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Your Oliver & Andy Category Results for "Geography"

Most of the items in this category are sets that contain a number of different titles. In some cases, the sets contain subsets. Click on the "Go To" links below to view more specific information on individual titles within a set. To quickly search for individual titles, you may use the search box on the left.

America's Waterways - Gr. 5-9

America's Waterways have-and continue to be- an important part of our country. From exploration, moving necessary goods, job creation, and transportation, your readers will learn the major impact these waterways have had on our country. Native wildlife and conservation are also covered. Gr.5-9

 OA523135   |  8 Books in Set
American Landmarks - Gr. 2-5

How did the Empire State Building come to be built? Why did France give us the Statue Of Liberty? In this well presented series, your students will find out how famous U.S. Landmarks came about - from conception to completion - and their Historical Significance. Gr.2-5

 OA524236   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Celebrating Hispanic Diversity Gr. 3-7

In this series, readers will study the unique cultural identities of Hispanic countries and gain insight into the beauty and complexity of Hispanic heritage. Each book offers an in-depth exploration of the culture and peoples of the country in question by studying music, art, cuisine, and folklore. Gr.3-7

 OA524654   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Citified!: Cities Of The World Gr. 2-5

At first I thought of placing these titles in Scariest Places On Earth – Chicago shooting gallery, unsolved crime in the upper 90% at Mexico City, the blocks of homeless shanties near downtown LA, and the astronomical number of rats living in NYC. BUT then I realized this a kids’ series full of age-appropriate text with stunning photos covering the history – early settlers, setbacks & triumphs, historical events – from the very beginning to today. The photos covering that time span make these books a great choice. Gr.2-5

 OA524408   |  8 Books in Set
Cool USA Cooking - Gr. 3-7

Learning through Cooking! (or in my case, by eating.) This series uses simple instructions to teach your kids how to prepare local dishes from across the United States. Fun Facts tie-in the recipe to the region. Who Knows? Maybe you have a Rachael Ray in your classroom! (And make sure they bring you a sample!) Gr.3-7

 OA523283   |  6 Books in Set
Core Library: Continents - Gr. 3-7

Vivid images and compelling text provide the reader with a close-up look at the plants, animals, climate, and everything else you can think of – pertaining to the continent written about in each book. Includes activities that engage students in critical thinking skills. Gr.3-7

 OA523284   |  7 Books in Set
NEW! Core Library: National Parks Gr. 3-7

America’s National Parks are Truly a Treasure! This series explores the geological, biological, and political history of each park. Through Beautiful, Stunning, Awe-Inspiring Photographs – yes, the photos are nice, students will read and see the acclaimed landmarks, habitats, and animals that make each so special. Gr.3-7

 OA524410   |  6 Books in Set
Countries Of The World - Gr. 5-9

Take an international tour and get the facts you need to know about Countries of the World! Each book in this colorful, informative series highlights one of the world’s nations. Readers will discover each country’s history, geography, culture, climate, government, economy, and much more. Gr.5-9

 OA523151   |  32 Books in Set
Countries We Came From - K-3

In this colorful series, your readers will visit countries where family or friends may have come from. Readers will learn about the country’s cities, food, holidays, music, and more. They will even learn to speak a few words in country’s language! With colorful photos and simple text, your kids will feel like they have actually visited these countries—Great, Lower-level books. Gr. K-3

 OA524411A   |  28 Books in Set
NEW! Cultural Adventures Gr. 2-5

In Today’s “one-click away” World, it’s vital for students to understand cultures around the World. Each vibrant volume shares an appreciation of a different culture through familiar topics. Extremely engaging & entertaining. Gr.2-5

 OA524412   |  6 Books in Set
Earth's Most Extreme Places - Gr. 2-5

How would you & your students like to live in a city that has an average January temperature of 34 degrees BELOW zero? No, Thank You! But some 200,000 people live and work in the freezing cold community of Yakutsk, Russia. (And customers give me grief on Minnesota winters!) Your kids will learn all sorts of interesting facts and won’t even complain they are learning science concepts, geography, & social studies topics! Gr.2-5

 OA523789   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Engineering America & The World

Engineering Titles are ALL the Rage – they cover so many facets of Curriculum. Social Studies and, of course, Science. These series take items both familiar & fascinating and go through conception to completion, including the key people, reason behind it, design elements, construction, and its final impact.

