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Your Oliver & Andy Category Results for "History"

Most of the items in this category are sets that contain a number of different titles. In some cases, the sets contain subsets. Click on the "Go To" links below to view more specific information on individual titles within a set. To quickly search for individual titles, you may use the search box on the left.

NEW! - A History Collection - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): Look At...

Each title is written in accessible language – especially for struggling readers – and includes all of the essential details to fully understand each time period, event or document. The most significant names, dates, battles, documents are woven into the text of each book, giving your readers a clear understanding.

 OA999991   |  30 Books in Set
-Gen History - Gr K-3: Amusement Park Rides History

Another GREAT HISTORY series for your Young Readers! Kids LOVE Amusement Park Rides. Now they will learn the history, people who designed the attraction, evolution, how it works and safety. (No mention of the carnies who assemble & run’em…no scares here.) Also touches on the newest, biggest, fastest rides out there! And a Larger Size, 11-1/4” x 9-1/4” makes the book EVEN more enjoyable! History Made Fun!

 OA525015   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! -Gen History - Gr. 2-5: History's Greatest Mysteries

Humans have advanced in many ways. We have information at our fingertips, scientific innovations that were once unimaginable, and the abilities to solve almost any problem. Yet, there are things we may never know for sure. From the mystery of where Cleopatra was laid to rest, to Big Foot sightings, and people dancing to their deaths, this series packs in all the details in an exciting storytelling format. Readers will be entertained all while learning about history and the big questions that mankind has yet to answer.

 OA525896   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! -Gen History - Gr. 2-5: History's Mysteries

What Really Killed The Dinosaurs? How Were The Pyramids Built? Is King Tut’s Tomb Really Cursed? Your Students DEMAND Answers! Well, it might not be their top priority… BUT with colorful images, great storylines and accessible text, your kids will LOVE these books. Then the Question Will Be: How Did This Series Disappear So QUICKLY?

 OA525536   |  6 Books in Set
-Gen History - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): Disasters: Xtreme Rescues

I SURVIVED, OA993399, is a BIG SELLER-the BEST Historical Fiction! This Series Does it One Better: completely true! each title takes the reader through the Drama Of a Key Historical Event. With an engaging layout, text broken into very manageable chunks, vivid pics and facts, students learn HOW IMPORTANT THESE EVENTS REALLY WERE.

 OA525196   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! -Gen History - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): Surviving History (I Survived Fans?)

This is a really neat series—the kind you want to grab a book and go somewhere and read! The page design, simple text and great images are inviting. Interesting topics (see the list below) will appeal to your students; and once they open a book, they will check them out. Guaranteed! (Can you tell I like this series?) The reader literally determine how they would fare depending on the circumstances presented and the choices made.

 OA525362   |  14 Books in Set
NEW! -Gen History - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): Video Game History

Great Idea – Perfect for Reluctant Readers! Open a cover and the reader will jump into the action featuring – classic & modern video game heroes – Super Mario, Pac-Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, Lara Croft and many more! Thrilling Spreads and exciting, simple text delights your readers while they learn the initial idea, concept, characters, evolution, storyline, etc. of these famous games.

 OA525535   |  12 Books in Set
-Gen History - Gr. 3-7: Bizarre Beauty History

This series is for your girls who don’t care for History. Heck, who doesn’t find applying lead powder and using leeches to appear younger entertaining? With wrap-around graphics, various cut-outs, interesting captions, Sidebars, Fun Facts, these books are completely designed like a magazine. The text is broken into various blocks – “separated” by various features. Readers will learn the amazing histories – the inventors, ludicrous ideas, evolutions of others and how they impact today’s World. A Really Fun, Historical Series.

 OA524952   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! -Gen History - Gr. 3-7: Conspiracy Theories Debunked

Do you think students can tell fact from fiction? In a world where social media reigns supreme and tweets and posts go viral, discerning what's fact from fiction can be more difficult than it seems. The Conspiracy Theories: DEBUNKED series takes a closer look at the most popular theories people believe, why they spread, and where they originated.

 OA525918   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! -Gen History - Gr. 5-9: Sports Brands

Sports Brands takes an in-depth look at some of today's biggest sports clothing companies, including how they started, how they grew and changed over the years, how they have worked with leagues, teams, and athletes, and their roles in the lives of everyday consumers.

 OA525921   |  6 Books in Set
-Gen. Hist - Gr. 5-9: History Exit Projects

New pedagogical trends encourage students to be proactive, developing and carrying out projects for in-depth curricular topics in great detail. Many states require “exit projects,” to demonstrate mastery over a curricular subject before completing middle school. This series meets that demand, offering examples of engaging, investigative projects closely aligned to state middle school social studies standards. Project examples explore critical periods of U.S. history, teaching readers how to develop an independent project to explore key questions related to their favorite unit. They learn how to develop a project and prepare displays or presentations to share their discoveries.

