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Your Oliver & Andy Category Results for "Sports"

Most of the items in this category are sets that contain a number of different titles. In some cases, the sets contain subsets. Click on the "Go To" links below to view more specific information on individual titles within a set. To quickly search for individual titles, you may use the search box on the left.

NEW! *2NF - Football: NFL Superstars - Gr. 2-5 (#2 NF Best-Sellers)

Captivating Graphics, Vivid Photos, Fun Facts featuring simple text in small bites equals the Best Football Bios out there! Each book focuses on one star and his background, biggest achievements and plans for the future. Your Reluctant Readers will be Fully Engaged!

 OA524895   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! *5NF - Football: Inside The NFL - Gr. 3-7 (#5 NF Best-Sellers)

In Nonfiction, nothing circulates like Football. All sports are popular, but football is Huge. KIDS Love Reading about it. The designs keep getting better. So many morsels to read surrounded by action photos and graphics. Quick Stats, Fun Facts, Humorous Anecdotes all accompany a team’s history, highs & lows, key players from the past & present, storied achievements, greatest plays and how the team is preparing for the Future…Hope runs Internal. Just ask the Viking Fans.

 OA524891   |  32 Books in Set
NEW! -(High-Interest) Gen. Sports: Greater World Of Unique Sports-Gr.3-7

A LIBRARY MUST! "Usually you pay double for that kind of action, Cotton." With Books on Dodge-ball AND Fantasy Football- plus another four titles, this series should Be Double the price of others in the catalog! But your students are LUCKY Normal pricing for exciting sports that are just a bit outside of normal... lively action, fun details, sharp photos and informative sidebars make this a CAN'T MISS for More than just your sports fans!

 OA525193   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! -(High-Interest) Motorsports Maniacs - (Gr. 3+ BEST-SELLER)

Few things are as impressive as seeing cars compete to survive a demolition derby, or monster trucks crush obstacles in their way, or vehicles veer off course in an off-road race. That's why all these enthralling events are major attractions around the world. This sensational series takes readers to the sidelines—and even the driver seat—of some wild motor sports. They'll learn the rules of each event, how to win, and some of the historic moments that spectators will never forget.

 OA524893   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Baseball: MLB'S Greatest Teams - Gr. 3-7 (Any Baseball Fans? YES!)

Baseball is still a popular topic with many of your Reluctant Readers. With an enveloping design full of Vivid Photos & Graphics, Fun Facts, Captivating Captions, the simple text in bite-size chunks explains the history, memorable moments, key plays, coaches and star players. A Grand Slam for Your Sports Fans!

 OA524892   |  16 Books in Set
Basketball: NBA'S Best Ever - Gr. 3+

Some of Your Kids love BASKETBALL!! Stats & Stories about the BEST TEAMS & PLAYERS from the Past to Present!

 OA523629   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Basketball: NBA's Top 10 - Gr. 3-7 (Must for B-Ball Readers!)

Through vivid photos, sidebars, Fun Facts, Interesting Captions, each book offers your readers a Top Ten List featuring THE BEST basketball has to offer. BUT your kids will Not necessarily agree. This will get them talking about the book with family and friends. Solid Addition.

 OA524894   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Bios: Sports Dynasties - Gr. 3+ (New Angle, OUTSTANDING)

TRUE CHAMPIONS ENDURE and their GREATNESS is HISTORICALLY MEASURED. The teams and players your Reluctant Readers will find fascinating. Each title looks at a Sports Dynasty – titles won, big plays, star players, coaches. With an enveloping design featuring Sidebars, Vivid Photos, Fun Facts, your kids will love these books!

 OA525106   |  8 Books in Set
Bios: Sports MVPs - Gr. K-3

At a Lower Reading Level, each title examines a great athlete – from their early life to greatest achievement, your sports enthusiasts will devour these books!

