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Your Oliver & Andy Category Results for "Popular Fiction K-3"

Most of the items in this category are sets that contain a number of different titles. In some cases, the sets contain subsets. Click on the "Go To" links below to view more specific information on individual titles within a set. To quickly search for individual titles, you may use the search box on the left.

NEW! #9F - Popular Authors & Illustrators - Gr. K-3 (#9 Fic Best-Seller)

Aaron Blabey. Beth Ferry. Dan Santat. Grace Lin. Jory John. Kevin Henkes. Mo Willems. Ryan Higgins. Tomie dePaola. Hours turn into weeks selecting these titles. This collection is as GOOD as any company "KNOWN" for their BOOK SELECTIONS. Unlike others, discount & terms from the publisher play no part in putting together a set. We feature titles from the well-known to the unknown. STORY TIME, READ ALONG, READ ALONE, READ OUT-LOUD. Some will create spontaneous giggles. Others will generate questions. With topics literally for every student, you will find the books to make your kids LIFE-LONG READERS.

 OA525187A   |  241 Books in Set
NEW! Adventures Of Sophie Mouse - (Gr. K-3 Best-Seller)

A CHARMING, lower-level chapter book series, with illustrations on every page, making them ideal for your younger readers! Sophie & her forest friends have delightful adventures with situations relatable to your students. For example, a new kid at Sophie’s school is a snake! Can she & her pals become friends with him? Gentle stories with nice, underlining messages.

 OA524718A   |  16 Books in Set
NEW! Alien Next Door - Gr. K-3

Zeke is indeed an Alien. And with Harris and Roxy as neighbors, the three become friends. Only one little problem: Zeke isn’t very apt at being a human. Though he and his parents have traveled the universe, Zeke has seemingly only learned how to stick-out and cause problems. Your kids will love these titles. Full of hilarity, friendship and hilarity.

 OA525154A   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Ana & Andrew - Gr. K-3

Ana & Andrew are ALWAYS on an adventure! They live in Washington, DC, and have family in both Savannah, GA and the country of Trinidad. Both are always learning something exciting & new about their African-American history and culture!

 OA524722A   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Astro The Alien - Gr. K-3 (Cute Series)

Astro landed on Earth, and now lives in Eva & Ben’s backyard. Astro’s home is a space pod, but the neighbors don’t seem to notice...And the parent’s let the kids travel the World? It is a book, Andy. And a great series, too! Together, the three travel the World and learn many important lessons. The simple text, colorful graphics and solid story-lines make these titles –Out-of-this-World Good.

 OA524694   |  12 Books in Set
NEW! Black Lagoon- Gr. K-3 / 2-5

An outrageously funny series from Mike Thaler and Jared Lee showing how rumors can make a student create a monster of any teacher! Follow Hubie's imagination as he faces his comically horrific fears during at school. These stories are sure to amuse and quell fears of new experiences at the same time!

 OA524232   |  54 Books in Set
Boxcar Children: Graphic Novels - Gr. K-3

The classic stories on the Alden children have been entertaining generations of young readers! Now, everyone's favorite easy-to-read (or read to) mysteries are graphic novels! The original Boxcar Children stories have been adapted for a whole new generation to fall in love with.

 OA522100   |  12 Books in Set
NEW! Brain Blasters: Puzzles - Gr. K-3

From math and problem-solving to memory and logic, puzzles can help with the development of all sorts of important skills. Your readers of this entertaining set gain knowledge by completing fun and exciting activities that encourage them to think outside the box. Each book focuses on a certain type of puzzle and uses accessible text, ensuring that your readers of many levels and ages can enjoy each brainteaser. Puzzles feature eye-catching illustrations and encourage your students to search for clues and use them to find answers.

 OA525397   |  10 Books in Set
NEW! Captain Awesome - Gr. K-3 (Still Makes Me Laugh)

It's not a bird! It's not a planet! It's Captain Awesome - a little boy pretending to be a SUPERHERO! Perfect for your younger Captain Underpants fans!

 OA524823A   |  12 Books in Set
NEW! Caring For Magical Pets - Gr. K-3

Owning a pet is a lot of fun. But it’s also a huge responsibility. And when it comes to griffins, dragons, and other magical creatures, that’s no joke! Never fear, though. These books will help you give your pet a happy, healthy home?

