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Your Oliver & Andy Category Results for "Popular Fiction 2-5"

Most of the items in this category are sets that contain a number of different titles. In some cases, the sets contain subsets. Click on the "Go To" links below to view more specific information on individual titles within a set. To quickly search for individual titles, you may use the search box on the left.

NEW! #1F Cat Kid / Dog Man & Captain Underpants - Gr. 2-5 (#1 Fiction Sales)

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Captain Underpants! Dav Pilkey has created a hilarious comic-book-type hero who has won the hearts and minds of kids everywhere! Make sure your shelves are stocked because these books fly off them faster than the wedgie-dodging Captain Underpants going to fight evil wherever it may lurk! Includes the Best-Selling, Dog Man! George and Harold are at it again: They created Dog Man - Part Dog. Part Man and ALL HERO!

 OA812469A   |  27 Books in Set
NEW! #6F - Bad Guys - Gr. 2-5 (#6 Fiction Sales)

This bestselling, illustrated series is perfect for Fans of Dog Man and Captain Underpants! They sound like Bad Guys, they look like Bad Guys, and they even smell like Bad Guys. But when it comes to them tackling missions? Bad Planning, Bad Mistakes, and Bad Luck create hilarious adventures! NOW, A MAJOR MOVIE HIT!

 OA525614A   |  16 Books in Set
NEW! 13th Street - Gr. 2-5

A new silly, spooky series filled with funny illustrations! Cousins Malia, Ivan and Dante are spending the summer with Aunt Lucy. On their way to Gulf City's water park, they get lost on 13th Street. Only it's not a street at all! It's a strange world filled with dangerous beasts! Hilarity & some scariness ensues. Will the cousins ever find their way back to Aunt Lucy's?

 OA525449   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Aesop's Fables: Lessons - Gr. 2-5

Reading fables is an entertaining and wonderful way for kids to learn important lessons. And perhaps no one was better at these special stories than Aesop. Each title will introduce who Aesop may have been and what a fable is. The full fable will be featured, followed by a discussion of the lessons that can be taken from the story.

 OA525922   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Alien Adventures: Finn Caspian - Gr. 2-5

Look, all the Aliens encountered are a bunch of knuckleheads, and our Heroes, Finn and crew aren't true Locatis - Lithuanian for really smart. So You Have comical stories, and You Have an easy way to get kids reading. The amusing illustrations only add to the zaniness, as they say in England. Besides, the stories are based-on the very popular Podcast for Kids.

 OA525451   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Amelia Bedelia Chapter Books - Gr. 2-5

FUNNY! This series features Amelia as a child getting into the same crazy situations that the adult Amelia runs into all the time! Includes her new chapter book series, Amelia Bedelia & Friends: Amelia Bedelia + Good Friends = Super Fun Stories to Read and Share!

 OA525613A   |  16 Books in Set
Big Buddy Jokes - Gr. 2-5

What building has the most stories? A library! Joke around in your library with this fun series. Cartoon-like illustrations and full-color design make these books irresistible and fun! Young comedians will build vocabulary and learn fun homophone word play sharing jokes with family and friends.

 OA525050   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Boxcar Children Chapter Books - Gr. 2-5

The classic stories on the Alden children have been entertaining generations of young readers! Now, everyone's favorite easy-to-read (or read to) mysteries are chapter books! Gertrude Chandler Warner's classic series begins with orphaned Henry, Jessie, Violet; These stories have captivated readers for generations.

 OA525288   |  12 Books in Set
CatStronauts - Gr. 2-5

Cats in Space are so Purr-fect according to Paul. In a world comprised only of cats, the fate of the World is in the paws of the best space cats on the planet – the CatStronauts! Mayhem, Humor, and near CATastrophe occur!

 OA524790A   |  6 Books in Set
Classic Disney Princess - Gr. 2-5

Princess fans like your students get to know their favorite Disney princess even better with original tales and beautiful color illustrations throughout. These engaging books are perfect for young readers who have outgrown picture books.