 OA524248   |  6 Books in Set
Bios: Sports' Best Ever- Gr. 3+

The Best Athletes of ALL TIME in a particular sport - Best Soccer Players - Best Extreme Stars - Best Auto Racers. Only a FEW can be considered The Best. These are their stories. Action -packed text and colorful photos take readers into the events which defined each athlete.

 OA523787   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Bios: Sports' Greatest Superstars - (Gr. K-3 Best-Seller)

MORE LOWER-LEVEL SPORTS TITLES! A common theme repeated through-out the catalog: We Want Your Kids Reading! And lower-level books on the most Exciting Performances in the BIGGEST EVENTS in SPORTS? An EXCELLENT choice – simple text matched with action photos, just enough info. and Multiple Stars per title. IDEAL. See Bio Section for more titles on athletes.

 OA525107   |  6 Books in Set
Extreme Sports & Superstars - Gr. 3+

Your readers LOVE the X-Games! From Skateboarding to BMX to Tony Hawk & Shaun White, even your Reluctant Readers will be captivated by this series! Short, easy-to-read bursts and action photos explain each sport’s history, tips and tricks or present the colorful stories of each athlete’s journey to stardom.

 OA523896   |  12 Books in Set
NEW! Extreme Sports: Action Sports - Gr. 3+ (Perennial Favorites)

How do your Action Sports Series Look Like? Oliver will wait for you to look. Just what he thought: Not fresh looking – not like a magazine. Not enough action photos covering two pages. Nor is the simple text in small blocks explaining the history, equipment, moves, competition or safety. Oliver says ‘You Are Welcome’ – This is THE SERIES.

 OA524686   |  6 Books in Set
Extreme Sports: Daredevil Sports - Gr. 2-5

Far from the school playgrounds where most people learn their favorite sports, these extreme adventures require lots of safety training and a bit of guts to go out and be a daredevil. Readers learn about the incredible dangers of high-octane sports such as BASE jumping and snowkiting, making sure that even the most reluctant of readers move to the edge of their seat. From the thrill of bull riding to the dark wonders of cave exploration, these books are guaranteed to make a big splash.

 OA524641   |  6 Books in Set
Female Athletics: Girls' SportsZone - Gr. 3-7

Virtually all your girls participate in one sport or another. Through informative text aided by specific photos, readers will better understand the skills required of each sport, tips & drills for improving their own talent, and mini-bios on the best female athletes in the sport.

 OA523325   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Female Athletics: Sports Basics - Gr. 3+

Your female students want to know more about the sports they love to play! This series features an incredible design stacked full of diagrams and action photos. Designed like a magazine, the information breaks-down the rules, fundamentals, skill development, positions, techniques…everything to get them into the game!

 OA525079   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Female Athletics: Super-Sports For Girls! - Gr. 3-7 (Hot Topic!)

Girls Play All Sports. This set provides practical information through engaging texts, action photos and diagrams. Each book explains a handful of sports – descriptions of the physical aspects, inside look at training regiments and case studies highlighting women who are at the top of their game. As nearly 50% of females are involved in sports, books like these have a solid place in your library.

 OA524897   |  6 Books in Set
Female Athletics: Title IX Rocks! Play Like A Girl - Gr. 5-9

Girls now make up almost 42% of all High School Athletes! This series covers some of the most popular sports played by females. Each title covers the history, training required, equipment, rules, and profiles of notable athletes in a given sport.

 OA524123   |  8 Books in Set
Female Athletics: Women In Sports-Gr. 3-7

Females now make up 42% of All High School Athletes! Not long ago, girls participating in sports was virtually nonexistent. Your female athletes & sports fans probably take for granted their athletic opportunities. This empowering series chronicles the Pioneers who paved the way as well as the Stars of Today who continue to amaze. Readers will enjoy the stores as they learn of the people and incredible moments that made female athletics possible for everyone.

 OA524459   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Football In America - Gr. 2-5 (MUST - Solid, New Angle)

UNIQUE FOOTBALL TITLES! This series covers a variety of Football-related topics you simply can’t find. From Football Safety to Youth, High School to College, NFL Draft to the NFL, Hall of Fame to Great Moments, each book looks at the particular subject; its history, important people, evolution and so much more. UNIQUE = READING SUCCESS!