 OA525003   |  8 Books in Set
African-American History - Gr. 3-7: Freedom's Promise

Throughout history, activists who have faced discrimination have made significant accomplishments while fighting to secure their rights. Some of these activists and their achievements have become well known, while others are more obscure. Freedom's Promise explores many of these lesser-known stories and perspectives. Readers discover important events and the people who have influenced society, science, culture, and the arts. Also they encounter the importance of events and people who have influenced society, science, culture, and the arts.

 OA524999   |  36 Books in Set
NEW! American History - Gr. 3-7: American Eras - Defining Moments

Major Events in American History have not only shaped our country but the world. This series picks out the most important occurrences and takes an in-depth look at what happened and the aftermath. Through engaging, age-appropriate text and photos, this series helps your readers develop critical thinking skills – something our politicians have yet to obtain.

 OA525530   |  8 Books in Set
American History - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): America's Songs

This series explores some of America’s most recognizable PATRIOTIC Songs. Supplemented by sidebars, Fun Facts, age-appropriate text, each title examines the origins, historical events shaped it, people who wrote the song, its evolution and a timeline tracing the song until it defined a nation. Lyrics are also listed. Very unique. The set shows how studying the history behind music can help your students better understand the past.

 OA524908   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! American History - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): Famous Events: Different Viewpoints

Historical Events can look differently depending on PERSPECTIVE. Your readers will come to understand opposite viewpoints by stepping into the shoes of central characters as they “act out” dramatic retellings of history’s biggest events. Written with simplified text, an engaging design, Fun Facts and close photo-text match, these books were designed to help Struggling & Reluctant Readers. A MUST FOR YOUR HISTORY SECTION.

 OA525533   |  21 Books in Set
NEW! American History - Gr. 3-7: Constitution Explained!

The U.S. Constitution is the backbone of the nation. This written document details how the American government works as well as the powers that each branch wields. The oldest written constitution still in use, the Constitution has only been amended 27 times since 1789, with the Bill of Rights and other amendments that further define the liberties of American citizens. This essential set defines and presents the Constitution in comprehensible parts and connects it to the lives of everyday Americans. A must for every social studies library and class, Your readers learn more about the nation's framework and why the Constitution continue to be its vital foundation.

 OA525346   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! American History - Gr. 3-7: Fact or Fiction?

Over the years, some facts of history have become distorted – what is true and what is not? This series relates the myth and then the truth. These books are very colorful with easy-to-read text and engaging images. One of the few series, when the student opens it, the title will be taken home. A Very Solid Addition!

 OA525532   |  6 Books in Set
American History - Gr. 3-7: Historical Opponents

Americans will ALWAYS have differing opinions. Sometimes the issues are resolved peacefully – and other times not. Each title uses an engaging design with colorful graphics, interesting captions and Fun Facts. The age-appropriate text is extremely manageable and gives each adversary’s opinion in their own words and how they tried to convince the opposition their stance was right. A GREAT Way to approach History – not dull or boring. More like a mini-soap opera as the various opinions are laid out.

 OA524907X   |  6 Books in Set
American History - Gr. 3-7: Music

Turn up the volume to the max with these rocking and informative books. Students learn all about music's most popular genres like pop, Latin, and country! With easy text and famous pictures, these books have all your young readers asking for an encore!

 OA525261   |  6 Books in Set
American History - Gr. 5-9: Uncovering American History

Major events in American history have never been so vivid as they are in this detailed collection of primary sources and historical evidence on such topics as slavery and Reconstruction, the Industrial Revolution, and the United States’ westward expansion. Each book examines a different historical era in a narrative format, describing notable figures, setbacks, and triumphs. Each text is accompanied by ample primary source images and transcriptions of documents to analyze, giving students a direct view into the influential episodes of U.S. history.

 OA525134   |  8 Books in Set
Ancient History - Gr K-3: World Wonders

The Great Colosseum-the original sport stadium. Great Wall Of China-built to keep the enemy at bay. The Great Pyramid Of Giza-a magnificent site. Who built these Wonders? and out of What? these and many other questions are answered for your inquisitive students. Simple text and JUMBO-"11-1/4" x 9-1/4" full-color pics make these a wonderful addition to your library.

 OA524683   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Ancient History - Gr. 2-5: Ancient Egypt

Did you know History books aren’t based on YouTube videos? True. I thought these books were based on a 30 year-old comedy bit by Steve Martin playing King Tut. I was wrong. These authors actually did research, giving your students some hard facts about the boy King, plus many other Egyptian Wonders. The Great Sphinx, Egyptian Tombs, Pyramids, etc. Containing Captivating Pictures and easy-to-read text, your readers will learn how fascinating Egypt can be. Nearly as good as a video game!

