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Your Oliver & Andy Category Results for "Social Studies"

Most of the items in this category are sets that contain a number of different titles. In some cases, the sets contain subsets. Click on the "Go To" links below to view more specific information on individual titles within a set. To quickly search for individual titles, you may use the search box on the left.

Abandoned Towns Without People - Gr. 3+

Why would families living in a California mining town suddenly leave all of their possessions and abandon their homes? Similarly, why would a group of Native Americans who had spent years carving a hidden village into the side of a rocky plateau leave their dwellings? In this compelling new series, readers will learn all about unique, historic towns that have suddenly or mysteriously been abandoned. Dramatic, true stories and spooky tales will keep students on the edge of their seats as they trace the history of the town and learn about why it was abandoned. OA723023

 OA523767   |  4 Books in Set
Awesome Jobs - Gr. 3+

A Fashion Designer. Stunt Performer. Model or Snowboarder? Your STUDENTS find these Careers Fascinating! They will be taken behind the scenes – exploring the skills required, hard-work & sacrifices made to be successful. Includes mini-bios on the most famous. Career Books for Reluctant Readers!

 OA523264J   |  8 Books in Set
Best Quiz Ever! - Gr. 3+

Like, EVER…Yep. The Best Quizzes EVER! A great way to get your Reluctant Readers into Books. As they answer fun questions, your students will learn about curriculum topics, too. With an engaging layout, fascinating facts, & age-appropriate text, this may be the most unique series ever…Like, EVER.

 OA524276   |  16 Books in Set
Biggest, Baddest Books - Gr. 3+

Every book in this series is an adventure with the coolest, the biggest, and the most awesome facts around each topic! Written to stimulate the curiosity of reluctant readers, this series focuses on making reading fun as well as informational. 

 OA522951   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Choose Your Own Career Adventure - Gr 3+

GREAT SERIES CONCEPT!! Your Readers can select an interesting sounding Career. Then, they can choose from eight different scenarios with each resulting in a different career options. It’s the next best thing to working a ton of jobs! An ideal way for students to TRY different occupations!

 OA524277   |  8 Books in Set
Constructions Machines - Gr. 3+

BIG MACHINES. Your young readers are fascinated by these Large Vehicles! They will learn fascinating facts through easy-to-read text. Detailed photos & exclusive, on-line resources show how POWERFUL MACHINES GET THE JOB DONE!

 OA523884   |  6 Books in Set
Core Lbrary: Creatures Of Legend - Gr. 3-7

Throughout history, people have used folklore to make sense of the world around them. Creatures of Legend introduces you to some of the world’s most popular legendary creatures. Learn where and why these legends began, how they are reflected in different cultures, and how they are understood today.

 OA523452   |  6 Books in Set
Creepy Creatures - Gr. 3+

Blending real-life history and evidence with age-old myths, this hair-raising series invites young readers to think critically about monster legends and how they influence society. Text describes each creature, highlights historical accounts around the world, and offers examples from books, television, and film. OA723023

 OA523885   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Dinosaur School: First Trip - Gr. K-3

With a Dinosaur as a guide, your younger readers will explore and become acquainted with the important People & Places around their Community. Full-color Illustrations and low-level text make these titles an easy way to introduce your kids to their doctor, library, fire station, etc.

 OA524278   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Drones: Eyes In The Skies - Gr. 3-7

Drones. You Know. Those people who go on and on and on about some boring item they did this last weekend…WAIT. This series isn’t about those people – thank goodness, since I have a couple as employees – but about those unmanned, wacky looking items flying pretty much everywhere. From military use to eventually delivering us pizza in minutes, this in-depth examination of drones explores an exciting subject material which just so happens to match social studies & science curriculum.