 OA524887   |  8 Books in Set
Football Smarts - Gr. 3-7

The Most Popular Sport in America is Football! Your students know the basics of the game. This series takes them to the Next Level! Each title focuses on a specific position: Importance, Fundamentals, Technique, Practice Drills, etc.

 OA523624   |  6 Books in Set
Football: College Football Bowl Games - Gr. 3+

Your kids love everything FOOTBALL! This series covers the history of the most prestigious College Football Bowl Games! Each title covers the AMAZING ATHLETES, GREATEST Teams, & THRILLING MOMENTS in the bowl’s History! And sometimes, a team loses simply because it runs out of time...

 OA523883   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Football: Inside College Football - Gr. 3-7 (Your State Listed?)

College football ratings are up higher than the NFL. Fans list their College team as their favorite over their NFL counterpart. These books – and more on-line – represent the Top Programs. These are the teams your kids talk about, watch the games, highlights and track their rankings. Each title covers the history, key moments, plays, players, biggest rivalries. A Must for Your Football Fanatics!

 OA525076   |  8 Books in Set
Football: NFL - Big Picture Sports - Gr. 3+ (Football titles Get READ!)

ARE YOUR STUDENTS READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? A lot of them LOVE the Game! And a lot of them are Reluctant Readers. This series will satisfy all of your Football Fanatics! Each large-format title covers a team’s history, star players, uniforms, records, biggest games, and more! Titles feature exclusive, on-line content.

 OA524241   |  32 Books in Set
Football: NFL's Best Ever - Gr. 3+

Your Kids LOVE FOOTBALL. Especially RELUCTANT READERS! Jam-packed with stats and stories about THE BEST Teams & Players from the past to the present! Age-appropriate text along with action photos, make these books an easy TOUCHDOWN with your kids.

 OA523373   |  6 Books in Set
Football: NFL'S Greatest Teams - Gr. 3+

A lot of your students love football. And Some of those Same Students are Reluctant Readers. This series will satisfy all of your Football Fanatics. Each title covers a team’s history, star players, biggest moments, championships, and more!

 OA523786   |  16 Books in Set
Football: NFL's Top Ten - Gr. 3+

Your Football Fans Will Devour This Series! Each title takes a NFL topic and counts down from 10 to 1. Action-packed, these are the books you can threaten to take away if the reader doesn’t shut-up.

 OA524451   |  8 Books in Set
Gen. Sports: Biggest Moments - Gr. 3+

Athletes can make Great Plays. Or Dumb Plays. Or Completely Weird Plays. Sports are Unpredictable – that’s one of the reasons kids watch them. These books describe some of the most memorable tales from sports history. Age-appropriate text and vivid photos bring these moments in football, basketball, and baseball to life.

 OA523411   |  6 Books in Set
Gen. Sports: Cheerleading - Gr. 3+

Cheerleading is a fun and appealing sport for many kids. Whether it is cheering on your school's sports teams or becoming a professional cheerleader, cheerleading is a high-energy sport. The Cheerleading series provides an introduction into the world of cheerleading by focusing on skills, tools, training, chants, and competitions.

 OA524116   |  6 Books in Set
Gen. Sports: Dealing With Sports Injuries- Gr. 2-5

Whether a student sprained an ankle or needs stitches from playing a sport, this series uses age-appropriate text to explain the various aspects of the injury. Readers will learn about the proper treatment and what their body needs in order to heal properly. (Includes symptoms, procedures, guidelines, and recovery from the injury.)

 OA524242   |  6 Books in Set
Gen. Sports: Going Pro - Gr. 3+

Your sports fans dream of being the next LeBron James, Lionel Messi or Peyton Manning. This series explains how these athletes made it to the top – through developing their skills through specific drills, working hard on proper techniques, and having the determination to succeed!