 OA525367   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Carlos & Carmen - Gr. K-3

Watch-out! Here come Carlos & Carmen – two six-year-old Latino twins who have Adventures a Little on the Loco Side. Your Younger Readers will be Giggling through each Libro Loco (wacky story) which incorporate everyday Spanish words seamlessly. Relatable to all your students, these titles are a lot of fun. (And all of your students know more Spanish than me…even though I took two years of it.)

 OA524824A   |  20 Books in Set
NEW! Critter Club - Gr. K-3

Where Lost & Lonely Animals Find A Home! Critter Club was founded by Amy and her friends to help animals. They deal with mysteries, animal rescues, these are great titles for your younger Animal Lovers.

 OA524825A   |  10 Books in Set
NEW! Dinosaur Adventures - Gr. K-3

Your young readers go on an adventure with a variety of amusing dinosaur characters. This picture book set presents entertaining and accessible narratives where different dinosaur species teach helpful lessons. This encourages further exploration into a popular science curriculum topic while also fostering strong independent reading skills. Vibrant, colorful illustrations captivate readers and closely correlate to each plot. The beautiful design and content of these volumes support the development of reading comprehension techniques.

 OA525389   |  10 Books in Set
NEW! Disney Classics: Graphic Novels - Gr. K-3

Disney has a huge library of beloved animated stories. Now everyone's favorite films are graphic novels. The original classics you know and love have been adapted to appeal to a whole new generation.

 OA525270   |  12 Books in Set
NEW! Disney Movies: Graphic Novels - Gr. K-3

Disney Pixar has a huge library of beloved animated stories. Now everyone's favorite movies are graphic novels. The Disney Pixar films you know and love have been adapted to appeal to a whole new generation.

 OA525271   |  12 Books in Set
NEW! Disney Princesses: Graphic Novels - Gr. K-3

Disney has a huge cast of beloved animated characters. Now each Disney princess gets to star in her own graphic novel. The princesses you know and love have been adapted to appeal to a whole new generation.

 OA525272   |  12 Books in Set
NEW! Elephant & Piggie Like Reading By Mo Willems - Gr. K-3

Elephant & Piggie Like Reading! is an early-reader series. The books features exciting new stories from a variety of renowned, award-winning children's book authors and illustrators. Your students will learn a little character ed. and enjoy great adventures at the same time.

 OA525448   |  7 Books in Set
NEW! Fairy Tale Mysteries: Sky, Private Eye - Gr. K-3

Sky Private Eye investigates all different kinds of mysteries in this exciting series. She looks for Cinderella, who has vanished, Little Red Riding Hood's missing grandma, and the Gingerbread Boy, who has run away. Within the age-appropriate and accessible main text of each story, helpful clues encourage your young readers to use their problem-solving skills in order to try to solve the mysteries. This set puts a unique spin on classic fairytales, keeping readers interested and engaged with every turn of the page.

 OA525390   |  3 Books in Set
NEW! Fairy Tales As Told By Clementine - Gr. K-3

As a dachshund, Clementine sees the world from an entirely different viewpoint- one that's much closer to the ground and allows her to scamper by undetected. Join this sassy Wiener dog as she retells classic fairy tales from her low-riding perspective.

 OA525269   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Fairytale Friends - Gr. K-3

A brand-new picture book series with a completely new take on traditional fairytales. Each story focuses on a core virtue and a specific strength that the character must learn, for example Snow White wants to be the star striker in her football team but needs to learn the value of teamwork. While there is always a lead fairytale character, their friends will also appear in their story and help them overcome the challenge they face. Notes and questions at the back of the book will summarize what the character has learnt and prompt further discussion while activities will provide more fairytale fun for your students.

 OA525426   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Fancy Nancy - Gr. K-3

Your students will meet Nancy, who believes that more is ALWAYS better when it comes to being fancy! From the top of her tiara down to her sparkly studded shoes, Nancy knows hot to make readers giggle. This cute series is sure to be a hit with your kids.

 OA524826A   |  25 Books in Set
NEW! Farmyard Friends - Gr. K-3

Farmyard Friends introduces your young readers to Storm Cliff Stables and the Pony Girls! Meet Daisy the cow, Gaston the goat, Freckles the pig, and Golden Girl the chicken as they face challenges from storms to sickness. Luckily, these farmyard friends always know just what to do!

