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Your Oliver & Andy Category Results for "Animals"

Most of the items in this category are sets that contain a number of different titles. In some cases, the sets contain subsets. Click on the "Go To" links below to view more specific information on individual titles within a set. To quickly search for individual titles, you may use the search box on the left.

All About Baby Zoo Animals - Gr. K-3

Introduce beginning readers to six different baby animals they can visit at a zoo! They will learn fascinating facts about each animal, including its diet, behaviors, unique traits, and ways it communicates. Easy-to-read text and full-page color photographs bring readers into the wild world of these adorable baby animals.

 OA524250A   |  8 Books in Set
American Humane Association Top Pets For Kids - Gr. 3-7

A series of elementary-level books, with each title concentrating on a different pet. Each book will discuss the various breeds or species within that pet group. Written in chapter format and using simple sentences, each title will discuss things to consider when choosing a type of pet, as well as general care of the pet, including diet, health, handling, and grooming. The American Humane Association (AHA) has reviewed and approved each book.

 OA523774   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Animal Builders - Gr. K-3

From Beehives to Tree Nests, this illustrated narrative nonfiction series explains how animals use their special to make a home that fits their needs.

 OA524481   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Animal Emotions - Gr. 2-5

I Feel Pretty Stupid – I didn’t realize Elephants Cried or Dolphins Mourned. And I bet your students don’t either…or they all do, and I am Not Smarter Than a Third Grader. Each book discusses in simple terms an emotion of a particular animal. What triggers it, physical manifestation, and how the emotion compares to similar human emotions.

 OA524482   |  6 Books in Set
Animal Fun Facts - Gr. 2-5

Ideal For Report Writing! Filled with big, bright colorful photos and the age-appropriate text, these titles are a treasure! Each book is filled with interesting facts about the animals’ habitat, diet, adaptations, and special characteristics - making these interesting and fun to learn about.

 OA523136   |  18 Books in Set
Animal Invaders: Destroying Native Habitats - Gr. 2-5

Invasive species are a news fixture. And unlike Russia, these species threaten American animals and habitats. Each title explains where & how they were introduced, the harm caused by their presence, habitats, food chains, and what is being done to remove them.

 OA524483   |  6 Books in Set
Animal Life Cycles - Gr. 2-5

These fun introductions to life cycles are written from the perspective of a student who observes wild animals and records his or her observations in a diary. This fresh approach provides an additional perspective on the development of animals that includes the entire life cycle as well as the animals' natural habitat, diet, and behavior. Bright photos and diagrams and clear, age-appropriate text will engage young readers.

 OA522941   |  9 Books in Set
Animal Look-Alikes- Gr. K-3

Lots of animals are easy to spot, but sometimes it can get a bit tricky. Readers will take a close look at similar-looking creatures and learn what makes each unique. Readers will dive into the sea and explore the differences between dolphins and porpoises as well as seals and sea lions. They'll also explore the depths of the jungle and learn how to tell a jaguar and leopard apart with the help of vibrant photographs that show every detail of these amazing animals.

 OA524215   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Animal Rights: Welfare & Treatment - Gr. 3-7

This series introduces readers to topics such treatment of farm animals, lab experiments, poaching, as well as the effects these practices have on animal habitats and species. Each book provides an engaging discussion of the topic's history and related laws, media reaction, activism, advocacy, and opposing viewpoints. Balanced, easy-to-read text and full-color photos examine key points, helping your readers form their own opinions about each issue.

 OA524681   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Animal Teamwork - Gr. 2-5

The Animal Kingdom provides many great examples of teamwork – just the opposite of what occurs when people are working together. An excellent match to Life Science Curriculum, this series explores how creatures of all sizes work together to survive covering their various tasks, importance of each, habitat, life cycle, etc.