 OA523783   |  6 Books in Set
Gen. Sports: Great Championships - Gr. 3+

In the Sports' Greatest Championships series, readers will re-live great moments in each sport through vivid descriptions and pictures of incredible performances. Fans will cheer for the unlikely comebacks and unforgettable athletic achievements highlighted in each book. A timeline, a glossary, additional resources, and high impact photos add to this informative series young sports fans will race to read.

 OA523221   |  8 Books in Set
Gen. Sports: Great Sports - Gr. K-3

Designed for Your Youngest Students! Through simple sentences – one or two per spread – and captivating, full-color photographs, young readers will learn fascinating facts about a particular sports. Perfect for younger, Reluctant Readers! Books feature exclusive, on-line resources.

 OA523784   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Gen. Sports: Great Sports Debates - Gr. 3-7(Impossible to Put Down)

Each book discusses multiple debate points, with appropriate information on various topics related to the sport. It doesn’t really take much for readers to formulate their own argument ideas. An ideal way to get students talking to others, including their family, on the books being read.

 OA524889   |  6 Books in Set
Gen. Sports: Greatest Events In Sports History - Gr. 3+

THE GREATEST MOMENTS IN SPORTS HISTORY! And your readers will be there! Jackie Robinson breaking the Color Barrier. America beating Russia in Hockey. Joe Namath Guaranteeing a Super Bowl Win. This series places your students at the event through action-packed text and gripping photos. A Sure-Fire favorite for your Reluctant Readers.

 OA523785   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Gen. Sports: Greatest Vs. Greatest - Gr. 3-7(Best Series in Section)

This column gets your kids reading at a slightly higher level. Studies have shown all of us can read at a higher level IF we enjoy the subject. These series will attract Reluctant Readers. Almost everyone likes to debate which athlete is better than other – especially amongst your kids. Each title compares two athletes – one classic & one contemporary – head-to-head in a specific sport. Exciting stats, points on each of their skills & accomplishments along with action photos give the reader enough information to reach their own conclusion!

 OA524693   |  Individual Title
NEW! Gen. Sports: History Of Sports - Gr. 3+(Perfect Reluctant Readers)

Who? What? When? How? There is a Grand History to each of the sports your kids enjoy. This series Delivers a Homerun! Great design, full-color photos covering two pages with simple text in manageable blocks allow readers to learn the origins, biggest games, clutch performances and superstars. Perfect for Reluctant Readers.

 OA524890   |  6 Books in Set
Gen. Sports: Learning The Fundamentals - Gr. 3+

As renowned NFL Coach Tony Dungy pointed out, Fundamentals are Key. He should know; he rebuilt an entire franchise (Buccaneers) and led another to a Super Bowl win (Colts). These books give your sports-crazed kids instructions on the various positions in each sport and what the reader needs to focus on to improve their game.

 OA524456   |  6 Books in Set
Gen. Sports: Legendary World Of Sports - Gr. 3+

This title explores the most shocking upsets in sports history, from Super Bowl stunners to unexpected Olympics heroics. The title also features informative sidebars, a glossary, and further resources.

 OA524118   |  6 Books in Set
Gen. Sports: Let's Talk Sports! - Gr. 2-5 (FUN, Great Take)

No one likes to be left out of a conversation. Or not know what a certain phrase or term means. Kids are no different. Not to Fear. Puzzling Phrases & Embarrassment associated with Sports Talk are SQUASHED by these books! Complex sports terms are easily explained and aided by colorful diagrams. Filled with tons of interesting facts, even the most intelligent fan will find them entertaining.

 OA524449   |  6 Books in Set
Gen. Sports: Make Me The Best Athlete - Gr. 3-7

The series is not about “ME” – otherwise each subject would make War & Peace look like a short story. Perfect books for your older readers to hone their skills. Through engaging text accompanied by the proper photos, your students will be able to take their fundamentals to the next level.

 OA524450   |  8 Books in Set
Gen. Sports: Pro Sports Stats - Gr. 3+ (Math Made Fun!)