 OA524070   |  5 Books in Set
Emergency Response - Gr. 3+

FLAMES SHOOTING HIGH IN THE SKY! Sirens WAILIN’! Firefighters. EMTs. Police Officers. Your STUDENTS find these Careers Fascinating! They will be taken behind the scenes – exploring the skills required, hard-work & sacrifices necessary to be successful. An engaging design features Fascinating Facts including the job’s history.

 OA523575   |  8 Books in Set
Extreme Jobs - Gr.3+

Extreme Jobs are all the RAGE on TV, and YOUR students are watching those shows. From commercial fishermen to people chasing tornadoes, you can turn those interests into READING a Book! Action-packed photos and easy-to-read text make these IDEAL for both at-level and reluctant readers. Each title describes the job’s history, daily tasks, challenges, required education and ways for the student to explore more about the job.

 OA522696   |  6 Books in Set
Extreme Machines - Gr.3+

EXTREME MACHINES = EXTREME READING! Each title focuses on different types of vehicles in a larger category. Through eye-catching photos and age-appropriate text, the history, design, operation, and functions are covered on a wide range of machines. Your Reluctant Readers will LOVE’em! Our Web site features tons of vehicle books!

 OA523895   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Fact Or Phony?: Myth Busters - Gr. 3+

Johnny Depp is a Real Pirate. (Phony.) Keith Richards was a Real Pirate. (Fact – he is 300 years-old.) We Swallow Insects While We Sleep. (No idea – I don’t want to know.) This series explores, explains & debunks all kinds of claims. Readers will laugh their way through each title as gross, silly & ridiculous topics are dubbed as Fact or Fiction!

 OA524073   |  6 Books in Set
Frontline Families- Gr. 5-9

Studies of military conflicts are often reduced to numbers of casualties and battlefield maneuvers. But anyone who has a loved one who has served in the armed forces knows there are innumerable personal accounts that are never printed in books or reported in the news. These stories don't only come from the frontlines but soldiers' families as well. This absorbing series relates the course of several famous wars, from the American Revolution to the War in Afghanistan, but also highlights the daily experiences of soldiers and those back home.

 OA524223   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Funny Bone Readers: Dealing With Bullies - Gr. K-3

Through colorful illustrations, fun characters, and engaging storylines, your readers will enjoy these stories – yes, enjoy – and learn about friendships, bulling, and more.

 OA523903   |  6 Books in Set
Funny Holiday Jokes - Gr. 3+

How Did Pilgrims Entertain Themselves At The First Thanksgiving? Everyone loves silly jokes - well, except for Kevin. Besides him, everyone will learn all about the history, celebration. and significance of each special day. Oh, the answer: By Telling Corn-y Jokes.

 OA523168   |  6 Books in Set
Happy Holidays! - Gr. K-3

Who was St. Patrick? What is the history of Valentine’s Day? Why do people wear costumes for Halloween? Very common questions your younger students have. Easy-to-read text and bright, full-color photos introduce your readers to the holiday, its culture, and history. Hands-on activities further engage the reader.

 OA523456   |  9 Books in Set
Helping The Community - Gr. K-3

Your younger readers recognize a policeman, fireman, or a librarian. But what exactly do these people do? This series engages the reader through colorful photos and easy text. Now, they will know how important these people – and their jobs – are in our communities.

 OA524279   |  14 Books in Set
NEW! Highly Guarded Places - Gr. 3+

How tight is the security at the Super Bowl? Who Guards Fort Knox & Why is it Important? This series takes your students on a tour inside some of the most secretive – and secure – places in the World. Photos and engaging text enable your students to understand the History & Importance of these high profile targets. And the difficulties of keeping them safe in this ever changing world—a FASCINATING read.

 OA524280   |  8 Books in Set
History Of Our Holidays - Gr. 2-5

MYSTERIOUS. Students may wonder why costumes are worn on Halloween. Or why April 1st is a day of Jokes – I propose April 15th is a Bigger Joke. And some may ponder why a Furry rat predicts the Weather. The origins of our Holidays are more colorful & MYSTERIOUS than most would imagine. Fascinating Cultures & Absorbing History make these A Great Addition to Your Social Studies / History Collection.