 OA524485   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Animals Are Wild - Gr 3+

Animals have all sorts of adaptations that make them better suited to their habitats and lifestyles. Whether they have long, sharp teeth for catching prey or a huge nose that helps them smell more effectively, animals’ bodies are just right for their lives—even if they look strange or scary to people. Readers get an up-close look at some of the wildest animals, both in behavior and looks, as they learn all about each animal’s important adaptations. The main content features fascinating facts about popular animals, such as sharks, as well as little-known animals, such as the scale-covered pangolin.

 OA524486   |  6 Books in Set
Animals Behaviors - Gr. 2-5

President Harry Truman once said, “No man should be allowed to be President who does not understand hogs.” (I am from IA &, I get it – Locatis Hampshires Hogs.) Did you know that pigs are social, playful animals who are smarter than dogs? This series will allow your readers to understand the social structure of various species. Outstanding titles!

 OA524251   |  6 Books in Set
Animals That Live In... - Gr. K-3

General Animals. Your beginning readers will be captivated by the vibrant color photographs. And the easy-to-read text provides just the right amount of information on these creatures that call the ocean home. Your students will learn about each animal's life cycle, behavior, and unique adaptations to its environment.

 OA524487A   |  20 Books in Set
Baby Animals - Gr. K-3

“AAAHH” – SO VERY CUTE. AND CUDDLY! Books on Baby Animals are Popular with Everybody! These series use vibrant, full-color, CUTE photos matched with age-appropriate text. Readers will learn the basics of each, all while wanting them as pets. OA961920

 OA523776   |  12 Books in Set
Baby Zoo Animals - Gr. K-3

Baby animals always draw big crowds at the zoo. The fascinating facts and adorable photos in these books give students a close look at some of the most amazing animals in the world. They will discover how these baby animals learn and grow, what they eat, and how they socialize with each other.

 OA522943   |  8 Books in Set
Backyard Animals - Gr. 3-7

In The Sky or On The Ground, Backyard Animals Abound! Wherever your students live, there are animals around. These titles cover the habitats, diet, appearance, life cycles, and more of these very common critters.

 OA523777   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Backyard Animals - Gr. K-3

Students can conduct an Educational Field Trip right in their backyard – an area Filled with BUGS, BIRDS, & ANIMALS GALORE! Readers will learn basic information on these ever-present creatures who exist right outside their backdoor!

 OA524507   |  6 Books in Set
Backyard Bird Watchers - Gr. 2-5

Great Concept. Each colorful volume takes the form of a young birdwatcher’s journal, with entries explaining a bird’s appearance, life cycle, habit, and behaviors. The tools & responsibilities of successful bird watchers are emphasized. Who Knows? Maybe Alfred Hitchcock used books like these to understand The Birds Better.

 OA524488A   |  10 Books in Set
Bioindicator Species: Understanding The Health Of Ecosystems - Gr. 3-7

Animals can help us see the effects of climate change, pollution, and habitat destruction. Bioindicator Species takes the pulse of animals already threatened by human action in order to better understand our changing world.

 OA524225   |  5 Books in Set
Bizarre Beast Battles - Gr. 3+

Featuring fascinating, fierce, or just plain gross animals, your students will love speculating about which animal would be the victor after learning about strength, size, intelligence, and fighting prowess. Super-fun facts, cool graphics, and vivid images of the animals at their wildest.

 OA524066   |  6 Books in Set
Checkerboard Animals - Gr. 3-7

General Animals. Written in grade-appropriate language, with controlled vocabulary, sentence, and paragraph lenght, these books are the perfect resource for your students! All the relevant information is covered- habitats, life cycles, varieties, history, and so much more. Plus, appealing, full-color photos make these animals jump off the page!

 OA700020   |  24 Books in Set
Core Library: Amazing Reptiles Gr. 3-7

This series takes a look at some of the best known reptiles. Kids will learn about each animal’s behavior, survival skills and much more. They may even find some facts to gross out their fellow students or even their teacher!

 OA523617   |  8 Books in Set
Core Library: Great Predators - Gr. 3-7

Great Predators!!!!! A lot of your readers LOVE it when creatures show their fangs, teeth, or claws!!! With gripping text and great photos, your students will be on the prowl with these vicious animals as they stalk their prey! Packed full of information, readers will learn about the animal’s physical characteristics, behaviors, habitats, life cycle, and so much more!