 OA525531   |  6 Books in Set
Ancient History - Gr. 2-5: Ancient Times

Help your student visualize the idea in living the ancient life style. What would there life be like? Would they work on a farm or go to school? Let them step back in time to explore five of the most influential societies in history from a young person's point of view. Key aspects of daily life, basic governmental structures, and beliefs are explored. Each title includes a spotlight on a well-known architectural accomplishment that still exist today.

 OA525409   |  5 Books in Set
Ancient History - Gr. 3-7: Nasty Past

Many like to think the past was a pleasant place: orderly kingdoms, chivalrous knights, verdant farms, that kind of thing. But the past wasn't picture perfect—far from it. It was filled with horrible wars, dreadful disasters, disgusting diseases, and ghastly crime. In short, it was both hair-raising and fascinating! Your enthralled readers will love the intriguing stories in these gripping books, an entertaining aid to the elementary history curriculum. Each detailed volume focuses on high-interest events that young historians should know about, such as the sinking of the Titanic. The past wasn't perfect, but it's perfectly compelling to read about.

 OA525333   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Ancient History - Gr. 3-7: Whatever Happened?

Some of the largest, most advanced civilizations in history aren't around anymore. Why? Were they conquered? Did they have warring leaders? Was there a revolution? Your curious readers learn the specific of what happened to the Roman Empire, Ancient Greeks, Ancient Egyptians, and the Shang Dynasty. This Innovated set gives your readers an inside look into the collapse of each civilization. Each book is written in a conversational style and supported by an engaging design.

 OA525418   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Ancient History - Gr. K-3: Famous Castles

The "Famous Castles" series introduces six amazing castles located throughout the world. Each castle has a full and unique history. Readers will learn about who lived there, including kings and queens, what purposes the castles served, and what visitors can expect when they explore them today.

 OA525919   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Archaeology - Gr. 2-5: Mummies Unwrapped

Your students will UNWRAP all the interesting facts on Mummies! These books use simple text, engaging photos and Tidbits of FASCINATING FACTS: In 1991, a couple was hiking in the Alps; they stumbled across a body partly submerged in ice – this man had been there for 5,300 years. Wow! And I thought Paul was old. Your kids find themselves wrapped-up in this series. So much so, it will be eerily quiet – like everyone was mummified!

 OA525538   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Archaeology - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): Amazing Archaeology

FASCINATING? This set BLOWS It UP! Can anyone fathom discovering a Tomb containing 8000 soldier molds, over 150 cavalry horses, multiple musicians, officials, strongmen – AND THIS is just a PARTIAL LISTING! The find is referred to as the Terracotta Army – everything Qin Shi Huang, the first Chinese Emperor believed he needed for his afterlife! Each title uses engaging, simple text and captivating images. All your students – especially Reluctant Readers – will find these books to be page-turners.

 OA525529   |  6 Books in Set
Food History - Gr K-3: History Of Favorite Foods

Making History Fun is The Theme! A Big, Juicy Burger with Ice Cream for Dessert? Get hungry just reading the titles. Through close text-photo match & simple writing in bite-size chunks – no pun intended, each title explores the history, inventors, trials & errors, evolution and ultimate success of America’s Favorite Foods. It even lists the ingredients, so with help from an adult, the reader can make their own. Another Great “starter” set into History!

 OA524778   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Food History - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): Favorite Food History

The SERIES Every Library Needs! What student DOESN’T want to know about delicious food? Pizza, Tacos, Doughnuts and Ice Cream? (If they don’t? No Library Privileges!) These titles have beautiful, yummy pictures, history of the food and even simple recipes! The pictures make me HUNGRY! Even your Reluctant Readers are going to love these books! WARNING – This series will be SCOOPED off your shelves!

 OA525534   |  8 Books in Set
Native Americans - Gr. 2-5: First Peoples

Before the arrival of Europeans, numerous native people thrived across North America. This compelling series presents an overview of their daily life and culture, examining each group's community structures, significant ceremonies, and traditions. Their relationship with European settles is also explored, including their forced relocation. With a focus on the tribe's way of life, each title also includes a traditional story and tells how the people continue to keep the tradition of their ancestors alive today.

 OA525413   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Native Americans - Gr. 3-7: Native American Nations

Each book in this series introduces readers to a Native American nation. Informative, easy-to-read text and engaging photos draw in readers as they learn about the nation's homeland and traditional ways of life, including social structure, homes, food, art, clothing, and more. Also discussed is contact with Europeans and American settlers, as well as how the people keep their culture alive today.