 OA525209   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Fly Guy - Gr. K-3 (A Kid Favorite!)

Buzz, unlike any of your students, has a fly as a pet-aptly named, Fly Guy. Buzz and his unusual pet get into some very silly situations that contain a lot of kid appeal. Simple text and hilarious Illustrations will have these books flying off your shelves. Includes Fly Guy Presents - a series where Fly Guy explains nonfiction topics.

 OA524827A   |  12 Books in Set
NEW! Hank The Pet Sitter - Gr. K-3

Poor Hank! It's the first day of summer, and his bike was ruined by his own dad! How could his dad not see the glint of bike fender in the moonlit driveway? Hank's parents want him to be responsible, so Hank needs to raise money for his next bike. Hank starts a pet sitting service, which often costs him almost as much as he takes in!

 OA525208   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Heidi & Henry Heckelbeck - Gr. K-3 (Now with Henry!)

Heidi seems like a normal student, but she has a secret: She is a witch! But she hasn’t quite mastered her powers; they seem to get her into more problems than they actually solve, creating some hilarious – and fun stories – along the way. This collection includes her brother, Henry. If Heidi had problems with magic, well, she is Houdini compared to Henry! With illustrations on every page, your readers will find these Enjoyable Books.

 OA525151A   |  13 Books in Set
If You Give A... - Gr. K-3

Trouble? You have no idea what trouble is until you give a mouse a cookie or a pig a party! In these hilarious cause-and-effect books, you and your students will be laughing out loud as these classic characters get into and out of trouble.

 OA521092   |  10 Books in Set
NEW! Kingdom Of Wrenly - Gr. K-3

A Kingdom full of Fantasy & Adventure! Prince Lucas & best-friend Clara go on adventures featuring Trolls, Dragons, Fairies & Wizards! With illustrations on every page, these are Great tales for early chapter book readers!

 OA524828A   |  15 Books in Set
NEW! LEGO: Readers, Story Time & Chapter Books - K-5 (LEGO-MANIA !!)

KIDS LOVE LEGO!!!! From Picture Books to Chapter Books, these are the type of titles to get those Hard-to-Reach Students into Reading!

 OA899999A   |  26 Books in Set
NEW! Let's Read With Max & Kate - Gr. K-3

From performing magic tricks to building snowmen, Max and Kate have all kinds of fun. Readers of this engaging series will join these two best friends on their goofy adventures. Charming illustrations will draw your students into Max and Kate’s world. Even reluctant readers will love the silly jokes and humorous twists of these endearing stories. This series introduces your readers to both aspects of daily life and important life events, such as visiting the public library and welcoming a new baby into the family. With simple, age-appropriate text, these playful stories are perfect for beginning readers.

 OA525062   |  10 Books in Set
NEW! Libby Wimbley - Gr. K-3

A spunky African-American girl, Libby is VERY Curious about the World around her. From bugs to plants to animals, there is so much for her to learn about – and create a mess in the process! Your students will enjoy exploring with her and learning more about nature.

 OA524830   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Llama LLama - Gr. K-3

These best-selling picture books feature pre-schooler Llama Llama whose adventures include camping, Llamas' birthday and more fun included. Extremely comforting and helpful to young children.

 OA525447   |  3 Books in Set
NEW! Lots To Spot - Gr. K-3 (The NEW I SPY!)

Some items are easy to find, but others can be trickier – like finding my car keys. Similar to the infamous I Spy Series, these titles use accessible text and colorful pictures as your students try to find the various items or differences in pictures. These activities are not only FUN, but they encourage the reader to concentrate, observe and be attentive. Sure to be Popular.

 OA525042A   |  10 Books in Set
NEW! Magical Puzzles - Gr. K-3

Each book features colorful illustrations seamlessly integrating education and entertainment. Fun puzzles are designed to stir readers’ imaginations while challenging them to solve simple problems. The appealing themes and engaging material make this series an easy favorite with your kids. Unfortunately, not one puzzle was solved by Congress…too complex. First grade reading level.