 OA523286   |  8 Books in Set
Core Library: Smartest Animals - Gr. 3-7

Elephants can “tell” when a student is lying about their homework! No, I made that up – besides where could you keep him? But there are so many other item animals know – from sniffing out a bomb to communicating with humans at a high level. Animals continue to “surprise” scientists with their astonishing smarts. Curriculum-based, the engaging text & striking images explore the history, training, skills developed, and how humans are impacted.

 OA523472   |  6 Books in Set
Cute Baby Animals - Gr. K-3

This exciting series gives young readers an inside peek into the lives of adorable baby African animals! Captivating photographs and clear, lively text bring second-grade life science curricular concepts to life. Each book covers the animal's birth and life cycle, how the animal is alike and different from its parents, what it eats, how it matures, how it interacts with its habitat, and more. OA961920

 OA524490   |  10 Books in Set
NEW! Cutest Animals…That Can Kill! Gr. 3+

This series features more of the most adorable animals on Earth, such as monkeys and pandas, but these same animals should strike fear into the hearts of humans and wildlife everywhere. Each book reads like a thrilling tale of survival as well as providing fundamental details about animals’ life cycles and adaptations.

 OA524648   |  6 Books in Set
Discover Dogs With The American Canine Association - Gr. K-3

A DOGGONE Good series for your Dog Lovers! Through simple sentences and full color photos, each title covers the basics of a specific, adorable dog. Warning: Some of them will just HAVE to own one!!

 OA524262   |  6 Books in Set
Favorite Cat Breeds - Gr. 2-5

All your Young Cat Lovers – and potential pet owners – will enjoy these titles. Easy-to-read text and adorable pictures feature all basics of the specific cat, make this PURR-FECT for your Library. OA791919

 OA524257   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Favorite Dog Breeds - Gr. 2-5

A dog might be your best friend, but all dogs are not created equally. Read about your favorite breeds to find out the unique differences. Whether your students are dog lovers or trying to pick out a new pet, these books provide good nonfiction reading practice for those in the lower grades. OA791919

 OA524491   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Freaky Fish - Gr. 2-5

Weird. Strange. Odd. Normally I reserve those words for Family Reunion…Until I saw this series! These are some of the strangest looking fish I’ve ever seen. If I reeled a Fangtooth into the boat, I wouldn’t be in the boat for long. This series nets the bizarre lives, shapes, habitats, & fun-facts of some really wacky looking fish. And the photos are outstanding!

 OA524492   |  6 Books in Set
Guess What Animal I Am? - Gr. K-3

Kids love Riddles! And Guessing! And Candy, but this series has nothing to do with candy… . These books provide visual clues, clearly written facts, & simple hints to assist the reader guessing what animal is being discussed. Your students will have a BLAST while actually learning useful information on a variety of animals.

 OA524493A   |  26 Books in Set
NEW! Insects: Six-Legged Nightmares. Gr 3+

There are creepy-crawly creatures all around us. Some of them are harmless, but others are a true nightmare. This coruscating collection introduces readers to some of the most dangerous insects on the planet. From land-based assassin bugs to flying menaces like the Jewel wasp and Japanese giant hornets, these creatures are as interesting as they are scary. Through a scientific exploration of these wild bugs, readers learn more about how and where they live.

 OA524647   |  6 Books in Set
Just Kidding! Animal Jokes - Gr. 2-5

Like people, animals do some pretty funny things. Or, at least they do in jokes! Readers will get the giggles while reading jokes about dopey dogs, funny fish, and silly snakes. Full-color photographs and adorable animal doodles will show animals at their funniest as readers also discover entertaining information about each animal.

 OA523613   |  6 Books in Set
Kids: Amazing Animals - Gr. K-3

From adorable kittens to playful dogs to reptiles to bird-eating spiders!! Yes, bird-eating spiders—better they eat spiders than attack me! Simple text and dynamite pictures will envelop – as well as educate – your young readers. Features exclusive, on-line resources and larger book size.