 OA525072   |  13 Books in Set
Creature Feature - Gr. 2-5

In Creature Feature, brave kids come face-to-face with a different creature. Whether they're rescuing kidnapped campers from giant, stick bug monsters or fleeing from their grandmother who was recently turned into a vampire, Kevin, James, Jude, and brothers Jason and Elliot find their own strengths. These stand-alone titles are sure to leave your readers with a creepy feeling.

 OA524791   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Desmond Cole Ghost Patrol - (Gr. 2-5 BEST-SELLER)

Desmond Cole – a fearless eight-year-old who runs his own ghost patrol, looking for ghosts, monsters and mischief makers EVERYWHERE – And his trusty sidekick, the author, Andres, who is the EXACT Opposite of Desmond. Part My Weird School, Part Lower-Level Goosebumps & Part Mystery, these titles Circulate!

 OA525617A   |  17 Books in Set
Electric Zombie - Gr. 2-5

Fab Starr and his friends think they've found the perfect drummer for their rock band in his new neighbor, Zee. But Zee's strange gloves and sunglasses, desire for putting raw meat on his food (even cookies!), and slow movements leave Fab wondering . . . is his amazing drummer really a zombie?

 OA525213   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Fancy Nancy: Nancy Clancy - Gr. 2-5

Kids who grew up with Jane O'Connor's Fancy Nancy picture books can spend quality time with their BFF because Nancy Clancy stars in her own chapter books. Whether she's solving cases, taking the stage, or playing sports, Nancy Clancy always does it with a touch of fancy!

 OA525923   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Garfield's Belly Laughs - Gr. 2-5

What two things can Garfield never eat for breakfast? Lunch and dinner! Your students will laugh their way through Garfield-themed jokes in popular formats such as riddles, puns, and tongue twisters, along with jokes on Garfield’s favorite topics (including food!).

 OA525429   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Geronimo Stilton / Thea Stilton - Gr. 2-5

PERENNIAL FAVORITE! Your students enter the world of the Stiltons, where another funny adventure is always a book away! Featuring lively, full-color art, fast-paced stories, wild high jinks, and lovable mouse heroes, who just so happen to be the authors! These stories circulate!

 OA525619A   |  9 Books in Set
Ghost Detectors - Gr. 2-5

Ten-year-old Malcolm would rather avoid his older sister, experiment in his lab, and read his science magazines than play sports. In one of his magazines, he comes across an advertisement for an Ecto-Handheld-Automatic-Heat-Sensitive-Laser-Enhanced Specter Detector. With that gadget, Malcolm and his best friend Dandy meet ghosts all around their neighborhood. Thus begins the boys' new careers as Ghost Detectors!

 OA522711   |  24 Books in Set
NEW! Houndsley & Catina - Gr. 2-5

The subtle dance of friendship—from holding your tongue to learning what to say—is played out in these sweetly humorous tales about an unlikely, likeable pair.

 OA525924   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Ivy & Bean - Gr. 2-5

Ivy and Bean are back for more trouble! The moment they saw each other, Bean and Ivy knew they wouldn't be friends. But when Bean Plays a joke on her sister, Nancy, and has to hide-quick-Ivy comes to the rescue, proving that sometimes the best of friends are people never meant to like each other. Vibrant characters and lots of humor make this charming-and captivating -series.

 OA525273   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Judy Moody & Stink

Judy Moody rules! From bad moods to saving the world, from solving mysteries to predicting the future, Judy's many memories - and moods - will provide hours of entertainment. In Stink's solo adventures, his special style comes through loud and strong! His tales are enhanced by a series of comic strips, drawn by Stink himself, which are sprinkled throughout the books. In honor of Judy Moody's younger "bother," the creators of the award-winning series have put themselves in a very Stink-y mood-proving, once and for all, that you're only as short as you feel. Gr. 2-5

 OA525925   |  11 Books in Set
Just Joking - Gr. 2-5

I just finished a book on ship building. It was Riveting! Fortunately, for all involved, I am not the author of joke books – readers would literally be falling asleep. Joke Books are appealing to reluctant readers. These colorfully illustrated titles are packed with funny, age-appropriate jokes readers will love. There is something for everyone – from animals to history to nature. And, yes, it was a ship, Not a boat, Petty Officer Gray.