 OA778833   |  14 Books in Set
Explore The Countries - Gr. 2-5

Perfect for Reports. Perfect for Supporting the Classroom. Through age-appropriate text and engaging photographs, your students will learn about each country’s history, culture, land features, major cities, population, flag, currency, economy, and more. Gr.2-5

 OA524414A   |  40 Books in Set
Explore The United States - Gr. 2-5

Invite your students to explore the fifty states, as well as Washington DC and Puerto Rico, in this comprehensive series! Informative, easy-to-read text draws in reluctant readers, while vibrant, oversized photos showcase the beauty and diversity of the United States. Readers journey through each state as they learn about its history, cities, land features, animals, industries, sports, famous people, and more! A “Tour Book” spread highlights kid-friendly things to do in each state. Gr. 2-5

 OA522983   |  52 Books in Set
Exploring The Great Lakes - Gr. 3-7

The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down of the big lake they call Gitchee Gumee. A lot of people know that the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald happened on Lake Superior, but your students know very little about the Great Lakes. Readers will learn the history, transportation importance, impact on U.S.A / World, people, cities, etc. Beautiful images & engaging text make this a very interesting series. Gr.3-7

 OA523631   |  6 Books in Set
Fun With Map Skills - Gr. 3-7

In this high-interest, compulsively readable series, students will see the world in new ways as they build their knowledge of the many kinds of and uses for maps. These volumes provide exposure to a plethora of ways to organize, represent, and interpret information, providing important opportunities to develop the intellectual skills of interpretation and analysis--all while covering fun topics that kids love! Gr.3-7

 OA523634   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Let's Celebrate America Gr. 2-5

My Great-Grandfather came through Ellis Island in 1905 at the age of 15. It is very easy, for us as Americans, to forget how fortunate we are to live in the Greatest Civilization to Ever Exist. Your students will experience the history of some of the most important sites & symbols of our country; they will learn the significance, key players, the process involved, and why it is a National Treasure. Gr. 2-5

 OA524415   |  10 Books in Set
Map Basics - Gr. 2-5

Even in the era of GPSs on every cell phone and in every car, it’s important for readers to know how to find their way around their world. From why time zones exist to understanding how the equator affects a place’s climate, the main content reinforces map skills included in the social studies curriculum. Readers will learn important terms, such as latitude and longitude, and the art of reading different kinds of maps and their keys. Fun fact boxes accompany geography content, and maps and colorful photographs allow readers to use new skills right away. Gr.2-5

 OA523633   |  6 Books in Set
Mapping The World - Gr. 2-5

Whether in Iowa or Iceland, learning about the Earth’s continents is a key part of your curriculum. In this series, your readers will be introduced to the seven continents and basic mapping concepts including geographic features, landmarks, cities, and regions. Age-appropriate text and colorful photos make these books very engaging. See page 64 for additional Continent titles. Gr.2-5

 OA523363   |  7 Books in Set
Road Trip: Exploring America's Regions - Gr. 2-5

What a Great Way to Explore Our Country! Your readers will explore the different regions of the United States. Detailed photos keep students turning the pages while age-appropriate content teaches them the geography, culture, and history of the region. Gr.2-5

 OA523396   |  6 Books in Set
Road Trip: Famous Routes - Gr. 2-5

Travel has changed since the U.S. began. Pioneers took Wagons Westward on the Oregon Trail. Years later, travelers drove cars on Route 66 - long before interstates were around. Readers will learn they can see the ruts on the Oregon Trial, still hike the Appalachian Trail, and still see iconic landmarks along Route 66. Through interesting text and colorful photos, your students will understand the history, use, and importance of these famous American routes. Gr.2-5

 OA524238   |  6 Books in Set
Road Trip: National Parks - Gr. 2-5

Take your students to some of our country’s National Parks. They will see the alligators in the Everglades & visit Old Faithful in Yellowstone. Nature’s incredible Beauty in OUR Great Country is depicted through spectacular color photos. And the engaging text will inspire your students to someday take a real road trip to these awesome parks! Gr. 2-5