 OA524077   |  6 Books in Set
History's Most Haunted - Gr. 3+

Spooky sounds, frightening phantoms, and eerie encounters are often left out of history books. But scary tales do abound in many accounts of the past. Readers embark on a guided tour through the haunted halls of Edinburgh Castle and the supernatural happenings at Gettysburg in this series. With descriptions of reported sightings of Abraham Lincoln in the White House and screams heard in the deserted cells of Alcatraz, these volumes will engage readers in learning about history through a host of ghost stories. 823023

 OA523338   |  6 Books in Set
History's Mysteries - Gr. 3+

Were there really men from Mars at Area 51? Is there really a curse on King Tut’s tomb? This enthralling series introduces some of the most gripping, historical mysteries of all time. These thought-provoking books present a balanced view, allowing your students to decide for themselves. Sure to attract your most Reluctant of Readers!

 OA523766   |  6 Books in Set
Holiday Cooking For Kids - Gr. 3-7

This festive series features delicious holiday themed recipes. Aspiring chefs will be kept busy all year long making treats from Valentine's Day to Christmas and Hanukkah. Instructional photographs and easy-to-follow recipes guide readers to creating delicious holiday dishes. These informative books are fun for the whole family.

 OA523008   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Holiday Crafts - Gr. K-3

EASY CRAFTS for Your Younger Students. Whether it’s a Ghostly Halloween Mask or a Sweet Valentine, the age-appropriate instructions & illustrations make these Crafts a Snap. Plus, each title contains basic information on the Holiday.

 OA524281   |  8 Books in Set
Holiday Origami - Gr. 3-7

Readers will fold their way to holiday fun with the help of this educational series. Readers will be introduced to the wonderful world of origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. Using just a sheet of paper readers will create festive holiday decorations.

 OA523765   |  7 Books in Set
How Do They Help? - Volunteer Organizations - Gr. 2-5

Volunteers & Workers do many different jobs. Your readers will learn each organization’s history, how they help others, and why they are needed. Unfortunately, none of Rev. Jim’s non-profits are listed.

 OA523580   |  6 Books in Set
Jokes & Riddles: Learning Made Fun - Gr. 3+

What does a mummy do to relax? Your students will be giggling (different color) – and learning fun nonfiction facts – through JOKES! Oh, The Answer: He UNWINDS! Ha!

 OA523913A   |  12 Books in Set
Jr. Graphic Ghost Stories - Gr. 3+

This collection of spooky and spine-tingling tales of creatures from beyond the grave will have youngsters turning pages faster than you can say, "We have a reader!" The graphic format lends itself perfectly to these intriguing tales of ghostly maidens, ghost ships, hauntings, and the headless horseman.

 OA523581   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Let's Race - Gr. K-3

This series brings the EXCITEMENT of RACING—all Kinds of Racing-- to your younger readers. Simple text and colorful, action photos will draw them in. These may just be the series which sparks their love of reading!

 OA524282   |  8 Books in Set
Mighty Military Machines - Gr. 3+

Guaranteed to generate high interest with your students! TANKS. HELICOPTERS. FIGHTER PLANES. Interesting text and great photos will make your Reluctant Readers feel like they are in the cockpit or wondering the halls of a gigantic aircraft carrier.

 OA523762   |  6 Books in Set
Military Aircrafts, Ships & Vehicles - Gr. 3+

Perfect for your Reluctant Readers! Featuring clear text and bright photographs, each book examines the military's most amazing tanks, ships, and planes. This series introduces readers to these extraordinary machines in a fun and easy way. See page 34 for additional military titles.