 OA524696   |  10 Books in Set
NEW! Kimmie Tuttle - Gr. 2-5

This series follows spunky inventor Kimmie Tuttle who lost her allowance after taking her dad's bowling ball apart. She has to come up with creative solutions to not only buy spare parts, but to also save the day as she faces problems with some mythical sources.

 OA525926   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Kitty - Gr. 2-5 (New Hit!)

Girl by Day. Cat by Night. Ready for ANY Adventure. Readers will meet Kitty – a girl with Catlike Superpowers. With dramatic two-color art on every page and an emphasis on friendship, family and building self-confidence, these titles are the perfect choice for chapter book readers. Your kids will love her superhero escapades, the plethora of cats and the Fun Facts at the end of each story.

 OA525620   |  6 Books in Set
Maddy McGuire, CEO - Gr. 2-5

When spunky Maddy McGuire needs money to pay for horseback riding lessons, she decides to host a week-long pet camp. Despite many near-disasters, Maddy learns that raising the money itself was much of the fun and decides to try out different businesses. Throughout the series, she discovers skills that help her be a great entrepreneur, including organization, enthusiasm, math skills, and more.

 OA525210   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Magic Tree House - Gr. 2-5

Perennial bestsellers! Your students enjoy Jack and Annie's journeys in their time machine - the magic tree house. The perfect blend of history, magic, facts, and fiction, these titles educate, as well as entertain.

 OA524596   |  6 Books in Set
Mermaid Tales- Gr. 2-5

It's Shelly Siren's first day at a new school, and she is nervous from the tip of her head to the end of her sparkling mermaid tail. How will she ever fit in at the prestigious Trident Academy? Everyone there is so smart and so pretty and so rich. At least she and her best friend, Echo, are in the same class. Join Shelly, Echo, and other merkids of Trident City on their aquatic adventures--as they navigate their friendships and explore life 20,000 leagues under the sea!

 OA524231A   |  14 Books in Set
Monster Hunters - Gr. 2-5

The Monster Hunters are back for more! Gabe, his brother Ben, and his best friends Sean and Tyler are off on a cross-country adventures. They track down cryptids, mythical legendary creatures that may actually exist, and film his Internet show, Discover Cryptids. What monstrous encounter will they face next?

 OA524809   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! My Weird School - (Gr. 2-5 BEST-SELLER)

His teacher doesn't know how to read or write. His principal is always pulling wacky stunts. For second grader A.J., school is one peculiar place. Your readers will find his humorous misunderstandings infectiously funny. But Beware! Things could get really weird... Includes Weird fast Facts. Nonfiction the Weird School Way.

 OA525612A   |  20 Books in Set
Poet's Journal: Exploring Nature & The Seasons - Gr. 2-5

Throughout human history, we have tried to capture nature's beauty in one of our most compelling art forms; poetry. Your readers begin to explore this enchanting branch of literature as they discover a wide range of nature-inspired poems. Each book of this engaging, accessible series features a thematic collection of poetry that ponders a different aspect of nature. Even reluctant readers will appreciate the beautiful language and the natural wonders it describes. These charming collections inspire a love for poetry and a passion for nature while introducing your readers to important literary devices.

 OA525237   |  7 Books in Set
Pony Girls - Gr. 2-5

Carly, Daniela, Gabriela, and Kianna - the Pony Girls are ready for their first summer at Storm Cliff Stables! In these four books, each girl has the chance to narrate her own story. Their unique personalities come through as they navigate being away from home, making friends, and caring for the horses at camp. Readers new to chapter books will love this entry into the world of Storm Cliff Stables, with larger text, fewer words, and younger girls in the same wonderful setting!