Trick-em. Kids love sports, but hate Math. But they know Sports Stats. And these books will teach them even more stats through charts, graphics, simple text. So they will be doing more Math problems – just don’t tell them.

 OA524452   |  6 Books in Set
Gen. Sports: Record Breakers - Gr. 3+

They say records are made to be broken, but some marks of excellence are simply out of reach. Record Breakers tells the stories behind some of the most extraordinary feats in the sports world. Learn about the amazing athletes involved, how the record was made, and the record's historical context. From big games to glorious seasons, these books will have readers clamoring for more!

 OA523921   |  6 Books in Set
Gen. Sports: Sports Science - Gr. 3-7

How Do You GET Your Reluctant Readers into Science? SPORTS!!! From the break of a curveball to kicking a field goal, your students will discover the Science, Technology, Math & Engineering behind a variety of athletic feats!

 OA523929   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Gen. Sports: STEM In Sports - Gr. 3-7

Sports are not only entertaining spectacles, but also examples of STEM concepts in action. This series examines the science and math that help explain why and how sports work, as well as the advances in technology and engineering that improve the experience for players and fans. Using STEM curriculum, this series will enhance your readers' understanding and appreciation of popular sports.

 OA525113   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Gen. Sports: The Basics - (Gr. K-3 Best-Seller)

LOWER-LEVEL SPORTS TITLES! ALL your kids enjoy athletic events – playing, watching – now your youngest can READ about them. These books present simple information and the general rules of each sport in very age-appropriate language provided in bite-sized segments. Diagrams of the court or field and photos of both professional and kid athletes make these titles engaging as well as informative!

 OA524689   |  6 Books in Set
Gen. Sports: Total Sports - Gr. 3+

Reluctant Readers. We both spend countless hours trying to get those kids into books – You by trying to put the right book into the right hands, and me looking for that book. For your sports fans, this series delivers. With a very engaging design – magazine like – and just the right amount of interesting text, these books will make your job a little bit easier. Look at History Section for more Great Reluctant Reader series.

 OA524457   |  8 Books in Set
Gen. Sports: Trivia - Gr. 3+

TRIVIA + SPORTS = READING SUCCESS! Reluctant Readers will LOVE this series! Full of Fun, Wacky, Amazing, And Unbelievable Facts, your students will learn even more about their favorite sports including the athletes and biggest games.

 OA524121   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Gen. Sports: Ultimate Sports Road Trips - Gr. 3-7 (Very Unique)

The distinctive designs, fan traditions, chants and locales make some arenas / venues a little more “special” than the rest. Another very unique series! Your students see these famous places on tv, but to see all the details that make the place special? Each title highlights the best ten places to watch an event in person. Location, history, famous events, key moments are all covered. A Very Fun Series your Sports Fans Will Love!

 OA524899   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Gen. Sports: Underdog Sports Stories - Gr. 3-7(Keeps Kids Reading)

Everyone CHEERS the Underdog – heck, I even cheer for the Gophers knowing full well any victory they get is that of an underdog. Whichever Sport your hard-to-reach kids like, it is here. The stories are compelling with outstanding photos, graphics, right amount of text to explain the key moments, plays and players in the game being covered. Your readers will marvel how a “can’t win team” pulls-off the victory.

 OA524900   |  6 Books in Set
Gen. Sports: Wacky World Of Sports - Gr. 3+

There are some STRANGE SPORTS (goofy highlight) out there! How about Camel Racing? Or, my favorite, Elephant Polo!! Great photos, wacky facts, and trivia will have even your most Disinterested Reader reading! (And, your kids will unwittingly learn about countries, cultures, & people from around the World).

 OA523626   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Gen. Sports: Wild World Of Sports - Gr. 3-7

Your young sports fans and athletes would be love to learn quirky, interesting, and astonishing facts about their favorite sports. This series covers the wildest stories that the world of sports has to offer. From sports' biggest scandals to its biggest clowns and goofballs, this series has something for everyone.