 OA977777A   |  84 Books in Set
NEW! Kids: Baby Animals - Gr. K-3

Each title covers the first days and weeks of the baby animal's life through simple sentences written in large text. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. OA961920

 OA524495   |  6 Books in Set
Let's Find Out! Animal Life - Gr. 2-5

Through colorful photos & accessible text, these books investigate the lives of species across the animal kingdom. Readers will discover the different ways animals hunt, feed, defend themselves, and more. Your students will make connections between species & think about how humans, animals, and the environment interact.

 OA524078   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Let's Get A Pet! - Gr. K-3

Having a pet is an exciting adventure! Young readers can learn about responsibility, science, and nature by having an animal in the home, or even have their curiosity sparked by a pet in a friend or family member’s home! This series will help readers understand and connect to their new little friend, whatever the kind—bird, bunny, cat, dog, fish, or hamster! They’ll also learn the essentials of pet care and the many rewards of pet ownership. Full-color photographs give life to the age-appropriate content for any young pet lover. OA791919

 OA524496   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Life Cycles: See Them Grow - Gr. K-3

How Does A Tiny Tadpole Turn Into a Huge Frog? Your Beginning Readers will through simple steps and fascinating, informative photos how different kinds of animals grow into adults. With just the right amount of detail, this series is a perfect introduction to Animal Development.

 OA524497   |  6 Books in Set
Mini Animals - Gr. K-3

Pretty much impossible NOT to find MINI Animals cute! From Dogs to Sheep, these little creatures will be a BIG HIT with your students. Through accessible text and an eye-catching design, each title explores the animal’s history, habitat, life cycle, any special care it needs, fun facts & much more!

 OA524498   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Nature's Grossest - Gr. K-3

Nature is a constant source of wonder, excitement, and astonishment, but it can also be disgusting. Yes, some of the animals we know and love, such as downy rabbits and fuzzy chicks, have behaviors that people find pretty gross. Young readers will find them totally captivating, though. They’ll learn not only that rabbits eat excrement and chicks gobble up vomit, but—more importantly—why they have these strange adaptations.

 OA524639   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Nocturnal Animals - Gr. K-3

What goes bump in the night? Maybe it's a wombat! Kids will love learning about these cool critters that prefer their waking hours to be under the cover of night.

 OA524684   |  6 Books in Set
North American's Biggest Beasts - Gr. 2-5

What do bison, moose, and grizzly bears have in common? They're some of North America's biggest beasts! Readers discover fun facts about these and other massive mammals of North America. Vibrant, full-color photographs show these impressive animals in their natural habitats. Science concepts are presented through engaging text and helpful graphic organizers. What do these animals eat to get so large? How do they use their size to survive in the wild? The answers to these questions and more are waiting for readers to discover.

 OA524082   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Our Weird Pets - Gr. 2-5

Having a pet is a wonderful experience that teaches children how to be responsible for another living thing. This series goes beyond cats, dogs, and goldfish, introducing pets that some might find a bit unusual. Readers will learn about nontraditional pets including tarantulas, chinchillas, and pot-bellied pigs. The nonfiction text explores the habits and various needs of these strange animals, focusing on their habitat, favorite foods, sleep schedules, and interesting behaviors. Colorful photographs and age-appropriate text are sure to keep young readers engaged. OA791919

 OA524499   |  6 Books in Set
Poisonous Animals - Gr. 3+

CAN a JELLYFISH sting kill? How about a Black Widow spider? Kids love scary things! They’ll enjoy reading how these animals live, hunt, and use their venom to survive!

 OA523920   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Predators - Gr. 3+

From orcas and tigers to pythons and wolves, nature's predators are amazing! Learn how they hunt, where they live, how they act, and what physical features set them apart from their prey. Each book includes a range map and a life cycle diagram.

