so how bad can it be? Horrible! Through photos showing the Before, During and After, the easy text explains the warning systems, preparation and how to safely survive the ordeal.

 OA524806   |  6 Books in Set


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