 OA525092   |  8 Books in Set
Motorsports: Inside The Speedway - Gr. 3+

Your Readers will LOVE Learning about the BIG MOTORS, Fast Vehicles, Talented Drivers, and Exciting Races. These titles take a close look at the history, vehicles, events, & the stars who make these sports unique. With great photos and engaging text, these books will SPEED off the shelves.

 OA523630   |  6 Books in Set
Motorsports: MEGAFAST - Gr. 3+

Engaging Reluctant Readers With Amazing Facts About The World's Fastest Machines! This high-energy series examines the fastest and most interesting vehicles out there. A speed bar on each spread indicates how fast the vehicle moves and allows readers to compare.

 OA524119   |  4 Books in Set
Motorsports: Speed Zone - Gr. 3+

Speed Zone brings the power and skill of human and machine to the racing lanes. Racers compete against each other in fierce competitions illustrated in large, full-color photographs. One wrong move, and pieces go flying! Reluctant readers will be drawn in by short, easy-to-read bursts of information that explain the history, capabilities, and technology of some of racing's most competitive vehicles.

 OA523219   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Motorsports: Tough Trucks - Gr. 3+ (GREAT IDEA: TRUCKS=READING)

Ford or Chevy? Ram or Toyota? Trucks are the #1 selling vehicle in America. Everyone has their favorite. No facts will change them. But with a thoroughly enveloping design featuring vivid photos, graphic, fascinating facts, interesting captions, the simple text in small blocks focuses on a truck’s history, designs, features, why it is beloved and interesting uses. Your Reluctant Readers will Love’m!

 OA524898T   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Motorsports: X-treme Motorcycles & Cars - (Gr. 3+ BEST-SELLER!!!!!)

HOT CYCLES & CARS! Great Design! Each title focuses on the history, designs, features, founders, why it is famous and the interesting uses of the cycle or car.

 OA524691   |  12 Books in Set
Motorsports: Xtreme Motorcycles - Gr. 3+

Xtreme Motorcycles kick excitement into high gear! Strap on your leathers and experience the adrenaline-filled rush of riding today’s hottest bikes. The Xtreme Motorcycles series is illustrated with large, full-color photographs. Reluctant readers will be drawn in by short, easy-to-read bursts of information that explain the history, capabilities, and technology of high-performance motorcycles. Features include a table of contents, a glossary, and an index.

 OA523480   |  6 Books in Set
Outdoors: Fish & Game - Gr. 3+

Hunting and fishing are popular in all climates, in every state, and at every time of year. These social activities encourage responsibility, ethical sportsmanship, and most of all, a love of the outdoors. Part life science, part sports and recreation, the Fish & Game series gives readers a unique perspective on six well-known animals: catfish, common pheasants, largemouth bass, walleyed pike, white-tailed deer, and wild turkeys. Not just animal books, these texts align with science, health, physical education, and, of course, language arts standards. They explore the life cycle, habitat, diet, natural defenses, and appearance of popular fish and game animals. They also cover proper equipment and how sports enthusiasts keep themselves and others safe. Through big, full-color photos and approachable text, readers will get inspired to explore nature, and get to know Fish & Game!

 OA523475   |  6 Books in Set
Outdoors: Fishing - Gr. 3-7

Of the more than 30 million anglers in the United States, more than 8 million are between the ages of five and fifteen years old! Readers will learn about this popular and thrilling sport with Xtreme Fishing. From the danger of fighting a thrashing billfish to the thrill of reeling in the Big One, this series covers popular fish species and the different methods of fishing for them. Readers will learn where the fish are found, how big they can grow, and how to hook and land them! Close-up photos of the fish and the gear bring the wet and wild experience of Xtreme Fishing to life.