 OA524500   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Real Monsters - Gr. 3+

Discover the mysteries surrounding some of Earth's most monstrous creatures with Real Monsters. This series introduces the unique features and mythology surrounding these real-life beasts. The text covers habitat, life cycle, physical characteristics, diet, and defenses. Also included are informative infographics such as range maps and a food chain diagrams.

 OA524637RM   |  6 Books in Set
Real-Life Vampires - Gr. 3+

BLOODSUCKING. There are some animals that thrive off of the BLOOD of others. Your Readers will sink their teeth into this fascinating subject. Through an eye-catching layout & dramatic text, students will learn about these creepy creatures.

 OA524085   |  6 Books in Set
Shark Search - Gr. 3+

LOOK-OUT! SHARK!!!!! Sharks scare me, and I live in Minnesota! But your students absolutely love them. Each title introduces the reader to a shark species including their anatomy, hunting techniques, prey & conservation. Readers will enjoy the gripping photos & fascinating facts all while learning.

 OA524088   |  6 Books in Set
Snakes On The Hunt - Gr. 3+

This series may sound like a B-Movie, but it is a HIGH-INTEREST Topic your most Reluctant of Readers will enjoy. Fun Facts and AMAZING visuals will hold your students’ attention as they LEARN about SNAKES in their Natural Habitats.

 OA524258   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Spiders: Eight-Legged Freaks - Gr. 3+

Spiders are amazing creatures that live unique lives. But some spiders are truly terrifying. These murderous monsters live all over the world, building webs and catching prey. This series puts readers on the hunt with some of the world’s most interesting arthropods. Some of these spiders’ names speak for themselves—bird-eating spiders and funnel web spiders, to name a few. Others, like the black widow and trapdoor spider, just sound plain scary. With colorful photographs showing these eight-legged arachnids up close and personal, readers will love getting an in-depth look at some of the scariest-looking animals on Earth.

 OA524637S   |  6 Books in Set
Superior Animal Senses - Gr. 2-5

How Can Cats See So Well At Night? How Do Dolphins Use Sonar? Through an engaging design, colorful photos, & interesting text, your students will find the answers to these questions & many others as they explore animal adaptations and heightened senses. These Superior Senses would really be helpful in dealing with students.

 OA524091   |  6 Books in Set
This Or That? Animals - Gr. K-3

Is it a FROG or TOAD? A CROCODILE or ALLIGATOR? Simple sentences and vivid photos will aid your young readers in learning the differences between similar looking animals.

 OA523611   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Toxic Creatures - Gr. 3+

Earth is populated by fabulous creatures great and small. This series explores the world of some of the most dangerous venomous and poisonous animals on the planet. Learn how each creature’s toxins harm both predators and prey, which animals are immune to these toxins, and what sets these creatures apart from others in their species. These high-interest books will satisfy the curiosity of young, animal-loving students while introducing them to the fascinating science of this subset of animals.

 OA524502   |  6 Books in Set
Ultimate Animal Defenses - Gr. 3+

Have your students imagine they are afraid, but instead of running and yelling for help, they pretend to be a stick! That’s how an inchworm protects itself! The Texas Horned Lizard actually shoots blood out of its eyes! (Sounds like some principals I’ve heard about.) Your Reluctant Readers will love this series – Think of all the adults they can gross out!!

 OA524260   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Weird And Unusual Animals - Gr. 2-5

Sea Cucumbers? Flying Dragons? Like your students, I was shocked and amazed by these unusual creatures! Amazing photos & informative text provide enjoyable learning.

 OA524503   |  8 Books in Set
Weird But Cute Animals -Gr. K-3

Some of these animals look pretty GOOFY – But in their own way, cute – though the Tarsier still scares the heck out of me. I don’t want that thing in my trees! Furry, Big-eyes, strange ears, and a 100 other characteristics make these animals fun to see – and learn about. Through a colorful design, eye-catching photos and engaging text, your students will LOVE Learning about these WEIRD animals.

 OA524504A   |  14 Books in Set
Why Do Animals... - Gr. 2-5

Why does a Hyena (or Wagner) sound like he’s laughing when he gets excited? Why does a skunk have a stripe down his back? All these questions and many more are answered in these easy-to-read, beautifully photographed books—a must for your library! Questions, Questions. Answers, Answers.