 OA524230A   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Portal To Paragon - Gr. 2-5

This action-packed series follows shy, awkward Agnes and her field trip of nightmares. When her bus is stranded at a roadside diner for the night, she faces bullies, dish duty, and a rancid hot dog. After waking up sick, she gets locked in a walk-in freezer where she discovers a portal to another world . . . and that she's been turned into a meerkat. She goes on a wild adventure to make her way back to the diner and her real life. In each subsequent book, Agnes returns to the portal and grows wiser and braver with each visit. Gr. 2-5

 OA525927   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Puppy Place - Gr. 2-5 (Always a Favorite!)

Mainstay With Your Animal lovers! Charles and Lizzie Peterson know a lot about Puppies. That's because the Petersons are a foster family for young dogs. Each title features them - discovering - and then PLACING A PRECIOUS PUPPY in a proper home! Each title as unique as the puppy being saved.

 OA525621   |  6 Books in Set
Puzzle Adventure Stories - Gr. 2-5

Puzzles can be a fun way to learn how to solve problems. This engaging series guides readers on adventures through all sorts of exciting locations, from a castle that flies to a spooky hotel. Readers will be given clues and keys to solve puzzles and help characters find their way.

 OA524695   |  6 Books in Set
Sidesplitting Jokes - Gr. 2-5

The world can always use more laughter, and this silly set will have both the joke tellers and their audience in stitches. Each vibrantly designed volume, punctuated with friendly cartoon figures, features a high-interest topic such as dinosaurs, monsters, and knock knock jokes. Jokes, puns, and riddles are motivating ways for readers to exercise their reading fluency skills, especially as they'll love to share them with friends and family.

 OA525396   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Sparkleton - Gr. 2-5

UNICORN MAGIC isn't FOR EVERYONE! Sparkleton, along with his goofy, UNICORN pals use it wrong each time. Chaos, silliness and near disasters happen EVERY TIME. Why don't they just Stop using the Magic? Well, we wouldn't have great lower-level chapter books for kids like Lil' Mikey, would we? The FULL-COLOR illustrations only add to the fun!

 OA525450   |  5 Books in Set
Storm Cliff Stables Gr. 2-5

Avery, Bree, Esha, and Jaelyn - the Core Four are ready for a perfect summer at Storm Cliff Stables! In these four books, each girl has the chance to narrate her own story. Through funny, realistic dialogue, readers get to know the girls' distinct personalities and the unique horses they care for at horse camp. The Core Four get tangled up in mysteries involving horse thieves, a missing Olympian, and more. As their friendships grow, these girls bring out the best in each other.

 OA524407   |  7 Books in Set
NEW! Tales From Deckawoo Drive - Gr. 2-5

Join your favorite characters from Kate DiCamillo's New York Times best-selling Mercy Watson books for more adventures on Deckawoo Drive.

 OA525944   |  6 Books in Set
Team Time Machine - Gr. 2-5

Introducing...Team Time Machine! This likeable squad believes in doing hands-on historical research—by going back in time! In this enormously entertaining sets, the team is focusing on critical events of the American Revolution, a central part of the elementary social studies curriculum. Your readers are invited to tag along on the journey, learning and laughing, as they discover more about the fascinating events that led to the founding of the United States.

 OA525330   |  12 Books in Set
NEW! Trouble At Table 5 - Gr. 2-5

Your students will enjoy this book series about three best friends whose plans, missions, and schemes are sure to shake up their school. These books bring confidence to readers one chapter at a time! Highly illustrated, funny stories make these titles a HIT!

 OA525452   |  6 Books in Set
Up2U Adventures - Gr. 2-5

Do your young readers love choose your own adventure books but get confused with all of the page turns? Does your reluctant reader give up when faced with too many story line options? The Up2U Adventures chapter books have the multiple story line feel, but aren't as confusing for reluctant readers! Readers follow an engaging, character-driven story line and then make the last major decision for the character from three options. The ending is Up2U.

 OA525137   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Worst Witch - Gr. 2-5

Lovable but accident-prone Mildred Hubble is possibly the worst witch to ever to go to Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches. Since 1974, millions of readers have enjoyed Mildred's exploits, and now she's back to cast her spell on a new generation of readers.

 OA525928   |  8 Books in Set


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