 OA523900   |  5 Books in Set
Outdoors: Gun Education - Gr. 3-7

Gun Education & Safety approaches this topic with young readers in-mind–teaching responsibility & respect of these powerful weapons that only comes with Education. Gr.3-7

 OA522882   |  6 Books in Set
Outdoors: Hunting- Gr. 3-7

From tracking the elusive grizzly bear to targeting ducks as they dart through the air, hunting--like all sports--requires special skills and techniques. This series takes readers along on a variety of thrilling excursions, exploring the intricate challenges of different types of hunting. Readers discover important strategies while also learning how to be safe and responsible. These in-depth books are a can't-miss for sports fans and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

 OA523912   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Pro Wrestling's Greatest & Superstars Bios - Gr. 3+ (Library Must!)

YES! YES! YES! Daniel Bryan has FINALLY Brought his Friends to your Library! WHAT? Time for Reading. You have tons of Reluctant Readers who LOVE Wrestling!!!! No, it is not a "REAL" sport, but there is no denying they are athletes. Personally, I could careless about wrestling. However, these are the type of books that will get your most disinterested kids into reading. And from there, you can transition them into other sports related titles.

 OA524692   |  18 Books in Set
NEW! Rodeo: Saddle Up! - Gr. 3-7

From young horse lovers to prospective competitors, your fans students will love being immersed in the competitive world of horse-related sports. This series will introduce the history behind each event, the rules and scoring for competitions, and the required equipment and attire. Your readers will get to know the ins and outs of the major competitions and events involving horses.

 OA524896   |  6 Books in Set
Rodeo: Xtreme Rodeo - Gr. 3+

The First Extreme Sport, Rodeos are more popular than ever! (Even little Midwest towns like Hugo, where Paul has participated, hold them.) This series covers the various aspects of a rodeo including information of techniques, safety, and the animals themselves. Each book also features bios on famous cowboys & cowgirls. Easy way to get Reluctant Readers Reading!

 OA523444   |  6 Books in Set
Soccer Smarts - Gr. 3-7

SOCCER SMARTS. Something I do not possess. I go right past the soccer titles in the bookstore, and I would flip to an info commercial before watching a game. BUT kids are into the game. I’ve gotten the requests, and this series really does a great job explaining the fundamentals through nice text blocks accompanied by the appropriate photo.

 OA524454   |  4 Books in Set
NEW! Soccer Stars - Gr. 3+ (Soccer is Very Hot)

MESSI or RONALDO? Not for Greatest Player, but choosing between the two players I know in Soccer. Some of you are probably like me – not much knowledge on the World’s #1 Sport. But I do realize the sales and requests for more titles. Kids Really Enjoy Soccer! With action photos, colorful graphics, fun facts, these well-designed titles explain the history, biggest break, greatest games, best performances of the player profiled.

 OA525101   |  6 Books in Set
Soccer: Big Picture Sports - Gr. 2-5

“GOOOOOOAAAAALLLLL!” Soccer books are in-demand. The most requested subject this past year. I readily admit I figured the announcer yelled GOAL so emphatically was because something finally happened! I don’t know soccer, but I do know your kids are getting into more and more. Through simple text & action photos, each title covers the club’s history, rivalries, league play, past & present stars – all tying into it the city, country & the culture surrounding the team. It takes a complex subject – at least to me – and makes sense of the various leagues, tournaments, etc.

 OA524455   |  16 Books in Set
Soccer: Europe's Best Soccer Clubs - Gr. 3-7

BOOOORIIIINNNGGGGG! But not to a bunch of your kids! Just because I – and possibly you – don’t care for the game or Geronimo Stilton books, doesn’t mean they aren’t the right title for certain students. Each title covers a very well-known Soccer Club, describing its history, key games, players, rivalries, and everything else under the sun.

 OA524447   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Soccer: Super Soccer - (Gr. 3+ Best-Seller)

From the World Cup to the Olympics to Professional Leagues, SOCCER is the MOST Popular Sport in the World! Each title highlights the biggest moments, greatest plays, best players and outstanding teams. This is a MUST for your Soccer Aficionados!

 OA524898   |  6 Books in Set


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