 OA524261   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Wild & Woolly Animals Gr. 3+

In this entertaining and educational set, readers will learn about domesticated animals and their contributions to our world. Each book focuses on an adorable species, which farmers raise for fiber and other resources. Readers will study where these animals come from, the history of their domestication, and how domestication shaped the species' evolution. Putting an unexpected twist on science topics, this series is sure to grab readers' attention.

 OA524662   |  6 Books in Set
Wild Backyard Animals - Gr. 3+

Readers will enjoy these books about Wild Animals who sometimes make their homes near people. Students will learn about each animal’s behaviors, habitat, life cycle, and diet. Appealing text is matched vivid visuals to give your kids a dynamic reading experience.

 OA524099   |  6 Books in Set
Wild Bears - Gr. 3+

Everything your students want to know about BEARS —Black Bears, Grizzly Bears, Polar Bears, Ditka, etc. Your readers will get a glimpse into the lives of these AWEsome creatures! Great photos and easy text!

 OA523941   |  7 Books in Set
Wild Wicked Wonderful Animals: Top 10 - Gr. 3+

With an Exciting design, vivid photos, & accessible text, your Reluctant Readers will LOVE these books! Each title includes a Top Ten list which counts down the most EXTREME creatures featuring specific characteristics.

 OA524505A   |  20 Books in Set
World Of Horses - Gr. 3+

EVERY Library Has Horse LOVERS – This series was created for them! From the powerful Clydesdale to the lightning fast Thoroughbred, your kids will learn the origins of each breed and the characteristics that distinguish it from the others. Beautiful photos and engaging text make these Triple Crown Winners.

 OA523442   |  6 Books in Set
World's Longest-Living Animals - Gr. K-3

Animals Around For 200 Years! I find these books Fascinating – And your Students will as well. Full of Fun Facts, age comparison charts & standard animal info, your Readers will experience the science behind these older-than-life creatures. - Gr. K-3

 OA524506   |  6 Books in Set
World's Weirdest Animals - Gr. 2-5

A CRAB so LARGE it can steal people’s shoes? (Only original Jordan Nikes!) How about a lizard with a “fake” head! Your students will enjoy reading what makes these animals WEIRD and how their strange features help them survive—and your kids will absorb a little knowledge without realizing it—not a bad tradeoff.

 OA523942   |  6 Books in Set
Xtreme Fish - Gr. 3+

This colorful series introduces your readers to six of the most unique fish in the world—from 100 lb. catfish to the ever nasty piranha. Short bursts of information – along with gripping photos – make these books fun to read.

 OA523615   |  6 Books in Set
Xtreme Pets - Gr. 3+

Xtreme Pets combines photos of wildly unique, kid-appropriate pets with easy-to-read text. Even the most reluctant readers will love the fun, high-interest subject matter and dramatic, full-size color photographs. Simple text presents different features of the furry, scaly, finned, fanged, and mandibled creatures that people welcome into their homes. Facts bring added information to readers in short, easy-to-read bursts. Love them or not, kids will be fascinated with the biggest, smallest, strongest, smartest pets in each category! OA991919

 OA523443   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Xtreme Raptors - Gr. 3-7

Simple text and incredible close-up photographs bring out the importance of the world's raptors. Each book contains important details about the body parts, habitat, and nesting of these amazing birds of prey. Includes surprising information about unique habits and whether members of the species are endangered.

 OA524674   |  6 Books in Set
Zombie Animals: Parasites Take Control - Gr. 2-5

Scientists believe about half of life on Earth is parasitic. However, a very small amount of parasites have evolved ways to control the brains of other animals. From insects to fish, it seems like no animal group is safe from becoming a zombie! Readers investigate the mysterious changes animals go through once the parasite has found a way into its host. Full-color photographs show up-close images of the creepy, fascinating parasite-host relationships, helping readers understand the complex process of each.

 OA524221   |  6 Books in Set


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