 OA822876   |  24 Books in Set
Military Families - Gr. 3+

The brave men and women who defend our country are more than just heroes--they're moms, dads, aunts, uncles, brothers, and sisters, too. This series celebrates the lives of countless family members who've dedicated their lives to military service. Readers will gain a unique perspective on all branches of the military, including the Army, Navy, Marines, National Guard, Air Force, and Army Reserves. This high-interest series will appeal to all readers, but especially those who are part of a military family themselves. OA711011

 OA524079   |  7 Books in Set
Military Forces - Gr. 3+

These are great books for those hard-to-reach students. These riveting series takes your readers into the lives of individual soldiers who’ve shown uncommon bravery while facing incredible danger. Through lots of full-color photos and age-appropriate, easy-to-read text, these are the types of stories that will reach your Reluctant Readers.

 OA111011   |  22 Books in Set
NEW! Monsters - Gr. 3+

Vampires. Howlin’ Werewolves. Monsters of The Midway. Evil Witches. (I think I had one as a teacher!) Whether they’re based on any facts doesn’t matter as long as their tales continue to intrigue. This series uses engaging text & images while examining the history of the monster. Readers will learn the real “facts” behind the creatures and be able to reach their own conclusions…Personally, I don’t take any chances & wear garlic everyday.

 OA524283   |  12 Books in Set
My First Trip - Gr. K-3

For your young readers’ the World is FULL of ADVENTURES! Through Colorful Illustrations and easy-to-read text, these CHARMING fictionalized stories will keep your students – Dare I Say – ENTERTAINED - all while learning about the important people and places in their community! Visit our Web site for other great low-level Community Helper series including People In My Community.

 OA523045   |  12 Books in Set
National Holidays - Gr. K-3

Why do we observe Labor Day? What does Veterans Day mean? A very attractive series that explains “the whos, whats and whys” of our National Holidays. Simply written with colorful photos makes this a must for your library! Features exclusive, on-line resources.

 OA523915   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Online Smarts - Gr. 2-5

Everyone, AND I MEAN EVERYONE lives on the Internet! Ever hear of Facebook? But not all your students, especially young readers, are armed with the skills needed to use it wisely—how to maintain privacy online (Ever hear of Facebook!) or being safe from online predators! Some common sense guides for your young Internet users. (Many of your older ones could use it, too.)

 OA523916   |  6 Books in Set
Our Holiday Symbols - Gr. 2-5

Why do we have TURKEY at Thanksgiving or fireworks (fireworks above word) on the Fourth of July? Answers basic questions about favorite Holiday icons, including how they became linked to their special days. Each title also includes information on the Holiday itself including the history, how it is celebrated, and much more!

 OA523764   |  6 Books in Set
Ready For Military Action - Gr. 3+

From vehicles and weapons to robots and service animals, the tools of the US military are truly amazing. Ready for Military Action takes you on the front lines with some of the most fascinating technology, gear, vehicles, and animals being used by the US armed forces. Learn more about the history behind these tools and technologies and how the US military uses them today to get its job done.

 OA523758   |  8 Books in Set
Scary Places - Gr. 3+

General Social Studies. Things That Go Bump In The Night...BOO! In the frightening new series, your readers will read nonfiction accounts of what happened in historical places and how those happenings are tied to tales of ghosts, poltergeists, and other unexplainable events. The fabulous photographs and chilling text will get your reluctant readers reading!

 OA524284A   |  26 Books in Set
Seeing Both Sides - Gr. K-3

Omar says watching TV is fun & not a waste of time. Jessica says he is lazy & should get off of the couch. Who is Right? Who is Wrong? Or do both have valid points? This series provides information supporting both sides of a topic, so your readers can form their own opinions. A Great Series Concept.