 OA525044   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Marvel Super Hero Adventures - Gr. K-3

Graphic Novels for Your Youngest Readers! Now you can get the kids who Love Super Heroes into books at even lower Reading Levels. Great for your Reluctant Readers! More Graphic Novels in the 3-7 Section.

 OA525174   |  13 Books in Set
NEW! Matt Christopher Sports Readers - Gr. K-3

Matt Christopher is America's bestselling sports writer for kids. Your newly independent students will love his classic stories about sports and friendship.

 OA524831   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Mia Mayhem! - Gr. K-3 (Next Big Hit!)

It’s A Bird. It’s A Plane. It’s…watch-out for that building...Mia Mayhem! Your students will meet Mia, an ordinary eight-year-old girl until she finds out that she is a SUPERHERO…in-training. Now, she simply has to balance everyday life, maintain her secret identity, and learn how to be the world’s newest superhero. Sounds easy enough, but it isn’t. Mayhem = Chaos = Great Stories for your younger Capt. Underpant’s Fans!

 OA525153A   |  9 Books in Set
NEW! Monkey With A Tool Belt - Gr. K-3

Whether you need a beebersaw or a chisel, Chico Bon Bon’s your monkey. He can build or fix just about anything—from a dock for the ducks to a clock for the Clucks, even a small roller coaster for local chipmunks. Your readers will absorb every details in a series of entertaining adventures that shows there is an inventive way out of every problem—if they have the right tools. These picture books inspired the Chico Bon Bon Netflix series!

 OA525427   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Motor Mouse - Gr. K-3

Students will join Motor Mouse on three hilarious adventures in this irresistible series. Motor Mouse is a busy little mouse, between driving his delivery car, eating cake, and visiting with friends. Come along with him on his adventures! In “The Friday Cake Day,” Motor Mouse and his friend Telly have been looking forward all week to their Friday tradition of eating cake. But when Friday arrives, the Cake Shop is closed. This is not acceptable! Could a friendly hedgehog help them with their predicament? In “Going For a Look-About,” Motor Mouse decides that instead of driving, he’d like to go for a look-about as a passenger instead. So he hires a cab to take him to places that bring back good memories of old friends. But is a brand-new friend right in front of him? In “Front Row at the Picture Show,” Motor Mouse and his brother, Vincent, are going to a movie. Vincent always insists on getting a large bucket of popcorn to share, since it’s a better deal than two small buckets. But he always hogs it! What is Motor Mouse to do? This sweet and funny stories is sure to have your young readers wanting to visit with Motor Mouse again and again.

 OA525458   |  2 Books in Set
NEW! My Little Pony - Gr. K-3

Your My Little Pony fans readers will love to join all their favorite fictions books from Ponyville as they learn about friendship, different Family tradition, perform a holiday pageant, explore a comic book, as they celebrate Nightmare Night, explore Equestria, and more! and more! Each story is based on an episode of the hit TV show and includes Dolch sight words.

 OA721649   |  17 Books in Set
Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew - Gr. K-3

River Heights, here she comes! Eight-year-old Nancy Drew has never considered herself a detective before. But while solving her first case with her friends Bess and George, Nancy realizes "This mystery stuff is fun". The girls decide to start the Clue Crew to solve cases. Young readers will enjoy the simple chapter book language and deductive reasoning in the Nancy Drew and Clue Crew series. And once they read the Clue Crew, they'll be hooked on Nancy Drew!

 OA521025   |  13 Books in Set
NEW! Narwhal & Jelly Books - (Gr. K-3 BEST-SELLERS!!!)

BEST-SELLER! (And Highly Reviewed.) Narwhal is a happy-go-lucky narwhal. Jelly is a no-nonsense jellyfish. The two might not have a lot in common, but they love waffles (who doesn't?), parties and adventures. Your Students will join Narwhal and Jelly as they discover the whole wide ocean together and learn a little about friendship along with other positive messages.

 OA525205   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Pete The Cat - Gr. K-3 (Perennial Favorite.)

The Cat has Style. Rhythm & Song. Nothin' Gets Him Down. He keep Moving Along. Pete The Cat is the Name and Telling Whimsical Stories is his game. Your kids love the entertaining tales. And besides them reading & being quiet, you will like the subtle character education messages in his books.