 OA525920   |  10 Books in Set
Native Americans - Gr. 3-7: Native American Oral Histories

For thousands of years, Native American Nations throughout the continent of North America have maintained their traditional cultures. One important part of these cultures has been the collection of storytelling traditions found in each region. With clear text, vivid photos, and helpful maps, Native American Oral Histories introduces readers to Native American Nations, explores how their traditional stories reflect each Nation's history, and discusses how storytelling remains an important part of Native cultures today.

 OA525060   |  8 Books in Set
Naval History - Gr. 3-7 : History On The High Seas

REAL-LIFE HISTORY! ‘I Sailed The High Seas and Managed not to get a tattoo…’ - A sailor started a presentation that way. True Story. No tattoos mentioned here! Each thrilling book places the reader on the ship – facing the hardships, danger and a sense of travel would have been like. Riveting historical accounts, breathtaking images, fascinating narratives make these titles a very appealing way to get kids into HISTORY.

 OA524779   |  6 Books in Set
Naval History - Gr. 5-9: Famous Ships

This series brings alive four of the ships lost to history--the Mayflower, the Titanic, the USS Arizona, and the Wilhelm Gustl off. With information on the building and technology of each ship, the people involved and on board, and the story that made the ship famous, each book is a compelling, true story.

 OA524992   |  4 Books in Set
Scary History - Gr. 5-9: History's True Horror Stories

This series looks at the Gruesome & Disgusting side of the most revered Empires in History. Readers will learn the dark & gory secrets including slave labor, human sacrifices, mummification and more. Unbelievable design featuring graphics, fact boxes per page, and the text is broken into blocks over the two page spread.

 OA525017   |  6 Books in Set
Scary History - Gr. 5-9: Paranormal Throughout History

Society has always been fascinated by the unexplained. Nothing seems more like a real-life fantasy or horror film than the idea that aliens, demonic possessions, reincarnation, and ghosts exist. It seems like the stuff of folklore and fable, but each has its roots in ancient history leading up to modern day. This captivating set explores bizarre and engrossing accounts of the paranormal in depth, allowing your readers to get swept up in the unexplained. Accounts of incidents throughout time, many of which blur the lines of fact and fiction, prompt your readers to question for themselves whether these phenomenon are real.

 OA525067   |  6 Books in Set
War History - Gr. 3-7: Civil War & Reconstruction (A Must!!)

The Civil War is fascinating History because it happened here. The War reminds readers how the past shaped modern day America. Each title explores an important aspect: From the fight to end slavery and the Civil War itself to the events following the War. Solid design featuring photos, illustrations, interesting captions, full graphics and text identifying the key people, dates, battles, documents, allows readers to grasp the War.

 OA524956   |  7 Books in Set
War History - Gr. 5-9: World War I

Marking the 100-year anniversary of World War I, these fascinating books cover the heroes and horrors of "The War to End All Wars." Concise writing, historical photographs, and detailed diagrams show the main events of one of the deadliest wars of all time. Your readers come to know the leaders, soldiers, battles, and weapons that made the Great War a global conflict never to be forgotten.

 OA525220   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Warriors - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): History's Warriors

Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport. Add-in everything occurring in Video Games, and there are kids out there you can’t reach. NOT ANYMORE! Your RELUCTANT READERS will be READING about WARRIORS: Gladiators, Ninjas, Vikings, etc! Through engrossing, easy text accompanied by action images, kids will see how these great fighters lived, trained and fought. I doubt they carried life insurance…

 OA525537   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Warriors - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): Pirates! (High-Interest)

PIRATES! Is THERE ANY RELUCTANT READER who DOESN’T LIKE PIRATES? Students will be Engaged as they join the battle with some of the most notorious pirates known. They will learn the history, tactics, legacy of infamous pirates and their ships. Through Explosive images accompanied by easy text, this series will be sailing off your shelves!

 OA525539   |  6 Books in Set
Warriors- Gr. 3-7: History's Hotshots

This fast-paced series introduces your readers to history's most famous warriors and rebels! Each book examines the strategies, tools, techniques, and training used by a specific group, as well as the environment and culture of the era it dominated. Historic photos and artworks bring History's Hotshots to life!

 OA525016   |  6 Books in Set
Women's History - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): Women's Historical Yearbooks (Great Titles)

Often, Women are overlooked in History. Yet they played a huge part – from fierce warriors to quick-thinking spies to savvy innovators to outstanding leaders. Each book highlights 12 women who best encompass the topic. With a very unique design featuring images, graphics, Fun Facts, interesting captions, the text is written at a lower level engaging all your students. By far, the Best “Women in History” Series Available.

 OA524783   |  8 Books in Set


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