 OA523922   |  6 Books in Set
Scariest Places On Earth - Gr. 3+

For those who love the thrill of feeling spooked, this chilling series will excite the imagination. Readers journey around the world visiting aptly named landforms, such as Death Valley and Mount Terror. They'll hunt Bigfoot on the Bigfoot Trail and search for vampires in Transylvania. Besides learning spine-tingling facts, readers will also find out about the plants, animals, and people who live in these places. After seeing vivid photographs of the landscape, they might even want to see them in person! Gr.3+

 OA523637   |  6 Books in Set
Sole Survivor Gr. 3+

Snake Plissken was initially hired as a consultant – better known for his Escape From NY And From L.A – but the publisher decided not to do an Escape From Chicago. Instead readers are introduced to many environments that can become deadly. Real stories of survivors add suspense while they learn about building shelters, finding food, and otherwise get through a trip in an unforgiving habitat. Gr.3+

 OA524416   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! State Guides Gr. 3-7

Perfect for Reports! Students will learn all about each state’s Flag, Monuments, Capital as well as items more on the pretty side – Birds, Trees & Flowers. Full of interesting facts, and history behind how each item was chosen – not surprisingly even Trees caused huge disagreements – readers will come away with an appreciation of the diverse symbols. Gr.3-7

 OA524417   |  6 Books in Set
Traveling Wild - Gr. 3-7

Travelers in the Arctic face frostbite and hypothermia caused by the extreme cold, while darkness and snow blindness can make movement difficult. Many other places on Earth are dangerous to visit—but if you’re prepared, it can be quite an adventure, too! Readers will dive to the Great Barrier Reef, tramp through the Congo Rainforest, and hunt along the Amazon through incredible full-color photographs and thorough accounts of each trip. Through lists of needed equipment, maps, and tips on how to survive cold nights and other activities, readers are transported to these locations, creating a unique, lively reading experience. Gr.3-7

 OA523635   |  4 Books in Set
United States Of America - Gr. 3-7

EVERY LIBRARY needs a good United States series - Well This Is It! Easy-to-read text, colorful photos and fun facts make this a great set for those never ending reports your students write. Each title covers the state's history, plants, animals, industries, cities, sports, famous people and much mire! A valuable addition to your collection! Gr. 3-7

 OA524419   |  52 Books in Set
United States Regions - Gr. 3-7

From the lakes of Minnesota, to the hills of Tennessee. This series covers all the Distinct Regions that make up the Good Old U.S.S. of A. Students will explore the many facts of geography, industry, and culture pertaining to each region—a great resource guide. Gr.3-7

 OA523632   |  10 Books in Set
Weird America - Gr. 3+

No, we’re not talking about Congress! – or any of the Goofballs running for President! This series covers topics like odd foods—such as Koolickles (Pickles brined in Kool-Aid powder—Oh My!) or odd laws—such as in the state of Wyoming, you can’t take a picture of a rabbit from January to April without a permit—Now, that is weird! In-between the oddities, your students will learn geography & history without even knowing it! Gr.3+

 OA524420A   |  11 Books in Set
Where I Live - Illustrated - Gr. K-3

Engaging story-lines with full-color illustrations enable your young readers to learn map basics. Using examples such as their neighborhood, town, and state, students will understand the relationship between them and the rest of the World, use, different styles, and how to design their own map. Gr. K-3

 OA524240   |  5 Books in Set
NEW! Where On Earth? Mapping The World Gr. 2-5

It’s exciting to learn just where you are in the world—literally! Developing an understanding of geography and maps is key to grasping more advanced topics such as cultures, economics, politics, and current events. This series explores the hemispheres, continents, equator, and poles in a unique and exciting way that is perfect for young readers. Gr. 2-5

 OA524421   |  6 Books in Set
Wilderness Survival Skills - 3+

GREAT SERIES! Earth Science, Geography, & History are mixed together! This series explains basic skills your students might find useful if stranded —starting a fire, making a shelter, finding food, and planning the rescue. (There’s not always a McDonalds when you need one!) Full-color photographs and easy-to-read text will hold the attention of your readers. Gr.3+

 OA524114   |  6 Books in Set


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