 OA524832A   |  33 Books in Set
NEW! Pig The Pug - Gr. K-3 (Most Popular Dog in the Library!)

World’s Best-Selling Pug! Pig is a greedy, selfish Pug who always his wants his way! (He actually gets into more trouble than my two pugs – combined!) This leads to many laugh-out-loud stories that teach Pig – and your readers – important (and hilarious) lessons.

 OA525150A   |  9 Books in Set
NEW! Pinkalicious - Gr. K-3

Pinkalicious LOVES the color pink. Her magical, pinkatastic world is filled with friends, family, a unicorn (Goldilicious), fun, and PLENTY of Pink! Her "outrageous" adventures even made Jen, Who doesn't laugh at any kid's books, giggle. These Best-Seller are sure to be a hit with your Fancy Nancy crowd!

 OA524833A   |  14 Books in Set
NEW! Pirate Kids - Gr. K-3

Siblings Piper and Percy are young pirates, living on a pirate ship with their pirate mother and father. Every day is an exciting new adventure, sailing the high seas!

 OA524657   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Princess In Black - Gr. K-3

Princess Magnolia has a secret - she's the Princess in Black and fights monsters! These humorous and action-packed chapter books are for readers who not only like their princesses prim and proper, but also dressed in black.

 OA525211   |  7 Books in Set
NEW! Puppy Dog Pals - Gr. K-3

Join fun-loving puppy brothers Bingo and Rolly on their adventures throughout their neighborhood and around the world as they try puppy-sitting, find the paw-fect birthday gift, travel to Hawaii. Packed with funny and action adventures your reader will enjoy to start reading and learning more and more!

 OA525082   |  4 Books in Set
Scary Fairy Tales Retold - Gr. K-3

Fairy Tales Retold with a Little Scare! The same ol’ tales Revised with just enough scariness to make them really appealing – or appalling – to your Younger Readers. This series will forever change way we think of these classic tales!

 OA524564   |  10 Books in Set
Scooby-Doo - Gr. K-3

RUH-OH. Looks like there is a mystery to solve, Scooby-Doo. Get your kids and load up the Mystery Machine, and solve some mysteries with Scooby and the gang in these books. An all-time favorite, you can never have enough Scooby in your library!

 OA524565   |  14 Books in Set
NEW! Sheroes - Gr. K-3

This series introduces your readers to history's heroines and how they earned their reputations as warriors, spies, etc. Each title will introduce the shero, then provide any necessary historical context, the figure's most prominent heroic deeds, and her greatest impact.

 OA525207   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Stories Of Christmas - Gr. K-3

Your young readers enter a magical, holiday wonderland while reading various timeless Christmas stories, poems, and carols in this charming picture book set. Some of the classic stories included are The Night Before Christmas, The Nutcracker, The Snow Queen, and the Twelve Days of Christmas. These familiar tales are presented in a fresh and fun way for readers to explore independently or for reading along with an adult. The bright and colorful illustrations are paired with achievable narrative to bring the joy of the holiday season into your readers' hearts.

 OA525391   |  5 Books in Set
Story Time For Little Monsters- Gr. K-3

Little monsters have trouble listening to their parents, too! Follow the stories of the little monsters in this series to see the antics they get up to when they are trying to avoid going to bed. Rhyming text and delightful art will keep readers enthralled.

 OA524227   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Ultimate Finger Trace Mazes - Gr. K-3 (Very Engaging!)

Readers will trace themselves out of a myriad of mazes. Simple enough to trace with a finger, but challenging enough to be fun and engaging, these age-appropriate, colorful mazes will keep your students entertained!

 OA525133   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Vampirina - Gr. K-3

Vampirina Hauntley and her parents have just moved from their home in Transylvania to Pennsylvania to open a Bed & Breakfast. As a new kid in town, this friendly vampire has to learn how to fit in with her very human classmates.

 OA524835   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Wonky Donkey - Gr. K-3 (After 10 yrs., "Overnight" BEST-SELLER!)

Hee Haw! The laugh-out-loud follow-up to the viral sensation Wonky Donkey is finally here! Featuring the same formula – colorful illustrations & playful verses – that made its predecessor a worldwide hit, your readers will love the antics of this stinky pinky funky dinky donkey!

 OA525152   |  2 Books in Set


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