 OA523926   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Special Forces - Gr. 3+

Military Special Forces in Action explores the history of these brave branches and how they train, perform rescue missions, and defend our country. In action-packed compelling narratives, each book in the series recounts experiences of members of our military forces. OA811011

 OA524285   |  6 Books in Set
Special Ops - Gr. 3+

Special Ops introduces budding military buffs to the ins and outs of our nation's most elite military forces. Full of fascinating facts, each engaging title discusses the history of the featured special ops force, including key individuals involved in the force's founding. OA711011

 OA524090   |  6 Books in Set
Speed Machines - Gr. 3+

Dirt Bikes FLYIN' through the air! Speedboats RACIN' OVER Water! The type of topics that INSTANTLY ENGAGE your kids. Through easy-to-read text and eye-popping, oversized photographs, readers will learn all aspects of a vehicle: history, development, uses, and technology; diagrams simply breakdown the scientific and mechanical concepts such as vehicle parts and the inner workings of an engine.

 OA523763   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Story Of Our Holidays - Gr. 2-5

Readers can explore the history, cultural traditions, and symbols associated with these popular Holidays. Your students will learn the meaning behind each Holiday and the fun celebrating it. Each title also includes a recipe & project based on the Special Day.

 OA524286   |  12 Books in Set
Talking Hands - Gr. K-3

Learning any language, either spoken or manual, begins with vocabulary acquisition. This series offers readers a basic introduction to American Sign Language and features common words and signs from a broad range of subject areas. Photo cues combined with simple illustrations and descriptive captions help readers begin learning signs. Informative sidebars enhance the text. These unique books help children broaden their communications horizons and expand their language skills. Gr. K-3

 OA524405   |  12 Books in Set
Twelve Magic Months - Gr. 2-5

Great Trivia Books! These fact-packed titles go month-by-month, covering everything from famous birthdays, odd celebrations, historic happenings & global holidays! Ideal for Reports. Gr. 2-5

 OA523579   |  12 Books in Set
Unexplained: What's The Evidence? - Gr. 3+

Are UFOs, ghosts, aliens—based on facts or just SCARY stories? (Aliens have to be real! – How else do we explain Congress?) This series presents famous stories of the supernatural – both the facts behind the unexplained & true hoaxes. Sure to keep kids reading! OA923023

 OA523937   |  10 Books in Set
United States Armed Forces - Gr. 3+

This series will engage your Reluctant Readers as they learn about our military – from the elite Navy Seals to the ever tough Marines. With easy-to-read text and full-color photos, your students will enjoy these titles.

 OA522820   |  6 Books in Set
Vehicles - Gr. K-3

JUMP START your students reading! Bright, bold photographs of BIG and FAST vehicles rumble off the page while super-easy text allows comprehension for even the lowest-level reader. The "perfect combination" of subject matter and manageable information blocks makes reading & learning FUN.

 OA524095A   |  15 Books in Set
What's Inside: Military Machines - Gr. 3+

It’s What’s Inside that Counts! A very true statement when looking inside these Machines! The age-appropriate text & engaging photos take readers directly inside classic and modern military technology. Perfect for Reluctant Readers. Ideal for Social Studies & Science curriculum. OA811011

 OA524098   |  6 Books in Set
Xtreme Jobs - Gr. 3+

Hairstylist, audiologist, and jeweler are a few of the least stressful jobs in the US. Where's the action? Xtreme Jobs introduces readers to today's most thrilling and dangerous work. These intense careers are captured in captivating close-up photos. Information on these jobs, as well as skills, training, and safety information are presented in short, easy-to-read bursts of information. Learn what it takes to swallow one's fear and take on death-defying challenges in Xtreme Jobs!

 OA523943   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Yikes! It's Haunted - 3+

SCARY HOUSES. GHOSTS ROAMING AN ANCIENT BATTLEFIELD. Cemeteries I WILL Never Enter!! May people believe weird & wild - scary & spooky - incidents occur at these places for no apparent reason. Are there other forces at work? This series presents very balanced information. (I don't care what the "experts" say - cemeteries are spooky at night, so I wear plenty of garlic and bring some stakes.) OA723023

 OA524287   |  6 Books in Set


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